Should we inject coronet into the nose after rhinoplasty?

Should we inject coronet into the nose after rhinoplasty?

Coronet injection after rhinoplasty

Post-operative corticosteroid injection should be considered as an important tool for nasal surgery specialists. In fact, by looking at the before and after photos Corticosteroid injection By nose, it can be said that Corticosteroid injection It reduces swelling after nose surgery.

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In this article, while examining the role Cortone injection After nose surgery, we will investigate the cause and the best time of injection and the necessary care after that.

Nasal surgeon of Isfahan, coronet injection after rhinoplasty

Injection of corticosteroid ampoule for nasal swelling and reduction of nasal swelling

When the term steroid is used in the world of rhinoplasty, it means a very specific type of steroid. The word "steroids" in casual language often conjures up images of increased muscle growth in bodybuilders.. This type of steroid is known as anabolic steroid and is used to build body mass. Another type of steroid used in rhinoplasty is corticosteroids, sometimes called glucocorticoids..

Corticosteroids are a special class of steroids that have a very strong anti-inflammatory effect on body tissues.. This type of steroid can be considered almost the opposite of anabolic steroids, because the main effect of corticosteroids is to reduce the volume of soft tissue.. Many corticosteroids come in pill form, while others come as an injectable solution..

In any case, the main goal when using these types of steroids is to reduce inflammation. In fact, the effect of coronet injection after عمل بینیIt appears as a reduction of scar tissue and swelling.

The effect of coronet injection into the nose after surgery on changing the shape of the nose

The main indication of the effect of Cortone after rhinoplasty is the reduction of unwanted swelling. Whenever an individual is operated on nose plastic surgery placed, will inevitably experience some degree of inflation. Rhinoplasty patients experience swelling of the nose in different degrees depending on the type of skin and what was done in the process of changing the shape of the nose.. In most rhinoplasty patients, the initial stage of swelling occurs, which resolves itself within 10 to 14 days..

There is a secondary phase of swelling that may remain for months to years after rhinoplasty. Some believe that this type of inflation that remains stable for a long time can be achieved through Corticosteroid injection After one year, he set a target. Even some others consider injecting coronet into the nose after two years.

Of nose surgery | Corticosteroid injection after rhinoplasty

Is corticosteroid injection good or not after nose surgery?

Maybe after the above statement, this question has formed in your mind that "why is coronet injection done after nose surgery in some cases?" In some cases, the reason for injecting corticosteroids after rhinoplasty is that we simply want to speed up the healing process and provide our patients with the desired nose appearance sooner.. In fact, in this way, the swelling that may be observed for months after rhinoplasty is usually resolved shortly after the corticosteroid injection..

In other words, some rhinoplasty patients cannot wait 6 to 12 months for the swelling to improve by itself.. It is in such cases that corticosteroid injections after nose surgery may be useful.

The effect of corticosteroid injection after nose surgery to prevent scarring

In other cases, corticosteroid injection after عمل بینی It is done to prevent the formation of unwanted scar tissue. Some patients volunteering for rhinoplasty have relatively thick soft tissue, which makes them more prone to dense scarring between cartilage or bone and skin..

If the scar process is too much, the desired elegance may not be created for the nose. In such cases, it is possible to use coronet injection after nose surgery to prevent the formation of unwanted scar tissue.. Its advantage is that the patient will have the greatest chance to achieve the best possible result in rhinoplasty.

How many days is the Coronet injection period after nose surgery?

Coronet injection time after rhinoplasty is somewhat controversial in rhinoplasty. Some rhinoplasty specialists recommend that if corticosteroid injections are considered as treatment, they should be given for the first 1-2 months to be effective.. They base this principle on the fact that the body produces some new collagen during the first two months of healing after rhinoplasty, and this is the beginning of the process of scar tissue development..

But some medical experts do not agree with this philosophy at all. They believe that most of the swellings observed in the nose in the first months will resolve by themselves.. In addition, most of the scar tissue that forms in these first few months is good scar tissue.

Keep in mind that not all scar tissue is bad. If you prevent the formation of this fine scar tissue by injecting coronet after rhinoplasty, you can actually jeopardize the aesthetic result.. Of course, there are some cases where it is necessary to inject coronet during the first 1 to 2 months.

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Care after corticosteroid injection into the nose

The following are among the most important cares after nasal corticosteroid injection:

  1. Use a cold compress in the first two days after the injection.
  2. Avoid lifting and carrying heavy objects separately.
  3. Do not touch your nose as much as possible.
  4. Avoid sports activities for at least one month.
  5. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin.
  6. Do not keep your head down.

Any type of cosmetic surgery may have side effects. Swelling is also one of the side effects of nose surgery, which is completely resolved in most people after one year. Sometimes people do not have the necessary patience to reduce the swelling, in such cases, it is recommended to be patient instead of injecting coronet after nose surgery, so that the swelling resolves by itself..

But sometimes some other reasons cause swelling, in such cases the doctor Of nose surgery After diagnosis, treatment is carried out. One of the ways to reduce swelling of the nose is to inject coronet after nose surgery. In this case, the surgeon determines when to perform the injection and provides post-injection care to the patient..

The importance of choosing cosmetics after nose surgery

The importance of choosing cosmetics after nose surgery

Selection of cosmetics

Choosing cosmetics | Be careful about the type of makeup you wear. Make sure the makeup product contains minimal or no chemicals and be careful not to overdo it and don't let the skin breathe..

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Of nose surgery | Make up after nose surgery

why time Make up after nose surgery Does it take that long?

Makeup is nothing but cosmetic products that are made with chemicals. Now since the word chemical came up here, it is very important to learn about the side effects of these chemicals. Some of the popular chemicals used in these cosmetic products are:: Sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, perfume, alcohol, etc

When applying makeup, it blocks all the pores and thus reduces the skin's respiration, which may lead to some serious skin diseases.. It is necessary to think about the weather conditions and the level of your activity before applying makeup. During exercise, the pores of the skin are opened, and if makeup is used, the skin is unable to breathe, causing skin problems such as wrinkles, pimples, etc.. The less bacteria that enter the skin during healing, the better

Give the skin time to fully heal .

The importance of choosing cosmetics | After the operation, incision sites indicate vulnerability in the skin's protective barrier. As with any wound, you should keep the cuts clean and be careful not to aggravate them. Applying pressure to the face while applying makeup or removing makeup can damage the delicate wound healing process. Also, many cleansers, creams, and lotions can dissolve the adhesive on sterile strips, which are often used to protect incisions..

Prevent infection

Avoiding makeup after cosmetic surgery is very important to prevent infection. If makeup is applied too soon after surgery, the wound may become infected, leading to infection. Oftentimes, makeup creams and other cosmetics such as makeup brushes, applicators, and our fingers are fairly full of bacteria.. The less bacteria that enters your skin while you heal, the better.

Minimize the risk of scarring .

While scarring is inevitable after surgery, applying makeup too soon afterward can increase the risk of scarring.. Ulceration or dehiscence may occur when adhesive tapes or sutures are removed too soon. The risk of this is greater when using substances on the skin. Infection or wound dehiscence can lead to wider, more prominent, and darker scars.

Of nose surgery | Make up after nose surgery

Laser facial hair after nose surgery

Patients who have recently undergone rhinoplasty or are planning to undergo rhinoplasty may consider combining their downtime with laser facial hair removal.. However, due to a number of post-operative care tips and potential risks after rhinoplasty, some may feel reluctant or hesitant to undergo another procedure during recovery..

So is it safe to do laser facial hair removal after rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty? Simply put, laser facial hair removal after rhinoplasty is completely safe. The laser energy is specifically designed to target the hair follicles in the skin, while the rest of the face is protected by a special cooling gel.. The laser procedure is also very quick and gentle, meaning there is no additional trauma to the skin.

The importance of choosing cosmetics

There is no specific time when you can wear makeup for several days after rhinoplasty, but many doctors recommend that you avoid using any makeup products on or near the incision site for at least 2 weeks after surgery.. But even after 2 weeks, you should be careful to keep the incision clean and not put any pressure on it.



Do we have laser nose surgery?

Do we have laser nose surgery?

Advertisements for laser nose surgery have become popular these days. Do we have laser nose surgery?


Is there an external existence for doing such an act?

Laser nose surgery is also one of the tricks implemented in doctors' offices to attract customers. It is also derived from the activities of doctors in other countries of the world. This issue has recently been mentioned in many clinics. This is despite the fact that we do not have laser nose surgery in any country in the world.


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As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients


بهترین متخصص جراح بینی

بهترین متخصص جراح بینی

Know the characteristics of the best rhinoplasty specialist!

Rhinoplasty specialist | According to the studies done so far, you can become the best doctor by following 13 steps جراح بینی identify. These 13 steps will help you succeed in your initial research. But understanding the characteristics of the best rhinoplasty specialist is another issue that you should also know about.

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It is obvious that experienced doctors and specialists in a specific field of activity always have certain characteristics that are identified by reference to them.. In the following, we will examine these features.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty surgery

۱- Understanding aesthetics

Maybe you have also met people who have beautiful faces, but overall you don't see an attractive face from them.. The problem lies precisely in this imbalance and the doctor's understanding of aesthetics. One of the most important features of the best جراح بینی, a deep understanding of aesthetics.

The best rhinoplasty doctor should be able to examine the parameters of facial beauty in people's faces and take action to change it and create balance in the nose and face.. A doctor who has a deep understanding of aesthetics will not reduce the size of the nose too much at the beautician's insistence, because according to the science of this issue, he has complete knowledge of the result of the surgery and makes the applicant aware of this mistake.. So it can be said with confidence that the understanding of aesthetics and art is one of the characteristics of the best specialist Nose surgery است.

۲- The reliability of the nose surgeon

Definitely people who see a specialist doctor Nose surgery they refer, leave the future of their facial beauty in the hands of the doctor. Obviously, such a decision is very difficult, because any problem in the appearance of the face can be seen immediately, and with surgery, the person leaves the overall attractiveness of the face and respiratory health in the hands of the surgeon..

Therefore, a strong trust must be established in between. Doctors who do not accept responsibility for any level of risk, or who do not state the facts in pre-surgical consultation, will not be successful in gaining the trust of applicants at all.. But doctors who patiently explain the surgical technique and make the person aware of their condition are the best people to trust..

Of nose surgery | انتخاب جراح بینی ..

۳- Commitment and responsibility of the best nose surgeon

According to the British Association of Cosmetic Surgery, one of the characteristics you can see in the best rhinoplasty doctor is his commitment and responsibility.. It may have happened to you that you have encountered an irresponsible and irresponsible doctor in a certain field and you have experienced many injuries in that field.. Definitely, treatment by a committed doctor who feels commitment to your beauty and health at the same time and accepts the responsibility of satisfying you with cosmetic surgery is much more pleasant than the unpleasant experience of irresponsible doctors..

4- The professional performance of the nose surgeon

One of the important features of the best rhinoplasty surgeon is the professional performance of the doctor. Professional doctors have frameworks for cosmetic surgery and usually accept people for surgery who have the ability to improve their appearance..

Usually, you can never see this situation from a professional doctor who has operated on a person who had a beautiful appearance without surgery and the result of the surgery has deteriorated with the initial conditions.. In the professional practice of experienced doctors, one's respiratory health is one of the most important decision parameters for surgery, along with the principles of aesthetics and the patient's history..

5- Paying attention to the medical records of the nose surgeon

Maybe you have also seen around you that a doctor has performed a surgery without pre-operative examinations and without studying the medical records of the person.. Usually the best specialist جراحی زیباییAfter visiting the person and setting the time for nose surgery, he will review the medical file and also the necessary tests before the surgery to minimize the risk of complications after the surgery..

Of nose surgery | انتخاب جراح بینی

6- Nasal surgeon equipment and services

You cannot expect the best rhinoplasty surgeon to perform the surgery without complete equipment and professional personnel.. Specialist doctors usually have all the necessary equipment to support people after surgery. Usually, the facilities and services provided by the doctor and the medical staff employed in the office and hospital will reduce your need to follow up and search for the supplies you need during and after surgery..

Usually, the necessary follow-ups after the surgery are also done by expert and experienced doctors well by the relevant personnel, and care training after nose surgery is also well provided by the doctor or assistants so that the person does not have any worries about the conditions after the surgery..

7-Regular timing

Usually the best in the office جراح بینی You will clearly see discipline in timing and coordination. Definitely, an experienced and expert doctor uses professional and expert personnel in the office so that he does not have any problems for the necessary arrangements..

In the office of the best rhinoplasty doctor, you can easily see examples of the doctor's work and even sometimes, with prior coordination, visit people with previous surgical experience to see actual examples of the operation and ask them the questions you have in this field..

8- Post-operative follow-up

Another important feature that the best expert Nose surgery is done, we can refer to the follow-ups after nose surgery. Usually, after the surgery, the specialist doctor is also ready to answer the questions and special conditions of his patient.

Usually, doctors who are not able to answer common questions due to the large volume of surgery, hire an expert to follow up the rhinoplasty candidates after the operation and to answer their questions at any time.. Note that Nose surgery It is a cosmetic procedure that will not return and the result will last a lifetime. It is seen in experienced specialist doctors..

Of nose surgery | Nose reduction surgery

9- Good morals and great patience of a nose surgeon

Certainly, building trust and entrusting beauty and health to the hands of the doctor is an important issue that must be done for rhinoplasty surgery.. Good morals and patience are usually the characteristics of the best rhinoplasty specialist. Because in the counseling session, the doctor should be very patient in providing the explanations needed by the person.

Failure to pay attention to effective communication with the person applying for surgery will discourage him from continuing to pursue surgery. So, it is obvious that the doctor should answer the candidate for nose surgery with great patience in these meetings and communicate with the person with good morals..

10- The location of the nose surgeon

Perhaps one of the parameters that can be seen in the best nose surgery specialist . considered the location of the office and its beauty. Usually experienced and professional doctors welcome surgery applicants in a beautiful environment. Because the doctor's understanding of aesthetics also applies in this space. So it can be said that the location of the office in terms of credibility, generality and luxury is one of the characteristics that can be seen in many expert and experienced doctors.. However, there are exceptions.

Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery

Briefly about rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the common cosmetic procedures that dates back to about 2000 years ago.. In the not-so-distant past, this procedure was performed only for the purpose of beautifying the nose and making it smaller, and the person's breathing and smell were not so important..

But today, this surgery is also aimed at removing defects such as appearance Nasal hump، افتادگی بینی, crookedness and deviation are done and to improve the person's breathing and smell. This surgery today by Plastic specialist and beauty and using modern surgical methods. The purpose of rhinoplasty is to summarize:

  1. کوچک کردن بینی
  2. Fixing the hump of the nasal septum
  3. Correction of drooping nose tip and its width
  4. Fixing skewness and انحراف تیغه بینی

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Of nose surgery | جراحی بینی گوشتی

What are the modern techniques in nose surgery?

For an accurate answer to this question, we must first go to the types of nose surgery methods. Nose surgery is divided into the following two types:

  1. open nose surgery
  2. closed nose surgery

How is open nose surgery performed?

This method is the best method today Nose surgery And it is considered the most common. In revision surgery, first the surgeon on the columella (A bridge between two holes) It makes an incision and then by raising the skin of the nose, the entire structure of the nose is reached. The following are the advantages of this new method in surgery:

  • Full access of the doctor to the nasal structure
  • The wide field of vision of the doctor
  • The possibility of many changes on the nose
  • More holes are approximated due to more space for the surgeon

Many may think that making a cut on the columella will leave a stitch; But it must be said that if the doctor has enough skill, experience and delicacy in his work, no stitches will remain..

How is the operation of the nose pack?

In this method, rhinoplasty surgery is performed from inside the nose without making any external incisions.. In fact, in this method, the surgeon keeps the skin of the nose up with the help of his special tools and applies changes to the structure of the nose from the inside.. Due to the surgeon's low field of vision, this method is not recommended by good Iranian plastic surgeons today.

Of nose surgery | meaty nose job

Is flesh nose surgery different from bone surgery?

Many people are asked the question, what is the difference between meat and bone nose surgery? In response, it should be said that رینوپلاستی بینی گوشتی It is more difficult than bony rhinoplasty due to thicker skin and weaker cartilage. In terms of surgical technique, the doctor must use open surgical technique in nose surgery. In addition, more delicacy and precision is needed in meat nose surgery.

A skilled surgeon must properly strengthen the elements under the skin, including the cartilages, in the changes he applies to the fleshy nose.. With his skill, the doctor thins the fats that make up the soft tissue, especially at the tip of the nose, and in this way, the cartilages of the nose will be more defined and more beautiful.. Excessive and unprincipled removal of the elements under the skin of the nose causes wounds to form in the area under the skin, which ultimately ends in nasal depression after surgery and scars..

The thick skin and the weakness of the cartilages in the fleshy nose make the work of cosmetic surgery more difficult for the surgeon of the fleshy nose than that of the bony nose..

What is the best model for fleshy nose?

As you know, nose models are divided into three categories, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • Natural nose
  • Natural nose
  • Natural nose

Of nose surgery | Fantasy Rhinoplasty .

Introducing the features of various nose models

Model Natural nose: This model is the most scientific model in rhinoplasty, which is known for its flat blade, 90-120 degree angle between the tip of the nose and the lips, the natural size of the nostrils, the proper thickness of the nasal septum, and very good breathing.. Today, the natural nose model is approved by the best plastic surgeons in Iran due to its many advantages. This nose model can be done for both women and men with fleshy and bony noses.

Model Natural nose: The doll or fantasy nose model had many fans in the past, but today it is not approved by the Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons due to respiratory and olfactory disorders.. A very high angle between the tip of the nose and the lips (The tip of the nose is high), delicate and thin blade, excessive smallness of the nose and holes, as well as the high arch of the nasal septum are among the features of this model.. This nose model is never recommended for men and people with thick skin and fleshy nose.

Model Natural nose: This nose model has the characteristics of a natural and fantasy nose at the same time. This model is known for its low blade arch, relatively high head tip, reasonably small nose and holes, and a relatively fine blade.. Semi-fantasy nose is suitable for bony noses and women's noses. Due to the thickness of the fleshy nose skin, it is better not to do the semi-fantasy model for these types of noses.

By examining the types of nose models, it is clear that from the point of view of science and aesthetics, fantasy and even semi-fantasy noses are not suitable for fleshy noses, and the natural nose model is the best and most uncomplicated model for fleshy noses.. If the surgeon is skilled enough in his work, the fleshy nose will reach its most ideal form with this model.

Of nose surgery | Fantasy Rhinoplasty

What are the cares before rhinoplasty surgery?

Actions to consider before meat or bone nose surgery include::

  1. Avoid blood thinners such as aspirin two weeks before surgery;
  2. Stop smoking and alcohol at least two weeks before the surgery;
  3. Follow a protein diet two weeks before surgery;
  4. Stop eating and drinking eight hours before surgery. You must fast on the day of surgery;
  5. Be sure to shower the night before surgery;
  6. remove nail polish and remove artificial nails;
  7. Be sure to arrive at the surgery place with a companion on the day of the surgery at the scheduled time;
  8. You should not wear any jewelry or makeup on the day of surgery.

Fantasy nose surgery | Of nose surgery

What is the care after rhinoplasty surgery?

Just as you must observe some points before rhinoplasty, post-operative measures are also very important. These measures include:

  • After surgery, you should eat soft and watery foods such as lukewarm soup.
  • Fleshy noses usually have more swelling after the operation. Be sure to use an ice compress to reduce swelling.
  • Consuming natural juices, especially water Pineapple And celery juice helps reduce swelling and bruises.
  • Be sure to take the prescribed medicines on time.
  • Avoid opening your mouth and laughing loudly.
  • When you get home, use soft and watery foods like soup and porridge.
  • Use an ice compress on the bruised areas for 48 hours after the operation. Be careful not to put pressure on the nasal plaster.
  • To reduce swelling after rhinoplasty, place the head higher than the body while sleeping and resting with the help of several pillows..
  • until اسپلینت (As a result, the glands on the skin of the nose begin to secrete fat) It is on your nose, avoid splashing on your face. Cosmetic wet wipes are the best option for cleaning the face.
  • برای Shower after nose surgeryWith the help of someone close to you, bend your head back and wash your hair without running water on your face. Then wash the body with a shower. Water should not come into contact with the face at all.
  • gluing It is very important to have a fleshy nose after surgery. The glue reduces the swelling and also improves the formation of the nose. The duration of gluing for fleshy noses is longer than for bony noses, and you may need to use the glue for up to 6 months to reduce swelling.. the right way gluing from the doctor Of nose surgery learn by yourself.
What is the purpose of nose surgery?

What is the purpose of nose surgery?

Types of nose reconstruction surgery

The purpose of nose re-surgery is to improve the condition of the nose and its function. Expert Of nose surgery tries to, according to the condition of the nose, Cartilage transplantation or remove the cartilage from an area of ​​the nose. The doctor needs cartilage from the patient's nasal septum (سپتوم), takes ears or ribs. Nose repair can be done both with an open and a closed method, just like the primary surgery. In the following, we will examine each of these methods.

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Nose retouching using open surgery technique

When the surgeon uses the open method for rhinoplasty, first he puts the patient under general anesthesia and then by making an incision in the columella region and raising the nasal skin, he completely accesses the nasal structure.. Changes are made according to the needs of the patient's nose. Then internal sutures and sutures on the columella are applied. surgeon using tampon After the operation prevents the creation Nasal adhesions می شود. در نهایت اسپلینت (As a result, the glands on the skin of the nose begin to secrete fat) It is placed on the nose.

Of nose surgery | Tilted nose surgery

The recovery period of nose reconstruction and post-operative care

May be in slices (برش) Have stitches or staples. Intranasal stitches usually dissolve on their own. If you have staples, the doctor will remove them in the first week. A bandage covers your nose. maybe one Plastic splint Or have a cast to protect and maintain the new shape of your nose.

You may have a "nose pad" under your nostrils to collect any blood that may drip from your nose.. The doctor will show you how to change the pad if needed. You may have stuff packed inside your nose to reduce bleeding and swelling. The packing and nasal pad will be removed within 2 days after the surgery. The splint will be removed in about a week.

your nose blue و swollen and you may have dark bruises around your eyes. Inflation may increase. Most of the swelling should go away within 3 to 4 weeks. You will have some pain in your nose and you may have a headache. Your nose may be stuffy and you may have breathing problems for a short time. The skin on the tip of your nose may be numb. You may be a little itchy or sore when the sensation returns.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty and exercise...

How can you take care of yourself at home?

  • فعالیت

  1. Rest when you feel tired. Getting enough sleep will help you recover.
  2. Keep your head up for a few days after surgery. Sleep with your head up using 2 or 3 pillows.
  3. Try to walk every day. And every day walk a little more than the day before. Gradually increase your walking distance.
  4. You should probably take about 1 week off from work. It depends on what you do and how you feel.
  5. Avoid strenuous activity such as cycling, running, lifting weights, or aerobics for 2 to 3 weeks or until your doctor says it's okay..
  6. Ask your doctor when you can drive again.
  7. Do not blow your nose for at least one week after surgery. Gently wipe your nose with a tissue. If you need to sneeze, do so with your mouth open.
  8. Ask your doctor when you can bend over.
  9. Do not rub your nose for 8 weeks. Use sunscreen on your nose and wear a brimmed hat to prevent sunburn. Apply sunscreen or makeup lightly. Do not swim for a week.
  • رژیم غذایی

You may notice that your bowel movements are irregular immediately after surgery. This symptom is common. Try to avoid constipation and straining with bowel movements. You may want to take a fiber supplement every day. If you haven't had a bowel movement in a few days, ask your doctor about using a mild laxative.

Of nose surgery | What is the effect of Rakutan?

  • داروها

  1. Your doctor will tell you if and when you can start your medication again. He will also give you instructions on how to take new medications.
  2. If you take aspirin or other blood thinners, ask your doctor if and when to start taking them again.. Make sure you understand exactly what your doctor wants you to do.
  3. Take pain relievers exactly as directed.
  4. If your doctor has given you a prescription pain medication, take it as directed.
  5. If you are not taking prescription pain medication, ask your doctor if you can use over-the-counter pain relievers.
  6. If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics, take them as directed. Don't stop taking them just because you feel better. You should take the full course of antibiotics.
  7. Take your medicine after a meal (Unless your doctor tells you not to).
  8. Ask your doctor for a different pain reliever.

Caring for cut areas

After the stitches or staples come out, you can wash the cut with soap and water and gently dry the area.. If you have tape over an incision made by your doctor, leave the tape on for a week or until the incisions have healed.. Or follow your doctor's instructions to remove the tape.