Pictures before and after nose surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

Pictures before and after nose surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

Pictures before and after surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

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Example of rhinoplasty in men

Example of rhinoplasty in men

Rhinoplasty in men by Dr. Majid Rasti

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The purpose of rhinoplasty in Isfahan

The purpose of rhinoplasty in Isfahan

What is the purpose of rhinoplasty in Isfahan?

Rhinoplasty in Isfahan is performed with the aim of treatment or creating beauty. Nose surgery aims to solve problems such as the following :

In changing the shape of the nose, the aim is to fix the appearance defects of the nose, such as the following:

  1. Crooked nose
  2. Drooping tip of nose
  3. The size of the tip of the nose
  4. Hump ​​on the nose
  5. Disproportion face nose

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The effect of choosing the right nose surgeon in Isfahan

Important points in choosing the best nose surgeon in Isfahan, Dr. Majid Rasti

People who intend to undergo nose surgery in Isfahan should be very careful in choosing a good rhinoplasty doctor in Isfahan, because if the nose surgery specialist is not selected correctly and the person is not satisfied with the result of rhinoplasty, they have to wait for a year and after the wound heals to proceed for reconstructive nose surgery caused by the first surgery.

  1. The nose surgeon must be experienced and have the ability to change the shape of the nose on all types of noses.
  2. The best nose surgeon in Isfahan should prioritize the patient's health.
  3. He has the ability to visualize the nose after the operation process so that he can guide the patient well.
  4. The nose specialist must be patient and provide the patient with an overview of the rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty is recommended for whom?

As you have seen in the paragraph of the best candidate for nose surgery in Isfahan, you know which people can get the best results from the process.. In general, one should know what defects the above process improves. As a result, the cases are as follows :

  • Correcting the shape of the nose
  • Eliminate drooping of the tip of the nose
  • Improvement of crooked nose
  • Gathering the nose feathers
  • Remove the hump on the nose
  • Treatment of nasal deviation
  • Treatment and improvement of structural complications in the nose

Bone nose surgery

The operation on the bony nose is often performed to remove the hump on the bridge of the nose, and they are among the most ideal types of noses for nose surgery, because with the above-mentioned characteristics, it is possible to maneuver more on the nasal cartilage and often achieve satisfactory results. does. Bone rhinoplasty is performed on noses that have thin skin and strong bones and cartilage, people who have this type of nose can Fancy nose surgery or a doll Normal nose surgery or perform nose surgery similar to a photo.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

meaty nose job

Changing the shape of a fleshy nose is one of the most complex types of nose surgery, and the result of the operation in a fleshy nose will be a normal nose, and the swelling of this type of nose is greater than that of bony noses due to the thickness of the skin they have, and after one year, the swelling of the nose After it subsides, the final result can be seen.

جراحی بینی گوشتی It is performed on noses that have thick skin and weak bones and cartilage, usually nose surgeons recommend natural nose surgery to people who have this type of nose.. People who have a fleshy nose should have a realistic view of the result of changing the shape of the nose.

semi-fantasy beauty act

Semi-fantasy noses are one of the most popular types of shape change in women. Nose half-fantasy It has a state between natural and fancy noses and is suitable for people who neither want a natural nose nor are interested in having an upturned and arched nose..

Natural Rhinoplasty

It is a type of operation in the nose that fixes the defects of the nose and does not make significant changes to the nose, and is suitable for people who expect a normal nose operation.. The difference with other nose surgeries with normal nose surgery is that the back of the nose is flat or slightly arched..

Fancy nose surgery

In the practice of fantasy nose beauty, the nose will be small and upturned, and the bridge of the nose will be more arched. People who have a solid nose structure and small facial features will get a favorable result from fancy nose surgery..

جراح بینی اصفهان |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  جراح بینی اصفهOf nose surgery

Crooked cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic operation of crooked nose is performed with the aim of eliminating defects in the appearance of the nose, such as a crooked nose, and will not cause a disturbance in the function of the nose.. Based on the type of skin and the structure of the nose, the nose is divided into two categories: fleshy nose and bony nose.

Restorative action

Many people suffer from side effects after primary rhinoplasty, such as breathing problems, too high head and nose asymmetry, or are not satisfied with the final shape of their nose due to not choosing a competent and experienced doctor.. Therefore, they perform reconstructive nose surgery. To perform nose reconstruction surgery, at least one year must have passed since the initial rhinoplasty. Also, this process of nose surgery in Isfahan is more complicated than the basic cosmetic surgery; Therefore, it also costs more.

The difference between rhinoplasty in men and women

In general, the standards of nose shape in women and men are not the same. From the point of view of taste, men only want to fix their nose defects and are interested in having natural noses, but most women want small and fancy noses and do fancy or semi-fantasy nose surgery.. Men's nose bridge is more prominent and longer than women's and their nose width is wider than women's. طبیعتا بهترین جراح رینوپلاستی در اصفهان مجید راستی با در نظر گرفتن استاندارد ها و معیار های زیبایی، اقدام به عمل زیبایی بینی در مردان یا زنان می نماید.

Semi-fantasy nose surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

Semi-fantasy nose surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

Dr. Majid Rasti's semi-fantasy nose sample

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One month after Dr. Majid Rasti's rhinoplasty surgery

One month after Dr. Majid Rasti's rhinoplasty surgery

One month after Dr. Majid Rasti's rhinoplasty surgery

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Nose contouring with rhinoplasty

Nose contouring with rhinoplasty

Nose contouring with minimally invasive rhinoplasty

All applicants tend to use the best techniques such as during nose surgery Nose line contour be applied to them; In addition, they want this process to be done for them with minimal invasion and leaving scars. One of the types of minimally invasive nose surgeries is preservation rhinoplasty with a closed method. During this procedure, a skilled surgeon can fix the defects and complete the contour of the nose by making only limited incisions inside the nose and causing minimal damage to the tissues..

Tip : Performing this technique in primary rhinoplasty can achieve a better result in comparison with restorative surgery; Because it is possible that in nose reconstruction, due to re-applying a series of changes on the tissue as well as the presence of some defects, the surgeon may notice limitations in the process of nose contouring..

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Semi-fantasy surgery result at the end of the operation

Surgical technique for nasal line contour

As we mentioned, noses come in different types of bone and flesh. Fleshy noses generally have a weaker structure and their appearance is usually wide, without any particular angle or arch. On the other hand, bony noses are made up of solid tissues, and for some people, protrusions can be seen on the bone..

According to the mentioned differences, the contour of the nose will definitely not be the same for each of them. For some, this change is caused by increasing the tissue and for some by decreasing the tissue of the nose. In noses that have a weaker structure, the surgeon may use a graft or flap technique in order to create a line and give it an angle.. In this way, it can contour the nasal line by adding connective tissue and strengthening the structure. This technique is usually done for fleshy noses.

In bony noses, which generally have strong and sufficient tissue, instead of using extra cartilage, a skilled surgeon performs the contour of the nasal line by making changes and shaving the bone as needed.. Of course, taking into account that the defects of each nose are different from another nose, the surgeon may face other challenges during the operation, which if he has the necessary expertise, he will be able to overcome these cases by using the right technique..

Tip : Note that it is possible to need a graft and tissue addition in bone nose contouring. But in general, the surgeon's effort is to perform this technique with minimal intervention in the tissues.

Contour of nasal line in reconstructive rhinoplasty

If the initial operation of the nose is not accompanied by good results, the person is likely to undergo surgery again in order to repair the nose. During the initial surgery, if you do not choose your surgeon correctly and do not take pre-operative and post-operative care seriously, you may put the new appearance of your nose at risk and negative changes.. It is possible that some of the applicants were not familiar with the category of nasal line contour when they applied for the initial operation of their nose, and after familiarizing themselves with this technique, this will lead them to perform a reconstructive operation..

But is it possible to contour the nose in reconstructive surgery?

Regarding this matter, you should remember that the nose has lost its original and natural structure in the first operation, and other new problems may have appeared in addition to the previous problems.. Therefore, you should not expect that the contour of the nose line will be done for you 100%. Because the first goal is to solve nose problems; Especially if it is malfunctioning. However, in cases where there is no specific defect on the nose and the beautician decides to perform a reconstructive procedure only because of its contour, it can be said that the result will be more favorable.. Again, in this regard, you should consult a nose surgeon and, if he deems it necessary, undergo nose surgery again to create a contour line..

جراح بینی اصفهان |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  What is nose contour? | جراح بینی اصفهانOf nose surgery

The cost of surgery with contour line nose technique

Specifically, the more professional a process is performed and the excellent result obtained from it, it means that it was performed under the supervision of an expert and skilled person.. Therefore, choosing an experienced nose surgeon should be your priority instead of cost when you want to have a nose job. Now, regarding the cost of operation with the line contour technique, it should be noted that in addition to the mentioned method, several other factors are involved in this matter.. When a professional technique is added to the process, it makes sense that the cost will increase a bit.

In addition, you should also consider the fees of the surgeon, anesthesiologist and the deposit slip of the treatment center. You can get more detailed information after visiting the surgeon and being examined by him.


Is it possible to drive after nose surgery?

Is it possible to drive after nose surgery?

Is it possible to drive after nose surgery?

After nose surgery, you will experience physical and mental instability. For this reason, some people are worried about driving after rhinoplasty and ask about its conditions. It should be said that driving after the operation can have different conditions depending on the severity of the intervention and the time that has passed since the operation. In general, it should be said that except for the initial days, you can drive with a companion. In this article, we will further investigate driving after rhinoplasty and its limitations.

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Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  Is it possible to drive after nose surgery? Driving after nose surgery

Driving after rhinoplasty

Prescribed anesthesia will relax you during the procedure and ensure that you do not feel any pain. However, there is still a certain amount of medicine in your body after the anesthetic wears off. Although the patient is awake, he is still dizzy and sleepy. Your understanding and ability to react is severely limited. For this reason, you should not sit behind the wheel after being discharged from the hospital. Driving after rhinoplasty in the early hours after discharge can be very dangerous. In the following days, driving is also subject to restrictions, which we will describe in detail in the rest of the article.

How many days after nose surgery can you drive?

If you are planning to have your nose operated, it is better to consult your doctor first and ask about possible complications, including driving restrictions after nose surgery.. Doctors are obliged to inform their patients about the side effects of anesthesia and possible physical limitations after the operation. If a surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, a 24-hour driving ban is usually imposed.. This is the amount of time it takes for the human body to break down the anesthetic or painkiller.

But since general anesthesia is used in most rhinoplasty procedures and you stay in the operating room for two to three hours, the effect of the drug can be greater.. For this reason, in case of anesthesia, it takes 48 hours for the effect of the medicine to be completely removed from your body. But after that, it is still recommended to avoid long-term driving. Because the swellings in the area of ​​your nose and face are relatively high for several days, and this can put you in an unbalanced situation mentally and concentrating.. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid driving for 7 to 10 days after rhinoplasty.

Can I go home alone after the operation?

A cosmetic surgery procedure, even if considered minimally invasive, can affect you physically and mentally.. For this reason, sufficient recovery time should be considered after the operation. No matter how comfortable patients feel after the operation, they should be accompanied when they return home. The instability of the physical condition can cause you to feel unwell due to low pressures. Driving after rhinoplasty immediately after discharge can be dangerous for the following reasons:

  1. Driving can sometimes strain certain muscles and stress your body.
  2. In the most severe cases, premature stress on the wounds can cause them to reopen.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Disadvantages and advantages of nose surgery with a control mold

Nose surgery and postoperative poisoning

Sedatives have a similar effect on balance and reflexes as alcohol. A patient undergoing rhinoplasty – and in general after any type of surgery that involves sedation – may experience periods of intoxication and dizziness in the first hours after surgery.. This is completely normal and is due to the drugs used to put the patient to sleep. This feeling can last for a few hours but in some cases even a whole day. For this reason, after nose surgery, the patient should follow the following precautions:

  • Walking with a companion holding your hand.
  • Avoid dangerous and unprotected situations.
  • Avoid standing without support.
  • Avoid positions that require balance.
  • Notice that your concentration has slowed down.
How long should we rest after nose surgery?

For physical activity or sports, you should wait until three weeks after the operation. The nose should not be blown for 6 weeks, and swimming in the pool should be avoided for 6 weeks. During the recovery period, it is necessary to avoid any action that may put you in a dangerous position and put pressure on your nose..

Nose surgery is performed using general anesthesia, and for this reason, even after you regain consciousness, until the drug is completely removed from your body, you will feel sleepy, tired, and lack of concentration.. For this reason, driving immediately after discharge from the hospital is not recommended at all, and you must have a companion to drive you home..

It is better to avoid driving for a few days after the anesthetic has completely worn off. Your nose and face will be swollen after surgery and this can make it difficult for you to concentrate. Also, wearing a bandage on your nose can reduce your field of vision. After a week you can safely drive.

5 golden steps to know the best nose surgeon in Isfahan

5 golden steps to know the best nose surgeon in Isfahan

Five golden steps to find the best nose surgeon in Isfahan

In this article, we tried to summarize all the things that should be considered in choosing the best nose surgeon in Isfahan; to check. It is hoped that with what we have discussed in this area, we have been able to answer your questions and help you in choosing the best nose surgeon and subsequently obtaining satisfactory results from the operation.. be with us :

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The effect of choosing the right nose surgeon in Isfahan

۱ . The selected doctor must have a specialized board in cosmetic nose surgery.

As the first step in the process of choosing the best nose doctor in Isfahan, make sure that your potential doctor has a specialized board. A board-certified physician or surgeon is a physician who has completed the necessary training and successfully passed the relevant examinations to obtain certification in the specialty to perform surgery..

The best nose surgeons in Isfahan have specialized boards in plastic surgery or nose reconstructive surgery. To perform rhinoplasty, you need to choose the best nose surgeon in Isfahan for this procedure.

۲ . Assessing the experience and skill of the surgeon.

The surgeon's experience in performing the operation is an important factor in choosing a good nose surgeon. It is important to get information about the experience of the surgeon and the number of nose surgeries performed during the working period.

۳ . It is important for your potential surgeon to view a gallery of before and after photos of other patients who have undergone surgery.

The knowledge and experience of the best nose surgeon in Isfahan is visible on the faces of the patients operated by him. In fact, the before and after photos of other patients can be considered a way to achieve the taste and skill of a good nose surgeon in Isfahan.. In addition, by viewing before and after photos of other patients of this surgeon, you can see the results of surgeries similar to your own nose at the hands of your potential surgeon.. This stage is very important, because some doctors are more proficient in certain types of nose surgery.

۴ . Talk to other patients of your potential surgeon.

Talking face-to-face with people who have been operated by your chosen nose doctor is a good way to get first-class information about the best nose surgeon in Isfahan.. Therefore, if some of your friends or relatives have been treated by this doctor, you can talk to them and get information about their experience with your chosen doctor..

Of nose surgery | جراحی زیبایی بینی اصفهان | Rhinoplasty Isfahan ...

۵ . Evaluate the quality of surgeon communication with patients.

Preoperative counseling is very important because it should be seen as an opportunity to talk to the doctor about your wishes and concerns about the procedure.. The best nose surgeon in Isfahan is a good listener during the pre-operative counseling session and devotes his time to clarifying all the information related to this operation for his patient, such as the surgical process, potential risks, and self-care during the recovery period. to give. In addition, the best nose surgeon in Isfahan should talk to his patient in a way that minimizes his stress before the surgery and be enthusiastic in answering his patient's questions regarding the issues related to the surgery..

Even if the chosen doctor has a very high skill but cannot understand the expectations of his patient, he cannot create a favorable result from the patient's point of view.. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the doctor's ability to establish a positive relationship.

Important criteria in choosing the best nose surgeon in Isfahan

When you chose the best nose surgeon in Isfahan with the methods mentioned in the article and went to his office for consultation; You should consider a number of key and important points to make sure that your choice is correct and thus entrust your surgery to them with confidence and without worry.. In general, from the point of view of the Plastic Surgeons Association, a specific definition has been defined for a good nose surgeon and criteria have been introduced in this regard.. Of course, it should be noted that in addition to the criteria defined by the scientific association of plastic surgeons, the moral characteristics and characteristics of the surgeon and his treatment and interaction with the patient should also be considered..

Important criteria that you must analyze and evaluate to choose the best nose surgeon; They are as follows :

You must in the counseling session; Check the type of surgeon's specialty and his educational qualifications; Because the best nose surgeon in Tehran or your city definitely has enough knowledge in the field of surgery, and this indicates that he is familiar with all the new techniques of this procedure and can achieve the best results of cosmetic surgery for you. forgive.

You should evaluate the surgeon's work experience, because the high experience of the best nose surgeon in Isfahan can express his high skill and guarantee the achievement of acceptable results from the operation to an acceptable extent; For this purpose, check the number of actions they have performed.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

Don't forget to view the portfolio of the best nose surgeon in Isfahan, because this can familiarize you with the work style of your chosen rhinoplasty surgeon and in other words, show the extent of his success..
Among other things that are strongly recommended to pay attention to in the counseling session; It is to check and evaluate the doctor's professional ethics. For this, you have to measure their patience during the examination and answering the questions you raise..

Among other moral qualities that the best nose surgeon in Isfahan must have; It is to act rationally and in accordance with professional-medical principles in choosing his patients; That is, the best nose surgeon in Isfahan, if a person does not need surgery or if he has chosen a model for surgery that does not fit with the harmony of his face, he will guide him well and avoid the consequences that may occur with the wrong choice of nose model. inform him.

Unfortunately, perhaps surgeons who only think about their financial interests and without considering the scientific principles of aesthetics and only to attract more patients, make the unreasonable and illogical opinions of the applicants for this operation the standard of their work and by performing surgery according to the patient's wishes, in Ultimately, they produce an unpleasant result and bring respiratory problems and dissatisfaction with the shape of the nose to the patient. That is why it is very important to pay attention to the skill, expertise and knowledge of the doctor when choosing the best nose surgeon in Isfahan.

Therefore, people who decide to undergo rhinoplasty surgery for any reason should consider the aforementioned criteria well and by choosing the best and most skilled nose doctor in the city where they live, it is possible to face any complications from the operation. or to minimize the undesirable result of this cosmetic procedure.

Good nose surgeon for rhinoplasty

Good nose surgeon for rhinoplasty

Who is a good nose surgeon for fleshy nose?

Good nasal surgeon | The nose is the fingerprint of the face. No two noses are exactly alike . Your nose is unique to you and there are different nose models, each of which requires a special technique for rhinoplasty. Many noses have enough features in common with each other . which we can categorize in main categories and one of them is model بینی گوشتی است.

Nose surgeons classify noses based on their shape. Its shape is determined by the main structures inside the nose . such as nasal bones, nasal cartilage, and the type of skin that covers the bones and cartilages. So for meaty nose job Standards are also needed . that only a good doctor for fleshy nose can do it in the best possible way.

For this purpose, in this article we want to briefly talk about بینی گوشتی And the special nose operation and the characteristics of a good surgeon بینی گوشتی talk; So, if your nose shape is fleshy and you are about to have a nose job, stay with us until the end of this article.

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

fleshy nose and its beauty function

When it comes to nose shape . It should be kept in mind that the shape of each person's nose is different from another . And for this reason, their type of nose surgery will also be different from each other. Due to genetics, aging and external factors, the shape of each person's nose is variable . And some people who don't feel comfortable with their nose shape . They may want to modify them.

The shape of the nose is primarily determined by genetics . But the natural process of aging also causes certain changes in the shape of the nose. With age, cartilage (which contains collagen) The bottom of the nose loses its shape . And the tip of the nose is drooping . which makes the appearance of the nose appear fleshy. In addition, the sebaceous glands of the nose can become enlarged, making the nose appear wider . All these factors work hand in hand so that we have the shape of a nose. بینی گوشتی let's say . And to modify and change it from a good doctor for بینی گوشتی get help.

It is possible for people with nose deformities to correct the fleshy nose shape . Think about plastic nose surgery. However, it is important to note this point . that the nose of girls usually up to one year after menstruation (About 15 years old) It is not fully formed . And boys' noses are usually identified one year after the last growth spurt . (About 18 years old) It grows perfectly.

But how can a person change the shape of his nose?

As there are different shapes of noses . There are a variety of surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques to address various concerns related to the size and shape of the nose. Which type of procedure to choose depends on the type of nose, anatomy, skin type and the patient's concerns . Therefore, it is not far from the mind that the rhinoplasty technique for fleshy noses will be different from the technique used in bony rhinoplasty..

The difference in the technique and type of nose surgery used in various nose models has the advantage that a person can expect the best possible result from his nose surgery.. Suppose a nose surgeon performs a nose job on a person with proper rhinoplasty technique for broken or small noses. Undoubtedly, the result of this action will not only be successful . Rather, it will cause more damage to the mentioned person's nose and will have the opposite effect on the beauty of the person's appearance. Therefore, it can be concluded that a successful rhinoplasty depends on 3 important factors:

  1. Your surgeon's ability to identify and understand the main type of nose and nose you want and your desire for rhinoplasty.
  2. Good communication between you and your doctor about your goals, needs, limitations and strengths of different surgical techniques, etc.
  3. Implementation of the rhinoplasty technique that matches the shape of the fleshy nose and your expectations.

Meanwhile, it can be said that factor number 1 will have the greatest impact on the successful outcome of a cosmetic procedure. Choosing a good doctor for fleshy nose can be the basis of a successful rhinoplasty. Do not forget that a good surgeon for بینی گوشتی, a lot of knowledge about how certain types of noses respond to different techniques . Or exactly how the meaty nose should be operated . to lead to the best results.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | A new nose with rhinoplasty

Does nose job work well?

A fleshy nose is the most common nose shape in the world and reports suggest it. About 25% of people have this type of nose, especially in Asia. This type of nose is prominent and wide and full of fat . It can be big or small, but in any case it has a fleshy appearance.

The fleshy noses are large and protruding . And they have more fat parts than bone parts. Rhinoplasty can be used to correct the shape of the fleshy nose and make it smaller and narrower . And made many changes to it. However, all these positive results happen only when . that nose surgery should be done by a good doctor for fleshy nose . Someone who is well familiar with the shape and anatomy of fleshy noses . And he knows by changing which parts of this nose model he can achieve the desired results for himself and his patient.


Natural model nose surgery

Natural model nose surgery

A sample of natural model nose surgery

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