Zero to hundred cares after nose surgery

Zero to hundred cares after nose surgery

مراقبت های بعد از جراحی بینی با دکتر مجید راستی

Care after rhinoplasty is one of the most important stages of rhinoplasty, which a person should know and follow in order to obtain an ideal result.. In addition to the nose surgeon, another influencing factor on the result of rhinoplasty is following the tips and care after rhinoplasty; Therefore, in this article, the most important points after rhinoplasty surgery are mentioned so that patients do not face any problems during the recovery period of nose surgery..

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Following the points that are necessary after nose surgery?

Care after nose surgery is as follows :

  1. Usually, patients who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery are advised not to eat anything for 4 hours after the surgery, because the effect of anesthetic drugs has not been completely removed and the person may experience nausea and vomiting..
  2. After 4 hours of rhinoplasty, the patient can start eating by drinking a juice.
  3. On the first day after nose surgery, rest better and put two pillows under your head while lying down to reduce the swelling caused by nose surgery..
  4. داروهایی را که بهترین جراح بینی شیراز برای تان تجویز نموده است به طور مرتب استفاده کنید.
  5. Do not do heavy sports activities until one week after rhinoplasty surgery in Shiraz.
  6. Do not use blood thinners such as warfarin and aspirin, alcohol and tobacco for two weeks after rhinoplasty because it interferes with the healing process..
  7. For a while, avoid eating hard foods such as corn, bottom of the pot, apples that require a lot of chewing.
  8. For some time after rhinoplasty surgery, avoid extreme facial movements such as crying and laughing.
  9. Avoid social activities such as talking too much.
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How to sleep after nose surgery

People who have undergone rhinoplasty are prohibited from sleeping on their stomach and side for some time after nose surgery in order not to put pressure on the nose and should sleep with an open arch.. It should be noted that placing two pillows under the head and making an angle of 30 degrees during rest and sleep helps to reduce swelling and bruising of patients caused by nose surgery..

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Those who have undergone rhinoplasty are not allowed to wash their heads until some time after rhinoplasty; Because the plaster of their nose should not get wet in any way, but there is nothing wrong with washing the neck down; It is better for patients to ask their rhinoplasty surgeon for the best time to take a bath.

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Swelling and bruising after nose surgery

One of the main concerns of people after rhinoplasty is related to bruises and their recovery time. Bruises that occur in the areas around the eyes and cheeks are completely normal and do not need to be worried. Usually, during the first 3 days after the surgery, the amount of bruises reaches its maximum, and after that, the amount of bruises gradually decreases and eventually disappears..

The cause of bruises is due to the changes that occur in the tissues of the nose and bones. To control bruises and prevent them from getting worse, it is recommended to use a cold compress regularly in the first 72 hours after surgery.. In this way, place the compress on your cheeks and around your eyes for 15 minutes every hour.

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On the other hand, the way you sleep has a great impact on reducing bruises. Therefore, it is recommended to lie on your back and place some pillows under your head until your shoulders and head are higher than other parts of your body and form an angle of 45 degrees.. Then rest in the same way during the care period after nose surgery.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | ورزش کردن بعد از جراحی رینوپلاستی

Sports activities after rhinoplasty

In relation to the question of when to start exercising, you should know that in the first two weeks after rhinoplasty, it is better to be cautious about vigorous physical activities.. For this reason, you are only allowed to walk for short periods of time and slowly. After two weeks, you can increase your activities, but you must be careful not to perform movements that involve bending the head and causing a lot of pressure on the body and increasing the heart rate.. شروع ورزش کردن با رشته ورزشی ارتباط مستقیم دارد و بهتر است در این خصوص با Of nose surgery دکتر مجید راستی مشورت نمایید.

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