Natural nose surgeries by Dr. Majid Rasti

Natural nose surgeries by Dr. Majid Rasti

Examples of natural nose surgeries by Dr. Majid Rasti

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جراحی بینی گوشتی | It may also be interesting for you to know that according to the research conducted by Professor Tamir, about 24% of people on the planet have fleshy noses.. This nose model is the most common nose shape in humans. According to CBS News, بینی گوشتی It is attributed to Einstein's nose; Because in Einstein's photos, you can clearly recognize the fleshiness of the nose.

Prince Philip and Mark Ruffalo have also been famous people who have بینی گوشتی هستند. The main characteristic بینی گوشتی, the apparent fat of the skin, the thickness of the skin of the nose, the width of the nose and its size.

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Cosmetic surgery of wide and fleshy nose

How do we know that our nose is fleshy?

fleshy noses They usually have many open pores. thick skin in بینی گوشتی It is clearly seen. Usually, the amount of secretion of sebaceous glands fleshy noses It is extremely high. Nasal lobes in most fleshy noses, are large and protruding. the tip of the nose fleshy nosesIt is wider than other noses. nasal cartilage in بینی گوشتی It is usually wide.

The following is the most common feature بینی گوشتی We mention Dr. Michelle Lee:

  1. Thick skin,,fa,It requires a high level of expertise and experience,,fa,The surgeon should have a good understanding of the amount of nasal congestion to increase the quality of the results,,fa
  2. Small and weak cartilage
  3. Heavy texture cover
  4. Big and round blades

What is nose surgery like?

Maybe جراحی بینی گوشتی It is considered one of the most complicated and special nose surgeries. There is a large volume of thick skin in the fleshy nose. This skin must be thinned during rhinoplasty surgery. Reducing the thickness of the nose skin should be done very professionally and delicately. Any unprofessional removal of the skin tissue will cause the appearance of unevenness in the nose.

Another important part in جراحی بینی گوشتی, strengthening the cartilage of the nose. Weight بینی گوشتی It is much more than other types of nose. So, it is obvious that due to this weight, the person will suffer from the problem of falling of the tip of the nose after surgery; Because the structure of the nose does not have much strength to deal with gravity and drooping of the nose.

To have a nose with the desired shape and form, you need to strengthen the cartilaginous area of ​​the nose. For this procedure, ear cartilage or ribs are usually transplanted. Sometimes artificial cartilage is used for this purpose بینی گوشتی It is used to make the base placed under the skin of the nose strong and solid. After this step, you can gather the nose feathers and prepare the nose bone to create a desired shape..

Of nose surgery | جراحی زیبایی بینی اصفهان | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | meaty nose job

Is rhinoplasty performed open or closed?

According to Dr. Michelle Lee, an active physician at the Beverly Hills Clinic, you may also want to know if open rhinoplasty is right for you. بینی گوشتی Is it closed nose surgery? In fact, before explaining, you should learn about the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty.

closed nose surgery: In closed nose surgery, the least amount of incision is made in the area below the bridge of the nose, and the doctor has the least access to the nasal bone and upper areas.. In this surgery, the injury is much less than open nose surgery, and the doctor can make the necessary changes in the person's nose with minimal swelling.. The great limitation in this surgical technique does not allow complex nose surgery. Because access is very limited.

open nose surgery: In open nose surgery, the specialist doctor starts the surgery by making the necessary incisions in the corners of the wings and the lower part of the nose.. Optimal access to all parts needed in rhinoplasty surgery is provided in this technique, and the surgeon can make any changes in the bone, skin and cartilage of the nose..

According to the explanations provided, it can be said that nose surgery, which requires many changes, is not possible at all with closed surgery.. But by using open nose surgery, you can easily make all the necessary changes in the skin of the nose, nasal septum and wings..

How long is the recovery period for nose surgery?

Knowing about the rhinoplasty recovery period helps people a lot to prepare well for post-surgery. According to Dr. Funk Goch, it takes about 8 days for the severe swelling caused by rhinoplasty to decrease.

After 8 days, the person usually goes to a specialist doctor to remove the stitches and remove the splint or cast on the nose.. At this stage, post-operative care begins much more seriously than before. You can return to work and light activities after 8 days with a nasal patch..

From the third week, about 20-30% swelling of the nose and its surroundings will decrease, and in the sixth week, 50-60% of the appearance of the nose will be without swelling and bruises.. Note that any impact, pressure and non-observance of care after rhinoplasty will probably cause you problems; So try to be very careful in this regard.

What techniques are used in nose surgery?

There is no limit to the methods a surgeon can choose for rhinoplasty. Therefore, in cases where the patient's nose is fleshy, nose surgery can be performed in two ways: closed rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | meaty nose job

Which technique is better for nose surgery?

The operation of meaty nose is usually performed with open meaty nose surgery; Because the surgeon has better access to the cartilage and different parts of the nose. In this technique, the skin of the nose is separated from the cartilage by making several incisions at the bottom of the tip of the nose and on the wings. By raising and pulling aside this skin, the surgeon will have better access to the nasal cartilage. The surgeon can also change the shape of the nose by changing the shape of the cartilage.

Who are good candidates for rhinoplasty?

In general, people who have the following conditions and characteristics are eligible to perform nose surgery:

  • Have wide nostrils.
  • Have weak nasal cartilage.
  • Have perfect physical and mental health.
  • do not smoke.
  • They are at an age when their facial development is complete.
  • Have realistic expectations of the results of the operation.
A new nose with rhinoplasty

A new nose with rhinoplasty

A fresh start and rhinoplasty

One of the best types of nose for rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty is a bony nose. In this nose model, the structure of the nose is usually such that the skin on it is very thin and without texture. Cartilage in Nasal bone It is very favorable and suitable, and there is no need for cartilage grafting or the use of artificial cartilage. In many cases Nasal bone It has a slight deviation that can be easily fixed during surgery.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, there are different types of noses in humans. But in general terms, they can be divided into the same three categories mentioned; Because, in terms of anatomy and type of surgery, the nose is divided into specialized and broad spectrums, and it is not important to know how it is..

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Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  Bone nose procedure

Benefits of bony rhinoplasty

If a candidate for rhinoplasty Nasal bone You must know that you need enough motivation to start the process of researching and choosing a doctor, as well as taking action for rhinoplasty.. Beauty and attractiveness after the operation is the most obvious motivation to perform cosmetic surgeries, but knowing the benefits of rhinoplasty Nasal bone It will help you to make a more serious decision in this regard. In the following, we will refer to these benefits announced by the West Side Face beauty clinic in California:

  1. Correcting the shape of the nose and reaching it to a standard shape suitable for the face
  2. The beauty and attractiveness of the face
  3. correction افتادگی بینی، nose deviation and such cases
  4. Appearance of attractive eyes and lips after nose fitting
  5. Improvement of breathing after simultaneous treatment
  6. If the rhinoplasty surgery is for cosmetic purposes, the benefits of its attractiveness and beauty are definitely a great motivation to perform the surgery.

If this surgery is for the purpose of treatment Nasal polyps، nose deviation And problems like this, again improving breathing and problems like snoring, آپنه خواب And sleeping with your mouth open is a great motivation to perform this surgery, and its recovery is one of the benefits of rhinoplasty. Nasal bone is considered.

How should you prepare for rhinoplasty?

Usually for surgery Nasal bone You need to do preliminary work. These preparations will help you to experience a favorable and easy surgery and the risk of surgical complications Nasal bone reduce as much as possible. Next to the preparations for surgery Nasal bone We point out:

What nose models are called bony noses?

The most prominent feature Bony noses, the nasal bone is raised, stretched and uneven and the skin is thin. Also, in this nose model, there is a lot of curvature in the bridge of the nose, which damages the attractiveness of the face. These defects are often congenital or as a result of injuries caused by accidents and trauma. Finally, this type of nose disturbs the symmetry and composition of the face and causes the patient to be dissatisfied with his face.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |   Gallery nose bone

How is bone nose surgery performed?

In surgery Nasal boneAfter anesthetizing the patient, the surgeon shaves the nasal bone and removes parts of the nasal cartilage. In this type of rhinoplasty, the nostrils are adjusted according to the rest of the face and the deviation and curvature of the nasal septum is also eliminated.. After that, the surgical site is sutured and bandaged.

Is there a need for cartilage grafting in bony nose surgery?

No, there is generally enough cartilage in the bony nose model. For this reason, he is also a rhinoplasty surgeon Nasal bone There is no need to transplant cartilage from the patient's body or use artificial cartilage.

Can nose deviation be fixed in rhinoplasty?

Yes, surgery Nasal bone In addition to beauty purposes, it can also be done with medical and therapeutic purposes. In such operations, the surgeon can fix nose deviation Patient, nasal polyps and Respiratory problems treat the other.

The ideal face in one session with nose job

The ideal face in one session with nose job

Achieving the ideal face with minimal pain and recovery time with fancy nose surgery – Puppet nose

Puppet nose | nowadays Fantasy Rhinoplasty It has also found its own fans in Iran. At Fantasy nose surgery And doll nose model, the proportion of the nose with other parts of the face should be considered. For example, someone who has a big face and other parts of his face are also big, should not choose fancy nose surgery because it will cause him dissatisfaction with the result of the operation.. In doll nose surgery, the nose becomes small and arched. In people who have big and fleshy noses, it is not possible to make the nose too small or raise the tip of the nose too much because it will look very bad..

Not all patients who intend to have a fancy natural nose surgery want to have all the features of a fancy nose model; Rather, for example, they just like their nose to be arched or the tip of their nose to be raised. This type of nose, which is a combination of natural and fancy nose, is called semi-natural nose. This type of nose is recommended to those who do not want their nose to change much after surgery, which is the only difference between a semi-normal nose and a normal nose surgery.

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Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  Cost of rhinoplasty surgery .

What faces is a doll nose suitable for?

For fantasy nose model surgery, before the operation, the structure and type of the nose must be evaluated and carefully examined and examined so that the result of the surgery is successful.. Also, to succeed in Normal nasal operation Fantasy, you should go to the best rhinoplasty doctor. People with bony noses are good candidates for doll nose surgery.

For rhinoplasty, it should be noted that the patient's nose and breathing are not harmed and that the nose is in harmony with other parts of the face.. People applying for fancy natural nose surgery should not insist on reducing the nose too much because it may damage the appearance and function of the nose.. One of the prominent features of the fantasy nose model is the arch on the nose, high tip and small size. People who are suitable for doll nose surgery have bony noses with thin skin and strong cartilage.

What are the characteristics of the best nose surgeon in Isfahan?

If you are looking to choose a plastic nose surgeon in Isfahan, be sure to pay attention to a few things so that you will be satisfied with the result of your operation and not lose your heart too soon.. Because reconstructive rhinoplasty may not be able to simply return a normal nose to you .

Knowledge, skills and experience: To perform a nose job, be sure to find a highly skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeon who is familiar with the best rhinoplasty techniques.. It is a difficult and complicated task to perform a nose job without causing serious damage to your respiratory tract. Because the width and size of your nostrils will be smaller.

Attention to your request: The surgeon must take your opinion into consideration in the surgery and try to reach a balance between your initial opinion and the aesthetic standards so that both you are satisfied and the structure of your nose and the proportion of your facial parts are not harmed..

Is semi-fantasy rhinoplasty suitable for fleshy nose?

Some types of nose surgery for people who have fleshy noses and their nose skin is oily, it is not recommended. For example, experience has proven that people who have had a doll nose surgery with fleshy noses have been dissatisfied with the result of the operation.. Also, if the surgery people Natural nose and are not satisfied with the result after the operation and want to do secondary or reconstructive nose surgery, because their noses have become too small, it will be very difficult to repair their noses.. در نهایت Fantasy natural nose surgery bBig and fleshy noses are not recommended.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Guide to natural nose surgery

What are the conditions for people who want to have nose surgery?

In general, applicants for rhinoplasty or nose surgery must have passed the last stages of maturity and growth. In fact, the best age for nose surgery is when a person's nose and other parts of his face are fully developed. In addition, patients should be in good general health and not smoke. If they smoke, they should stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation.

Before rhinoplasty, the surgeon must ensure that the patient is fully aware of the surgical process, its advantages and disadvantages. Your medical history is one of the most important questions your doctor will ask you. including the history of nasal obstruction, surgery and any type of medicine you take.

If you have a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia, you may not be a good candidate for rhinoplasty. You will also likely be asked questions about your motivation for surgery. Physical and laboratory examinations, including blood tests, are part of the preparations before surgery.

Who are suitable candidates for fancy nose surgery?

This nose model is more popular among women. Because its results are fantasy and unnatural and have a doll style. Therefore, qualified people who are suitable for this nose surgery should have the following characteristics:

  1. افرادی که Nasal bone دارند.
  2. People with small or medium facial features.
  3. افرادی که Get to know Isfahan Rhinoplasty They are thin.
  4. People who have strong nasal cartilage.
  5. People who have perfect physical and mental health.
  6. People who have reasonable expectations of the results of the operation.

Can nose doll surgery cause breathing problems?

Yes, many people make their nose smaller than the standard and with the arch and curvature of the bridge of the nose, they cause the nasal passage to become blocked.. This blockage and congestion of the nose eventually leads to the patient's breathing problems. Therefore, to avoid this complication, you should choose your surgeon carefully and have reasonable expectations of the results of your operation.

Everything you need to know about reconstructive rhinoplasty . . .

Everything you need to know about reconstructive rhinoplasty . . .

Introduction of reconstructive nose surgery

جراحی بینی ترمیمی | Repair of the operated nose is used when a person is dissatisfied with the result of his initial rhinoplasty because there is no improvement in his breathing function or his appearance. This surgery can also Nose bone be and جراحی بینی گوشتی.

Sometimes even the most skilled surgeons may make mistakes during the operation; Therefore, it cannot be expected that the result of the operation will be 100% successful, and therefore, even under the supervision of the best plastic nose surgeons, there may be 2-5% errors and force the patient to repeat the rhinoplasty again..

Say hello to a better nose and a brighter future! With just one try of reconstructive nose surgery!

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Waiting time for rhinoplasty | Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

What is secondary rhinoplasty or nose repair?

Secondary nasal surgery A type of rhinoplasty is to modify the appearance or function of the results of a rhinoplasty. A person who undergoes cosmetic surgery never expects to need multiple rhinoplasty, so they do not plan for it, but really, if you are not satisfied with the result of your rhinoplasty, it is better to know that there is a way to get There is a better and desired result.

رینوپلاستی ثانویهIt is basically surgery that solves the problems resulting from primary rhinoplasty. One of the most difficult plastic surgeries. رینوپلاستی (Reno means nose and plastic means to correct or beautify) است.

Considering that the nose has a complex and three-dimensional structure, what after nose plastic surgery is achieved, it depends on the recovery and healing of the scar after the operation. These reasons cause many not to achieve the desired result after performing the first cosmetic procedure on their nose.

On the other hand, today's facilities, such as the virtual world, have made the applicants of this surgery more aware and have high expectations from the surgeon.. This awareness has also made the work of surgeons difficult. You may be surprised, but eight to fifteen percent of rhinoplasty patients request re-surgery after the first surgery due to dissatisfaction with the result or the occurrence of some problems..

Repair of the nose was performed

Nose surgery recovery It is the same as secondary rhinoplasty. You can have a successful rhinoplasty by visiting the best rhinoplasty surgeon. This operation is performed to reconstruct and repair the nose that has been operated once, but the patient is dissatisfied with the appearance or function of the nose. Reconstructive surgery is associated with a lot of challenges, because after the first surgery, the anatomical structure of the nose is destroyed due to fibrosis. ate. Most of the time, the surgeon has to use a new technique and reconstruct the nose completely.

In secondary nose surgery, it may be only a simple surgery to remove part of the extra nasal bone or part of the remaining cartilage on the bridge of the nose, or it may not be a more complex surgery to completely reconstruct the nose, and this depends on the primary cosmetic surgery and that Why did the patient undergo secondary rhinoplasty?.

In addition to correcting the skin and soft tissue of the nose, other limitations of this type of surgery include:: Creating resistance to stretching the skin, creating surface abnormalities. In order to perform this surgery, a person must have realistic expectations of the result of rhinoplasty.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | We need to tell this group of patients what can happen if colloids in the nose occur

Method of performing secondary nose surgery

Secondary rhinoplasty is performed in two ways, open or closed, and the duration of secondary rhinoplasty takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, and the patient can return home immediately after secondary rhinoplasty.. During secondary rhinoplasty, the surgeon corrects the appearance of the nose defect that was not corrected in the previous surgery, and also corrects the breathing problems that occurred in the primary nose surgery or the breathing problem that existed from the beginning and was not corrected in the primary surgery. he does.

In primary rhinoplasty, the surgeon may not use appropriate techniques that cause the patient's nose to droop, which is resolved in secondary rhinoplasty.. Also, in secondary rhinoplasty, excessive protrusion or excessive shortness of the nose is corrected


Nose contour with rhinoplasty

Nose contour with rhinoplasty

nose contour

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انواع بینی

انواع بینی

انواع بینی


For better communication with clients, we often divide the nose into three forms: natural, semi-fantasy and fantasy.

While there is really no clear line and definite limits for this issue, in other words, it is a spectrum that starts from natural and leads to arched, upturned, and fantasy types of noses, but in general, natural noses in any society based on form The normal nose of that society is defined.

For example, in Iran, beautiful Iranian noses are not very high or arched. But in a society like European races, many people have arched and upturned noses. So, in European society, an upturned and arched nose can be normal, but it cannot be considered normal in our society.


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As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients


What is nose contour?

What is nose contour?

What is nose contour? Isfahan nose surgeon's explanation about nose contour


What is nose contour?

As you can see in the photo, two parallel lines can be seen behind the nose. that these two parallel lines reach the tip of the nose. which is called Dorsal Aesthetic Line or nose contour line. For many people, this mode is desired


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As with any surgery, rhinoplasty may occur and cause concern for patients