Broken nose surgery with Isfahan nose surgeon

Broken nose surgery with Isfahan nose surgeon

Broken nose surgery

Broken nose surgery is one of the types of nose surgery. One of the most common types of facial fractures is nasal fracture. شکستگی بینی بر اثر عوامل خارجی چون اصابت ضربه شدید ، تصادف ، مجادله و مواردی از این قبیل رخ خواهد داد.

شکستگی بینی در جوانان با جا به جایی یا شکستگی استخوان همراه است، اما در افراد مسن تر ، امکان خرد شدن استخوان بینی وجود دارد. در صورتی که نیاز به جراحی بینی شکسته دارید می توانید به بهترین Of nose surgery See.

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

جراح بینی اصفهان |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Treatment of a broken nose | جراح بینی اصفهانOf nose surgery

nose breaking

Nasal fractures are divided into two categories :

Lateral fracture : Lateral fracture is the most common type of fracture that occurs as a result of an external force entering the side of the nose and causes one side to sink in and the other side of the nose to protrude..
Facing fracture : In this fracture, a strong blow is inflicted on the face and nose from above and the bridge of the nose will be dented and the appearance of the nose will change completely..

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Causes of nasal fractures

  1. Feeling severe pain
  2. bruised nose
  3. ورم بینی
  4. Bruising around the eyes
  5. crooked nose
  6. خون دماغ شدن
  7. Nasal breathing disorder

If the nose is broken, when the nose is touched, a sound caused by the broken bone will be heard. لازم به ذکر است در صورتی که دچار شکستگی بینی شدید، بلافاصله به متخصص و جراح بینی First of all, it should be said that nasal injury occurs for every person and there is no difference between people who have had their nose operated and those who have not.. If the fracture is partial, it is possible to repair the broken nose without surgery, but if a few weeks have passed since the fracture, it can only be repaired by open surgery..

Treatment of broken nose without surgery

If the doctor determines during the patient's examination that there is no serious damage to the patient's nose, and there is no need for a broken nose surgery, or the nose is slightly damaged, you can speed up the process of nose recovery with the help of the following measures. :

  • In the first day or two, in order to reduce the pain and swelling of the nose, you can use a cold compress or ice wrapped in a bag or tissue for 15 minutes every hour.. Make sure that the ice does not come into direct contact with the skin of the nose.
  • In order to reduce pain, you can also use painkillers, prescribed by a doctor, such as acetaminophen.
  • If the nosebleed continues, be sure to see a doctor for treatment. The doctor uses a soft gauze to prevent bleeding inside the nose. During the time that the dressing is inside the nose, antibiotics are usually used to prevent infection..
  • To reduce swelling, you can place the head higher than the body while resting with the help of several pillows.
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Care after broken nose surgery

  1. After nasal fracture surgery, there is no need for hospitalization and usually most patients are discharged on the same night.
  2. After nasal fracture surgery, a cast or splint is placed on the nose for about a week; Patients should be careful not to get the plaster or nasal splint wet.
  3. It is better to avoid consuming hard foods that require prolonged chewing and include soft and watery foods in the patient's diet during the recovery period of nasal fracture surgery..
  4. After nose fracture surgery, patients should avoid excessive laughing and crying.
  5. People who have undergone nose fracture surgery can go about their daily activities after the recovery period is over; But they should refrain from heavy activities for a while.
  6. Smoking and drinking alcohol-containing drinks lead to disorders during the recovery period of nose surgery; Therefore, it is better for patients to refrain from consuming these items for a while.
  7. The use of steroid drugs leads to increased swelling and bruising in people, so avoid using these drugs during the recovery period of nose surgery..
  8. People who have undergone nasal fracture surgery should refrain from washing their head and neck for a while in order to prevent the plaster or nasal splint from getting wet; Ask your doctor about the right time to take a bath.
  9. You should refrain from fanning for a while.
  10. Sneeze and cough with your mouth open.
  11. Avoid sleeping on your side and stomach and sleep with an open arch; In this way, you will avoid putting pressure on your nose and face.
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ایا پس از اینکه جراحی بینی شکسته انجام می دهیم بینی به فرم اصلی خود باز می گردد ؟

In some cases, a broken nose may recover its normal shape after treatment, but there are also cases in which a person may not like the shape of his nose and there is a need for reconstructive nose surgery to solve structural and breathing problems..

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