Choosing the best closed nose surgery

Choosing the best closed nose surgery

Complications and risks of closed nose surgery

The best closed nose surgery | This method has many advantages, but it cannot be said that it is flawless. Since the doctor cannot see the whole appearance, he has less control than the open method. So you should choose a skilled doctor for this procedure. Remember that this method is only for correcting partial defects and is not recommended for reconstructive nose surgery.

The surgeon's lack of sufficient control over the structure of the nose can be dangerous and damage other parts of the nose. This is why the expertise and skill of the surgeon is very important in preventing the complications and risks of this procedure. Another serious side effect of this method is drooping of the tip of the nose. Other complications and risks of this method include::

  1. Nasal stuffy feeling
  2. Respiratory problems
  3. خونریزی
  4. Intranasal ulcer
  5. تورم
  6. Postoperative nasal asymmetry

Choosing the best closed nose surgery is important.

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Necessary care for all types of nose surgery

The difference between closed and open nose surgery

During the closed rhinoplasty approach, ۲ incisions are made within the inside of the nose. It is through these incisions that all alterations will be made. An open rhinoplasty includes the same two incisions, but with one additional incision connecting the two, across the columella. That final connecting incision is called a trans-columellar incision

In the closed rhinoplasty method, two incisions are made inside the nose. It is through these incisions that the surgeon makes all the changes. Open rhinoplasty involves the same two incisions, but with an additional incision that joins the two in the columella (The part that separates the two nostrils.) connects. That cut of the final connection is called transcolumellar cut.

The cost of closed nose surgery

Although various factors affect the price of rhinoplasty, the cost of closed rhinoplasty is lower than open rhinoplasty.. Whether rhinoplasty is fleshy or bony affects the cost of the surgery; The type and purpose of the surgery, the type of clinic, the geographical location and the equipment used, the expertise and skill of the doctor, the cost of tests and counseling sessions before and after the operation are all factors that affect the cost of closed nose surgery..

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery that cuts through the nostrils without the need for stitches or leaving a scar.. The purpose of this method is to fix small and superficial defects and it is more suitable for fleshy noses. The most important advantage of closed nose surgery is shorter recovery period and less side effects such as less pain, swelling and bleeding..

common questions

Is closed nose surgery dangerous?
This procedure is not more dangerous than open rhinoplasty, but due to the possibility of blood accumulation in the throat, it must be performed under general anesthesia so that it is not dangerous..

Is closed nose surgery reversible?
Usually, the result of closed nose surgery is not reversible; But sometimes, due to the swelling and formation of calluses in the nasal bones, there may be a slight irregularity in the bridge..

Are bony noses surgically closed?
Closed rhinoplasty is suitable for both bony noses and fleshy noses, and there are no restrictions for closed bony nose surgery..

Does closed nose surgery hurt?
Closed rhinoplasty is a less invasive procedure that is less painful than open rhinoplasty.

Is it possible to correct the symmetry in nasal packing surgery?
Yes, one of the main uses of closed nose surgery is to fix the problem of nasal asymmetry.

How long should the dressing be on the nose in closed nose surgery?
Plaster or nasal splint should stay on the nose for a week and change the sterile gauze every 6 hours.

How long should I exercise after nose surgery?
You should avoid heavy physical activity and vigorous exercise for 6 weeks after nose surgery.

Is it possible to lift a short nose bridge with closed surgery?
Yes, nose bridge shortening can be done with closed or open rhinoplasty.

Can nose surgery be done again?
At least there should be a gap between the first surgery and the re-surgery of the nose so that the swelling inside the nose disappears and the nose is formed one year later.

Rhinoplasty of the natural model with a low slope

Rhinoplasty of the natural model with a low slope

Natural rhinoplasty with a low slope

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Common rhinoplasty surgery in men

Common rhinoplasty surgery in men

Cartilaginous and fleshy nose surgery

Rhinoplasty in men | Fleshy noses usually have less cartilage and are more common in men (Male nose job). These types of noses are completely fleshy, especially at the tip of the nose, and the skin is thick in this area. The fleshy nose surgery is more difficult than the bony nose. In the past, most of the people who had a fleshy nose were not satisfied with the result of their surgery and even some doctors advised these people to stop the operation.. Because in the past, the cartilage tissue and the tissue difference in fleshy and bony noses had not been studied. But today, cosmetic surgery deals with the repair and correction of cartilages.

During the wide and wide fleshy nose cosmetic surgery and very large fleshy nose cosmetic surgery, the surgeon may add artificial cartilage to the fleshy tissue of the nose.. Open surgical technique is used for meat nose surgery so that there is good access to internal tissues.

To perform nose surgery to reduce the width of the fleshy nose, a person must be fully matured. Because there is a possibility of growth in parts of the face and body during this period. Rhinoplasty usually takes 2 to 3 hours. Some people also prefer meat nose lift or use nose lift glue.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Male natural nose surgery

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Bone nose surgery

Bony noses are mostly composed of bone and cartilage and their skin is thin. Cosmetic surgery of bony nose is easier than that of fleshy nose. Because the skin of the nose is thinner in this state and the plastic surgeon has more possibilities to change the shape of the nose. Crooked noses are one of the bony noses, and usually the results of this nose model are better than fleshy noses..

Natural beauty nose job

One of the types of nose surgery is natural meat nose surgery or natural bone nose surgery, which has gained many fans today. Note that in general, this type of rhinoplasty does not exist externally and it cannot be said that it is a type of rhinoplasty.. But when the nose is not fancy and has not changed much from what it was, the nose has undergone natural rhinoplasty..

Today, few people tend to be too different from their real appearance. Most people want to perfect their natural appearance. If their nose has a hump, that hump should be removed, but it should look like the nose has been in the same position since the beginning and has not changed much..

Normal nose surgery can be open or closed. On the other hand, it is possible to perform natural nose surgery on both fleshy and bony noses, but the best result is a natural nose operation on a bony nose.. Usually fleshy noses show more surgery than bony noses. On the other hand, bone nose surgery is much easier and has better results.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  Male Rhinoplasty

Nose tip reduction and nose beauty without surgery

In addition to rhinoplasty, there are also non-surgical methods. These methods are non-invasive and do not have a recovery period for rhinoplasty. But since it does not cause significant changes in the appearance of the nose and requires annual renewal, many people still prefer rhinoplasty..

What is the price and cost of nose surgery 1402?

One of the questions people ask when visiting a doctor's office is how much is the cost of nose surgery in 1402? The cost of this operation depends on various factors, and each nose surgeon sets prices according to experience and geographic location. When estimating costs, in addition to the nose surgeon's salary, you should also consider the cost of the operating room and anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, and the salary of the surgeon's assistant..

Rhinoplasty is not covered by health insurance and the person must pay all the costs personally. But the price of nose reconstruction or nose deviation is reduced by using insurance. In restorative operations, the patient's respiratory problems and disorders are resolved, and this type of operation is recommended by a specialist doctor. For this reason, insurance covers some of its cost.

In order to find the best nose surgeon, you should keep some points in mind and do not make a hasty decision for rhinoplasty. Be sure to see the before and after photos of the patients. The type of nose job may not meet your expectations. In addition to viewing the portfolio, clearly state your expectations to the doctor. After examining the nose, the doctor makes a decision regarding the appearance of the nose.

In the counseling session, provide the necessary explanations to the doctor regarding the medications you are taking and your previous surgeries. An experienced specialist keeps all these things in mind and informs you about the possible complications of the operation.


Meat nose surgery technique

Meat nose surgery technique

meaty nose job

Unlike other traditional methods in nose surgery, today the best and most appropriate techniques of nose surgery are used to treat and solve the problems of noses.. First of all, in the selected methods for fleshy nose operation, all characteristics and aspects of the nose are measured and based on its structure and even the amount of fleshy nose, the appropriate technique is chosen..

The next important thing is that in meat nose surgeries, the surgeon pays great attention to the structure of the cartilages.. The most important challenge of nose job is maintaining and restoring the structure of the cartilages and its compatibility with the outer tissue of the nose. In this way, it may even be necessary to add artificial cartilages in performing these operations.. Especially in nose surgery with weak cartilage, it is possible to add artificial cartilage.

In this order, it can be said in general that rhinoplasty of fleshy noses is completely performed by the rhinoplasty method so that by lifting the nasal skin completely, the surgeon can correct all the problematic structures with full mastery and control over the underlying cartilages.. It is almost impossible to perform nose surgery without surgery, and it is not possible to make many changes in these noses without surgery.

In this operation, the surgeon must be able to create the best fit between the nose and other parts of the face. For this reason, changing the size and shape of the nose should be done with great sensitivity. Going a little smaller or making a change that doesn't fit with the rest of the face can completely ruin the results.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Closed or open nose surgery???

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Very large nose job

Many people have very large noses with very thick skin, which is why they desperately need a proper nose job.. However, the main goal in nose surgery is to make the nose as small as possible and make it more compact in the face, and it may not be possible to make many changes in these noses.. Definitely, the method of choice for the operation of very large fleshy noses is open surgery. This category also includes thick-skinned nose surgery.

Doll nose surgery

In nose surgery, the doll or fantasy form is one of the most common forms requested by patients.. For patients with a fleshy nose, you can also choose the fantasy fleshy nose surgery option, which, of course, requires a lot of precision and skill.. In a doll nose operation, the shape of the nose has a large arch on the surface of the nose and includes the rise of the tip of the nose and its distance from the upper lip..

In the case of fleshy noses with a wide and drooping tip, performing this procedure is always risky and there is a high possibility that the results will not be as they should be.. Of course, again, in this regard, the surgeon must consider the condition of the person's nose and the amount of fleshiness or the width of the tip of the nose.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | How to glue the nose after nasal line contour surgery

Complications and risks of rhinoplasty

The complexity and difficulty of the operation of meat noses is more, and because the thick skin of these noses has to be cut and raised, there is a possibility of more bleeding or nosebleeds.. The cause of nosebleeds is more incisions and difficulty of surgery. In addition, in these procedures, there is a high possibility that blood will collect under the skin of the nose and around the eyes, and swelling and bruising will be seen..

Post-operative infection, nasal swelling, sensitivity to anesthetic, reddening of the eyes, pain, nasal asymmetry, remaining scars, nasal obstruction, and loss of sense of smell are other possible complications and risks in rhinoplasty..

Is the meat nose operation definitely coming back?

Using the old methods in the past, some time after performing the nose surgery, the nose would droop and come back. But today, with the use of modern methods, it is very rare for the nose to return to its original state. Today, cartilage strengthening is common in nasal surgery, and the probability of recurrence is much lower and even close to zero..

Differences between bony and fleshy noses

In fleshy noses, due to the thickness of the skin and its heaviness, usually the details of the bones and their shapes cannot be seen. But in bony noses, due to the thinness of the skin of the nose, the condition of the cartilage and bone, fractures and the shape of the bone can be seen..

A recommendation for those who intend to have nose surgery :

The time to get results from this type of nose surgery is longer than bone nose surgery. Therefore, the patient should have more patience to perform this surgery and make the conclusion of this surgery easier by taking care after nose surgery for a longer period of time..

World congress of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Tehran

World congress of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Tehran

Dr. Majid Rasti and the World Congress of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons in Tehran

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  World congress of plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Tehran

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Natural nose surgeon in Isfahan

Natural nose surgeon in Isfahan

The best natural nose surgeon in Isfahan

Natural nose surgeon in Isfahan | Today, the aesthetic criteria compared to the past periods; There have been many changes. Currently, unlike the past decades, having a small nose was a sign of a beautiful nose . Having a natural nose that fits the other elements of the face is considered a measure of nose beauty. Therefore, we see that currently, the majority of cosmetic surgery applicants are looking for the best natural nose surgeon in Isfahan . are to make their nose work in the most natural way possible.

The strategy of natural static surgery, or actually the same natural nose surgery, is based on this principle . which while maintaining the bone, soft tissue and cartilage of the nose in a normal and natural position; It lifted the defects of the nose and brought a natural appearance to the person.

In fact, the natural function of the nose is such that by doing it; Your nose is shaped . which does not look like surgery and no one but experts can notice . that your nose has been operated; Because the appearance of a natural nose is perfectly suited to the structure of the face . And the coordination of the facial organs has not been disturbed.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Nasal cosmetic surgery approach

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Natural nose surgery

Natural rhinoplasty in Isfahan is performed in order to correct the defects and defects of a person's nose in a way that avoids creating a large arch and the tip of the nose is raised according to the patient's request until the drooping is removed..

other nasal defects; Such as width, hump, deviation or crooked nose will be removed if needed. In normal rhinoplasty examples, the profile is flat or with a slight arch, and it does not have much curvature like doll noses; But on the other hand, the length of the nose, the height and the overall volume of the nose return the necessary beauty to the face in order to maintain the natural face of the person. After the normal rhinoplasty recovery period has passed, the swelling of the nose will disappear gradually and approximately after 6 months; Therefore, you can see the result of a beautiful and flawless natural nose.

Normal and standard nose characteristics

Some of the indicators and criteria of normal and standard nose will be mentioned below :

  1. One of these indicators of the result of natural nose surgery; It is the distance between the nose and the lips and the chin, which the nose surgeon analyzes according to its standard size and also considering the length of the nose..
  2. Among other characteristics of a normal nose; The distance between the nose and the eyes can be used to determine the width of the nose.
  3. the next item; The angle between the nose and the line perpendicular to the lips.
  4. One of the most important factors affecting surgery is the thickness of the nose skin; Because the thinness of the nose skin can show the least asymmetry or the most delicate cuts applied by the best natural nose surgery doctor in Isfahan..
  5. in normal nose surgery; the ratio of the angles of the nose with other parts of the face; such as the forehead, cheeks, lips, etc. are examined and adapted to the specified standard ratio based on the aesthetics of the face.

It should be noted that during the entire process of natural nose aesthetic surgery; The surgeon tries to consider the patient's preferences as long as they do not conflict with the principles and standards of aesthetics.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The best nose surgeon in Isfahan

The best time for natural nose surgery

Dear applicants who want to get a great result from natural nose surgery . Know that the action must be done at the best time. Several factors are considered by the surgeon to choose the right time . We will discuss them further :

  • physical maturity : From birth to about 18 years old is when a person experiences physical maturity. In this way, some parts of the face and body, including the nose, continue to grow after birth to reach the final form.. For normal nose surgery, it is necessary that the person has passed this stage completely.
  • mental maturity : In addition to the physical and physical development, the person referring for the natural nose surgery must also have reached a suitable maturity intellectually and intellectually.. This means that his decision should not be made out of jealousy or other such cases . Rather, act with full awareness of the process and having reasonable demands and expectations.
  • After treatment of certain diseases : There may be some who are interested in doing natural static style rhinoplasty . suffer from a special disease that prevents the operation. Therefore, the period when the person is still involved in the disease . It is not a good time to do nose surgery. The best natural nose surgeon in Isfahan asks him to perform the necessary measures first in line with the treatment of the existing disease . And after getting full health, they should visit him again for normal nose surgery.

Noteworthy dear Zibajo, all the above items are required to choose the best time for natural nose surgery.

Specialist in plastic surgery and nose aesthetics

Specialist in plastic surgery and nose aesthetics

A brief introduction to Dr. Majid Rasti, a specialist in plastic surgery

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The possibility of cooking after nose surgery

The possibility of cooking after nose surgery

Is it possible to cook after nose surgery?

Cooking after nose surgery | Things like cooking and going to work are unimpeded two weeks after the surgery. But it is recommended to reduce the cooking time to a very small extent due to the weakness caused by the surgery. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare and prepare the necessary foods for about a week in the days before the surgery, during the preparation of the procedures before the nose surgery..

If you are not alone and someone lives with you, you can avoid doing this, but if you are single and live alone, pay attention to this.. When cooking after a week, it is better to consider the following care points :

  1. Avoid bending your head down while cooking.
  2. The heat of the gas causes severe swelling of the nose, so it is better to reduce the gas flame or take a break during cooking..
  3. Remember that standing for a long time to prepare food will make the patient weak and increase swelling.
  4. Also, avoid using salt in your food.
  5. Sodium consumption will increase swelling.
  6. Avoid eating allergenic foods.
  7. Use watery foods during recovery, cooking foods like shrimp and fish will help your health a lot..
  8. Avoid lifting heavy cooking utensils.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The possibility of cooking after nose surgery .

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Is it harmful to chop onions after nose surgery?

Many patients ask about care after nose surgery and what they should do. One of the most frequently asked questions in this field is chopping onions after rhinoplasty. In this regard, I must say that onions are not good because of the gas produced during cutting and causing runny eyes and nose, and it is better to use ready-made fried onions for cooking until the time of full recovery..

If you need to use onions, it is better to try not to breathe through your nose at this time so that the olfactory nerve is not irritated and you do not get a runny nose.. Avoid touching your nose if you have a runny nose.

Edibles and inedibles

Proper nutrition is an important part of the recovery process and following the recommendations will ensure that you achieve a progressing process..

  • روز اول بعد از جراحی

On the day of surgery, you will be asked not to eat or drink anything for 8 to 12 hours before the procedure. Resting the abdomen during anesthesia is very important. Starting to eat food after completing the rhinoplasty procedure starts with foods that are easy for your stomach to digest.. Avoid eating any food that causes nausea and any food that is very cold or very hot. Pasta, rice, fish and chicken are ideal food options.

Isfahan nose surgeon, nutrition after nose surgery

  • هفته اول بعد از عمل

During the first week of rhinoplasty care, you still need to be careful about what you eat. The nose is still blocked and you should avoid eating foods that aggravate this blockage. You should not eat foods that cause swelling due to being spicy. Eat soft foods such as eggs and soups made from meat and vegetables. Potatoes, salads, and pasta that don't require a lot of chewing are good options.

Fiber-rich foods are also recommended to help prevent constipation. Fresh or cooked fruits and vegetables, brown rice, and whole grains are good examples.

During this time frame, the best nose surgeon in Tehran recommends drinking plenty of fluids regarding post-nose surgery care. Of course, these liquids do not include caffeinated drinks, such as tea, coffee or soft drinks. These drinks cause dehydration of the body. Instead of these drinks, use the healthiest drink, water.

  • Second week after surgery

In the second week after surgery, you can eat more solid foods. Of course, nasal congestion has not been resolved yet, and it is still important to act wisely in choosing food options that do not aggravate the swelling.. You can include a protein-rich diet such as dairy products such as milk or cheese, poultry or fish in your diet..

You should still avoid eating spicy foods that cause pain. Also, do not use salt. Eating healthy foods and maintaining an ideal weight for recovery at this stage is very important. Do not eat fast food. Processed foods cause inflammation in the nose.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  Isfahan nose surgeon, diet after nose surgery

Foods to avoid:

So far, we have learned about foods that are useful during the recovery period. But there are some foods that you should avoid eating during the recovery period and to follow the care after nose surgery..

  1. Spicy foods: Spicy foods are not recommended during the recovery period after nose surgery because they can cause many problems such as irritation of the mucous membrane and increase in blood pressure.. These foods also cause sneezing and digestive imbalance. Avoid eating spicy foods such as different types of pepper during the recovery period.
  2. Salty foods : Since it is important to stay hydrated, avoid eating anything high in salt.. Salt increases water retention and causes swelling in the nasal tissues and slows down recovery. Foods with high sodium content, salty snacks such as chips and salty cheeses such as feta cheese should be avoided..

What foods reduce swelling?

Anti-inflammatory foods that aid in the healing process include dark green leafy vegetables, fruits such as oranges, apples, tomatoes, olive oil, nut butters, fatty fish such as salmon..

Breathing condition after nose surgery

Breathing condition after nose surgery

Breathing after rhinoplasty

Breathing condition after nose surgery | One of the concerns of people for rhinoplasty is the possibility of breathing problems after rhinoplasty, which if principles such as removal of nasal polyps and lesions, correct modification of turbine and tentacles, etc. are followed carefully and correctly during nose surgery. You can be sure that even if the nose is shrunk, you will not face any breathing problems after nose surgery. If you are looking to find out the cause of shortness of breath after rhinoplasty or if you want to know ways to improve breathing after rhinoplasty .

Most clients believe that after rhinoplasty surgery, they will have breathing problems, and on the other hand, some people think that the breathing problem will definitely be solved.. It should be noted that if the breathing problem is related to the deviation of the middle diaphragm or the problem is from the internal valves, it is possible to fix it during cosmetic surgery..

Dry and stuffy nose after surgery also sometimes causes breathing problems, which are temporary or long-term, and mainly short-term stuffiness is due to internal swelling after surgery, and a large part of the internal and external swelling of the nose during The first weeks are greatly reduced. But it takes several months for the swelling to disappear completely. Of course, natural wounds in the nose caused by surgery also cause breathing problems.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The best nose surgeon in Isfahan

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Is shortness of breath normal after nose surgery?

Nasal tipping and narrowing are often due to the presence of excessive secretions after nose surgery and existing inflammation and swelling.. This is completely normal for several months after rhinoplasty and there is no need to worry about shortness of breath.. As mentioned, some breathing problems are temporary and appear as a result of swelling and other side effects after surgery..

Since you cannot clean the inside of your nose during this time, mucus and foreign substances may remain there and block the airway.. In this case, you can use sodium chloride nasal spray. External swelling of the nose and its inner wall may also temporarily narrow the respiratory tract and make breathing a little difficult.. You can help to reduce the swelling in that area by placing an ice compress on the nose, which will also relieve the difficulty of breathing..

Of course, some breathing problems caused after rhinoplasty may remain for a longer period of time, or it may even be necessary to perform restorative rhinoplasty to solve them.. If the airway or airway is weakened, or the nasal bone and the lateral wall of the nose become narrower than normal, breathing disorders occur.. Any changes that occur in the internal breathing passages of the nose and nostrils, if applied incorrectly, can affect the breathing process..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Cosmetic surgery of wide and fleshy nose

Breathing after rhinoplasty

One of the things that may disturb the breathing function after the nose job is related to the respiratory passages. During the rhinoplasty, the surgeon may have narrowed the airways too much, as a result of which you notice difficulty in breathing.. This complication usually occurs after removing the hump and protrusion of the nose.

Another factor that may make breathing difficult after nose surgery is nosebleeds. This complication usually occurs when there is a hole on the nasal septum. For this reason, the inner tissue of the nose is dry and prone to bleeding; Especially when your nose is irritated by an irritant such as sneezing.

Another factor that can cause breathing problems after nose surgery is cutting and removing a large part of the cartilage tissue of the nose.. This causes the two side walls of the nose to collide with each other and block the airway. Of course, this problem can be treated. A person can undergo reconstructive nose surgery and the surgeon can solve this problem by using grafting technique during the operation..

In some special cases after the operation, the nasal surgeon may use a nasal tampon to prevent bleeding and preserve the structure of the nose.. This makes breathing difficult for several days. During this time, it is better to breathe through the mouth. After a few days, the tampon is removed from the nose. In the past, this special tampon was used for all patients, but today it is only used for people who have special conditions..

Other causes of respiratory problems can be excessive enlargement of the nostrils انحراف تیغه بینی The main mentioned that these cases are also easily treated.

Semi-fantasy nose surgery for women

Semi-fantasy nose surgery for women

Semi-fantasy rhinoplasty

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