How to recognize nasal deviation?

How to recognize nasal deviation?

How do we know if we have a deviated nose?

It is possible to diagnose the deviation of the nasal septum by a nose specialist and through examination. If there are some symptoms, it is better to consult an experienced doctor to determine the deviation. For example, if you have blocked nasal passages and have not been treated with any of the flu or allergy medications, you should see a doctor.. Some people experience frequent nosebleeds or sinus infections. These types of symptoms also increase the possibility of blade deviation.

Also, symptoms such as dry mouth due to frequent mouth breathing, sleep disturbance or feeling of pressure in the nose increase the possibility of this problem.. Be careful, that sometimes the deviation is not clear in appearance. Therefore, it is better to consult with a nose surgeon in case of the above symptoms or any kind of problem in the nose and raise your concerns with the doctor..

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Examination of the nose with a speculum

To diagnose nasal deviation, the doctor first examines the nostrils with a nasal speculum. The location of the nasal septum and its effect on the size of the nostrils are checked. It also asks questions about sleep disorders, snoring, and breathing problems.

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Photo of nasal septum deviation

For some people, a deviated septum is present at birth. This complication occurs due to damage during fetal development or during childbirth. After birth, a deviated septum usually occurs due to trauma, contact sports, or an accident. In the picture below, you can see the before and after photos of nose deviation surgery.

How is nasal deviation treated?

As we said, most people have deviated septum or deviated nasal septum. There is no need for treatment in all people and deviation does not cause problems. But in people with severe deviation, the best treatment method is surgery. Some patients do not want to use surgery for treatment due to cost, complications or other reasons.

There are other treatment options. But these options do not actually cure the blade deviation and only reduce its symptoms. If you want to know how many hours does a nose job take? It should be said that nasal septoplasty takes about 90 minutes. This is done under anesthesia.. In this procedure, the nose surgeon cuts the nasal septum and removes the extra cartilage or bone. Shaving the bone makes the blade and nasal passages smooth.

Silicone splints may be placed in each nasal cavity. These splints are actually a support for the nasal septum. Finally, the incisions are closed with stitches. Sometimes, septoplasty surgery may be performed along with cosmetic surgery. In this case, the appearance of the nose is also corrected. This surgery is called septorhinoplasty. It is also possible for the surgeon to combine septoplasty with sinus surgery.

Important points before nasal septum deviation surgery

To prepare before nose surgery, you must follow important points. Avoid taking medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen for 2 weeks before and after nose surgery. These drugs are blood thinners and increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. It is also necessary to quit smoking a few weeks before the operation. Smoking interferes with the healing process. The doctor may recommend tests before the operation. Do these tests and give the answer to the doctor.

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Post-operative care of nasal septum deviation

After the septoplasty operation, the doctor prescribes medicines for the recovery period. Taking these drugs reduces the risk of infection after surgery. Painkillers are also prescribed to reduce pain. These medicines must be taken at the appointed time and completely. Following the following tips will help recovery after nose surgery :

  1. Use several pillows to keep your head up while sleeping.
  2. Avoid strenuous exercise.
  3. Try to use clothes that have buttons, so that the nose is not hit when changing clothes.

It is also necessary to be careful not to hit the nose during the healing process. The nasal septum becomes relatively stable 3 to 6 months after the operation. But some changes in the nose, such as the disappearance of swelling, may take up to a year. During this period, activities should be done carefully and be careful of any contact with the nasal septum.

What are the types of nasal deviation?

According to the shape and texture of the nasal bone and nasal septum, nose surgeons classify nasal deviations into five categories. :

  • Deviation of the caudal nasal septum (Classic slope of the nasal septum)
  • Deviation of the C shape of the cephalocaudal
  • Anteroposterior C-shaped deviation
  • Cephalocaudal S-shaped deviation
  • Anteroposterior S shape deviation of the nose

What are the risks and complications of nasal deviation?

What are the complications of severe nasal deviation? Dr. Bini recommends treatment methods when the deviation is severe. One of the questions of most people is, if there is no treatment, what problems does nasal deviation cause? Over time, this condition can cause problems for a person. Some complications of nasal septum deviation include::

  1. dizziness
  2. سردرد
  3. It will work well with you to create a design that suits your face
  4. Blood brain
  5. dry throat.

In addition to these cases, sleep disorders, chronic sinus problems, pain in the face, pressure in the nose and disturbed sleep can be considered problems of nasal deviation.. For this reason, it is better to seek treatment for nasal deviation with the advice of a doctor.

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Your frequently asked questions

If you are planning to undergo nasal septum deviation surgery, you will probably face questions. Most people have questions about the cost of surgery, its complications, diagnosis of deviation and finding the best nose specialist. In the following, we have listed some of your frequently asked questions and given their answers.

What is the difference between nasal deviation and polyp?

Are nasal polyps dangerous? Nasal polyps are benign masses that develop inside the nasal passages or sinuses. If these lumps become large, they block the nasal passages and cause breathing problems. They may also cause sinus infections or other complications. Many of the complications of septal deviation and polyps are the same. For this reason, distinguishing them from each other should be done by an otolaryngologist.

Is it possible to deviate the nose after rhinoplasty?

Many people are worried about the return of the septal deviation and reoperation before the operation to correct the deviated septum. If you are careful in choosing a nose surgeon and find the best nose surgeon, the problem will be solved forever. Of course, you should not expect the nasal septum to be completely smooth. Because in any case, the bones and cartilage of this area tend to return to their previous state. But this mode does not create a deviation like before.

What is the definitive treatment for nasal deviation?

The most common treatment for deviated septum is septoplasty. If you have breathing problems, frequent sinus infections, or other bothersome symptoms, nasal septum surgery may be an option for you..

What does nasal septum deviation mean?

Deviation of the nose from the inside or deviation of the nasal septum is a condition in which the nasal septum (The bone and cartilage that divides the nose into two halves) It is crooked and makes one nasal passage smaller.

Is nose deviation dangerous? What problems does nasal deviation cause?

A bony nasal deviation or deviated septum can lead to complications such as sleep apnea, snoring, congestion, difficulty breathing, infection, or nosebleeds.. Severe cases may require surgery.

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Does the operation of nose deviation cause beauty?

No, septoplasty itself does not change the shape of your nose. But if you want to change the shape of your nose in addition to correcting a deviated septum, your surgeon may be able to combine septoplasty with rhinoplasty..

Does nose deviation surgery have stitches?

Yes, in the procedure of removing some of the cartilage and bone and returning the rest of the septum to the middle of the nose, some small stitches are also placed in the nose..

Does the deviation of the nose return after the operation?

The chance of a deviated septum returning is less than 5%, without a subsequent blow to the nose. However, up to 25% of patients report nasal congestion or obstruction after septal deviation surgery.

Which nose model do you like?

Which nose model do you like?

Which nose model do you like?

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How to glue the nose after nasal line contour surgery

How to glue the nose after nasal line contour surgery

How is gluing the nose after the contour line operation?

Nose line contour | The question may arise for some people that if nasal line contouring is done during surgery, will there be a difference in the way of gluing or not?. In general, the use of glue after nose surgery is mandatory in any situation; Because it keeps the structure of the nose as it was operated until the tissues are fully restored. After contouring the nose line, the conditions are the same. But the implementation of this technique does not change the process of applying glue to the nose.

According to the doctor's procedure, he separates 8 to 12 pieces of glue in the desired sizes for each area of ​​the nose, from the bridge to the tip of the nose, and starts gluing from the upper part.. Usually, the first week after the operation, you should visit your nose surgeon to apply and change the adhesive. After that, he teaches how to apply the glue and asks you to glue your nose continuously for at least one month. In order not to disturb the result and the contour of the nasal line obtained from rhinoplasty, follow the tips below when placing and removing the glue from the nose. :

You should not apply pressure to the tissues to attach or remove and do this with complete relaxation. You can even moisten the area a little while changing the adhesive to make it easier to remove from the skin. You can use tweezers to remove the glue from the nose. When the glue is attached to the skin, it should not be placed on the nose in a compressed state. Because the compression caused by the glue may narrow the passage of air in the nose and make it a little difficult for a person to breathe.

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Is the result of nose line contour lasting?

Unlike injectable and cosmetic procedures, when through surgery, angles and contours are created for the nose . Its result does not disappear after a while; Because changes have been applied to the underlying structure and tissues. It can even be said that women whose noses were contoured during the operation . When applying makeup, they will no longer need to contour it with cosmetics.

Nose line contour by polygon method

Polygon, which is one of the modern techniques of nose surgery . It is used in order to apply the corrections as well and accurately as possible. It is worth noting that this method has a very positive effect on angling the tip of the nose . But can it be used to contour the nose? The answer is yes. This method can be implemented in the entire structure of the nose. According to the rules of drawing polygonal shapes, the shape of the nose is determined by the polygon technique. Then, following certain geometric rules, the surgeon creates contour lines on the nose . And according to the required corrections, the tissue is cut or the grafting method is used.

What are the advantages and limitations of the line contour technique?

This can be mentioned as the most important advantage of contour line . which makes the appearance of the nose very symmetrical and makes it look more beautiful and natural. Another advantage, especially for women, is this . that they don't need to spend a lot of time to make the nose symmetrical and angled during make-up . ; Because the nose naturally has this feature. If we want to say the limitation of the mentioned technique . It is that they will definitely not be able to perform nose surgery.

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Can the nose be contoured with closed nose surgery?

As you know, closed rhinoplasty is a modern and minimally invasive technique that creates limited incisions inside the nose. Now the question that arises for the applicants . Is it possible to achieve the contour of the nose line in this way or not? It should be said that the surgeon specialized in this field has the necessary ability to fully utilize this method and is able to perform the contour line with this minimally invasive surgical method.. Therefore, the angulation of the nose will no longer have scars, scars, and stitches.

سوالات متداول

Is the nose line contouring mode different for bony and fleshy noses?

The shape of the nose contour line depends more on the natural shape of the nose and face . It was either flesh or bone. Therefore, the surgeon creates the contour of the nasal line during the operation, considering the shape of the nose and face. Of course, the implementation technique is possible . It is different in meat and bone nose surgery.

Is graft tissue used to contour the nose surgically?

The implementation of the graft technique depends on the tissues forming the nose. If the structure of the nose is not strong enough . The surgeon considers it necessary to strengthen it with the help of transplanted tissue.

How do we know that we are a good candidate for the nose line contour technique?

Considering that nose angulation is basically one of the correction methods in nose surgery . And it is not an isolated act, almost everyone can benefit from it. Now, by referring to a good nose surgeon, he will explain the process of implementing the technique according to the characteristics of your nose and face..

Is it necessary to take special measures before nose surgery with the contour line method?

According to the procedure of any nose surgery, after you visit the surgeon, he will ask you . Follow a series of tips, such as not smoking and not drinking alcohol. But exclusively, no special action is required before implementing this technique.

Does the contour of the nose change after surgery?

Corrections regarding the angulation and contouring of the nose are done during the operation . They are permanent and do not change after surgery. Of course it is necessary . Take care for a while and use a nasal mask. It should be noted that the occurrence of unpredictable events that cause nose injuries . If they have a high intensity, they can affect the result.

How is nasal polyp treated?

How is nasal polyp treated?

Why do nasal polyps occur?

Nasal polyp surgery | Researchers still do not fully understand what causes polyps to develop. Why do some people suffer from long-term inflammation and why does this irritation and inflammation cause polyps in some and does not cause this complication in others?. Available evidence shows that people who develop polyps have a different immune system response. These people have different chemical markers in the mucous membrane. In people who do not develop polyps after inflammation, these markers are different.

Nasal polyps can occur at any age. But this complication is more common in young and middle-aged people. Polyps can occur in any part of the sinuses or nasal passages. It mostly appears in the area where the sinuses near the eyes, nose and cheekbones reach the nose through several different routes..

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How do we know if we have nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps must be diagnosed by an otolaryngologist. Since polyp symptoms are similar to chronic sinusitis and colds, it is difficult to diagnose. The doctor diagnoses the polyp based on the answers to the questions and the physical examination. But it may also use other diagnostic tests. این آزمایش‌ها عبارتند از:

Nasal endoscopy: A narrow tube with a small camera or lens for magnification is inserted into the nasal passages. The doctor performs detailed examinations inside the nose and sinuses.
CT Scan: The images obtained from the computed tomography help the doctor to see the exact size and location of the polyp even in the deepest part of the sinuses.. In this case, the amount of swelling and inflammation is evaluated.
Allergy test: Sometimes the doctor uses skin tests to determine sensitivity and cause chronic inflammation. Small drops of sensitizing agents are placed on the skin of the forearm or upper back. Then the doctor or nurse checks the condition of the skin and signs of allergic reaction. Also, instead of a skin test, the doctor may prescribe a blood test to check for certain antibodies.
Cystic fibrosis test: If nasal polyps develop in children, the doctor may recommend testing for cystic fibrosis. This disease is hereditary and affects the glands that produce mucus, tears, sweat, saliva and digestive secretions.. This diagnostic test is a sweat test, which determines whether a child's sweat contains more salt than normal..
blood test: The doctor may check the level of vitamin D with a blood test. Vitamin D deficiency can be associated with polyps.

درمان پولیپ بینی

The most important question people ask about this complication is, how is nasal polyp treated? The goal of polyp treatment is to reduce its size or eliminate it. Usually, the doctor's first treatment method is to prescribe medicine. Sometimes polyps require surgery. But surgery is not a permanent solution most of the time and polyps recur.

Nasal polyp surgery

If the patient does not get better with medication and the polyps do not shrink, nasal polyp surgery is suggested. In this procedure, polyps are removed or sinus problems are corrected. An outpatient surgery called polypectomy is performed for polyp surgery. In this method, a small suction device removes the polyp tissue or reduces it. For larger polyps, the doctor uses the endoscopic surgery method. In nasal polyp operation with laser, laser heat is used to destroy the polyp and open the airways.

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How is nasal polyp treated?

In endoscopic polyp surgery, the nose surgeon inserts a small tube into the nasal passages. At the end of the endoscope tube is a small camera or lens for magnification. This tube is directed into the sinus cavities. The surgeon uses small instruments to remove polyps and materials that block the flow of mucus.

In some situations, the surgeon may enlarge the opening of the sinus connection to the nasal passages. Endoscopic surgery is usually an outpatient procedure. After surgery, to prevent the recurrence of polyps, the doctor recommends the use of corticosteroid nasal spray and washing serum..

Important points before nasal polyp surgery

Before any type of surgery, it is necessary to inform the doctor about your medical history and the medications you are taking. Some medications should be stopped a few weeks before and after the operation. Blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery.. For this reason, you should avoid taking these drugs at least 3 weeks before and after the operation.

Care after nasal polyp surgery

After polyp operation, nasal polyp dressing is used to prevent bleeding. To reduce the pain, the doctor prescribes painkillers. Using ice compresses is very effective in reducing pain. After the operation, due to the dressing, the patient must breathe through the mouth. During this time, rinsing the mouth and moisturizing it is very effective.

Avoid lifting heavy objects for a week. Smoking causes problems in the healing process. For this reason, it should be stopped for a few weeks.

Nasal polyp operation cost

The cost of nasal polyp surgery depends on various factors. The experience of the doctor and the geographical location of the surgery center are effective in the price of the operation. In addition to the nose surgeon's salary, one must consider the salary of the surgeon's assistants, surgery center or hospital, tests and medications.

Since polyp surgery is considered a therapeutic procedure, part of its costs are covered by insurance.. To reduce the cost of this procedure, you can use social security insurance or supplementary insurance.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | بهترین جراح بینی اصفهان

How to find the best nose surgeon to treat nasal polyps?

To choose the best nose surgeon, you should pay attention to the doctor's experience and skill. A specialist who has high experience in polyp treatment suggests the best treatment method according to the patient's condition. Having a license also means full training of the doctor in this field. Ask questions about the complications and treatment methods of nasal polyps during the consultation with the nose specialist. Explain your symptoms and discuss your medical history.

The best nose surgeon in Isfahan

The best nose surgeon in Isfahan

The best nose surgeon in Isfahan

The best nose surgeon in Isfahan | No matter how much you focus on other things such as the doctor's portfolio, expertise, work experience, etc. and show high sensitivity, when you come to the discussion of the cost and price of nose surgery, your decisions may change a little.. Because one of the most important and main issues that make people make their decisions based on it and even change it is cost.. People who are applying for rhinoplasty, the last thing they check is the doctor's fee.

In other words, they are looking for بهترین جراح بینی اصفهان are to achieve their desired results by spending a minimal amount of money. Paying attention to this matter is somewhat important and basic . But it should be considered . that some doctors to attract customers and also increase their skills and experience in the early years عمل زیبایی بینی They do this process themselves at a very low cost . And for this purpose, they use unethical and false advertisements . which makes the applicants quickly attracted to them . And to do رینوپلاستی Refer to them.

Isfahan nose surgeon

It is better to remember that بهترین جراح بینی اصفهان Due to his high work conscience, he always prioritizes the patient's health in his decisions . Therefore, determine a suitable cost for performing nose surgery. Also remember that the result of cosmetic surgery رینوپلاستی Doctors who perform surgery at a low cost despite not having enough expertise . It is predetermined and will not be a desirable or ideal result.

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Consultation with the best nose doctor before surgery

People before they make their final decision to do rhinoplasty . You should visit a good and experienced nose surgeon in Isfahan . and participate in the counseling session with them. The rhinoplasty surgeon must consider the underlying structure of the nose and the thickness of the patient's skin during the consultation session . And according to the type of nose and its skin, as well as the proportions of the face and the patient's wishes, suggest the best nose model.

Keep in mind that rhinoplasty is a very complex and sensitive process . And you should choose the best nose surgeon in Isfahan to get the best result. Dr. Majid Rasti provides information about the best treatment approach for his clients in his consultation session.

In a meeting with the best nose doctor

During this meeting, the doctor will ask questions about the goals and expectations of the applicant for this procedure. In recent years, various strategies are used for this surgery. The doctor can choose the best and most effective procedure by obtaining comprehensive information during the meeting. The best nose surgeon in Isfahan will talk about your concerns in this meeting . And it examines the problems of the nose that have caused you trouble. If your goals of doing this action are reasonable . They plan a treatment plan.

Another case that a good rhinoplasty doctor in Isfahan evaluates in this meeting . The patient's medical records and documents. This issue is very necessary . Because if the person has chronic diseases such as diabetes or hemophilia . Problems will arise during surgery. Even if you have chosen a good nose surgeon!
Physical examination is the next step that the best nose surgeon in Isfahan performs. He first examined the different features of the applicant's nose with his fingers . And if needed, he prescribes imaging tests such as CT scan. Deviation or any other problem can be detected in the results obtained from these images . And he fixed them in surgery.

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What are the consequences of not choosing the best nose surgeon in Isfahan?

Among the disorders and complications that will occur if you do not choose the right nose doctor; The following can be mentioned :

  1. Respiratory and nasal functional disorders
  2. Loss of sense of smell
  3. Experiencing respiratory arrest during sleep ( آپنه خواب )
  4. Frequent and prolonged headaches
  5. Damage to the tissue and cartilages of the nose
  6. Non-relationship of the nasal cavities
  7. Excessive elevation of the tip of the nose
  8. Excessive narrowing of the nostrils

Can I see samples of patients' work before and after?

Just like any other action, you need to be informed . What results has the best nose doctor given to his patients before?. Viewing the picture gallery of the best nose surgeon in Isfahan can give you a general idea of ​​the style and technique used. With this, you can even find a similar image to your nose . And by viewing the photo after the operation, be aware of the amount of changes that can be applied to your nose.

Do you use open or closed?

As you know, this procedure can be done through two methods. In the closed technique, incisions will be made inside the nose and in the open, the incision will be made under the columella and nasal cavities. The doctor chooses one of these two methods depending on the skills and wishes of the patient.

Choose a good doctor for rhinoplasty :

Choose a good doctor for rhinoplasty :

How to find a good doctor for stuffy nose?

To be a good doctor for surgery بینی گوشتی Choose, we suggest you continue reading this article.

If you are unhappy with the shape of your fleshy nose and are thinking about rhinoplasty . The first step in your rhinoplasty procedure is choosing a good doctor بینی گوشتی است. You may think this is simple . With this large amount of nose surgery advertisements and the countless number of plastic surgeons that exist . But this issue itself makes you confused in choosing a good doctor meaty nose job است.

Choose one Good nose surgeon It is important from different aspects . From a better understanding of the shape and anatomy of your nose to choosing and diagnosing the best rhinoplasty technique for your fleshy nose shape. Therefore, we recommend that you choose your surgeon carefully before taking any action in the direction of nose surgery.

Choosing your surgeon is one of the biggest factors in determining the success of your rhinoplasty. The right rhinoplasty surgeon can help you make a diagnosis . Which method is best for your particular nose?. Some surgeons are more or less skilled in performing various cosmetic surgeries . But the best thing is to entrust the work to an associate! These tips will help you . up to one Good surgeon for fleshy nose Choose for your surgery.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  How to find a good doctor for stuffy nose?

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Consider skill and expertise before price :

How much does nose surgery cost? This is the first question that comes to mind when considering rhinoplasty. The price of rhinoplasty for a fleshy nose can vary significantly . Depending on the type of procedure you need and how much your surgeon charges. But all these issues do not cause . that you sacrifice quality for price!

Many people feel compelled to go to the cheapest surgeon for their nose job . Not knowing that no cheapness is without reason and often the cheapest nose job is not the best option. Do not forget that choosing a good doctor for stuffy nose should take priority over everything else . Because you have to trust him to entrust your nose and face to someone who will make permanent changes to your face structure..

Working with someone who has successfully performed many nose jobs . It gives you more confidence that it will achieve the new look you want.

Look at the photos before and after the nose job .

How do you know if a surgeon is skilled enough? . To operate your fleshy nose? There is a simple way and that is to see Examples of work of the respected surgeon است! A good rhinoplasty doctor is definitely a doctor . which can show you the photos of many previous patients before and after nose surgery. For this, you do not need to make an appointment for consultation and physical presence . Because most surgeons share photos before and after rhinoplasty on their website or social networks such as Instagram.. If for any reason the surgeon does not have a website or social network . You can see examples of their past surgeries on the day of the consultation.

Another way to identify a good doctor for stuffy nose is this . Ask his former patients for their opinions and experiences . Especially if the previous patient had a fleshy nose like you. Therefore, it is better to look for former patients of that surgeon for a good field research . Their noses have had problems similar to yours . such as a broad or round tip. See what their post-op photos look like.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

Talk to them about your needs .

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should consider your unique needs and expectations of your rhinoplasty before deciding to work with a surgeon. . share with him. You may have an idea . What kind of changes do you want to make in your nose? . And a skilled surgeon can suggest suitable methods accordingly.

A good doctor welcomes questions and encourages patients . Learn as much as possible about rhinoplasty before the operation. This will increase your satisfaction before, during and after the procedure.

A good nose surgeon is someone's flesh . which is completely surrounded by the shape and problems of the fleshy nose . He knows the ways to eliminate and correct these problems and he can put the best way in front of you according to the anatomy of your face and the appropriate techniques for nose job..

Pictures before and after nose surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

Pictures before and after nose surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

Pictures before and after surgery by Dr. Majid Rasti

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Example of rhinoplasty in men

Example of rhinoplasty in men

Rhinoplasty in men by Dr. Majid Rasti

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The purpose of rhinoplasty in Isfahan

The purpose of rhinoplasty in Isfahan

What is the purpose of rhinoplasty in Isfahan?

Rhinoplasty in Isfahan is performed with the aim of treatment or creating beauty. Nose surgery aims to solve problems such as the following :

In changing the shape of the nose, the aim is to fix the appearance defects of the nose, such as the following:

  1. Crooked nose
  2. Drooping tip of nose
  3. The size of the tip of the nose
  4. Hump ​​on the nose
  5. Disproportion face nose

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The effect of choosing the right nose surgeon in Isfahan

Important points in choosing the best nose surgeon in Isfahan, Dr. Majid Rasti

People who intend to undergo nose surgery in Isfahan should be very careful in choosing a good rhinoplasty doctor in Isfahan, because if the nose surgery specialist is not selected correctly and the person is not satisfied with the result of rhinoplasty, they have to wait for a year and after the wound heals to proceed for reconstructive nose surgery caused by the first surgery.

  1. The nose surgeon must be experienced and have the ability to change the shape of the nose on all types of noses.
  2. The best nose surgeon in Isfahan should prioritize the patient's health.
  3. He has the ability to visualize the nose after the operation process so that he can guide the patient well.
  4. The nose specialist must be patient and provide the patient with an overview of the rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty is recommended for whom?

As you have seen in the paragraph of the best candidate for nose surgery in Isfahan, you know which people can get the best results from the process.. In general, one should know what defects the above process improves. As a result, the cases are as follows :

  • Correcting the shape of the nose
  • Eliminate drooping of the tip of the nose
  • Improvement of crooked nose
  • Gathering the nose feathers
  • Remove the hump on the nose
  • Treatment of nasal deviation
  • Treatment and improvement of structural complications in the nose

Bone nose surgery

The operation on the bony nose is often performed to remove the hump on the bridge of the nose, and they are among the most ideal types of noses for nose surgery, because with the above-mentioned characteristics, it is possible to maneuver more on the nasal cartilage and often achieve satisfactory results. does. Bone rhinoplasty is performed on noses that have thin skin and strong bones and cartilage, people who have this type of nose can Fancy nose surgery or a doll Normal nose surgery or perform nose surgery similar to a photo.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

meaty nose job

Changing the shape of a fleshy nose is one of the most complex types of nose surgery, and the result of the operation in a fleshy nose will be a normal nose, and the swelling of this type of nose is greater than that of bony noses due to the thickness of the skin they have, and after one year, the swelling of the nose After it subsides, the final result can be seen.

جراحی بینی گوشتی It is performed on noses that have thick skin and weak bones and cartilage, usually nose surgeons recommend natural nose surgery to people who have this type of nose.. People who have a fleshy nose should have a realistic view of the result of changing the shape of the nose.

semi-fantasy beauty act

Semi-fantasy noses are one of the most popular types of shape change in women. Nose half-fantasy It has a state between natural and fancy noses and is suitable for people who neither want a natural nose nor are interested in having an upturned and arched nose..

Natural Rhinoplasty

It is a type of operation in the nose that fixes the defects of the nose and does not make significant changes to the nose, and is suitable for people who expect a normal nose operation.. The difference with other nose surgeries with normal nose surgery is that the back of the nose is flat or slightly arched..

Fancy nose surgery

In the practice of fantasy nose beauty, the nose will be small and upturned, and the bridge of the nose will be more arched. People who have a solid nose structure and small facial features will get a favorable result from fancy nose surgery..

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Crooked cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic operation of crooked nose is performed with the aim of eliminating defects in the appearance of the nose, such as a crooked nose, and will not cause a disturbance in the function of the nose.. Based on the type of skin and the structure of the nose, the nose is divided into two categories: fleshy nose and bony nose.

Restorative action

Many people suffer from side effects after primary rhinoplasty, such as breathing problems, too high head and nose asymmetry, or are not satisfied with the final shape of their nose due to not choosing a competent and experienced doctor.. Therefore, they perform reconstructive nose surgery. To perform nose reconstruction surgery, at least one year must have passed since the initial rhinoplasty. Also, this process of nose surgery in Isfahan is more complicated than the basic cosmetic surgery; Therefore, it also costs more.

The difference between rhinoplasty in men and women

In general, the standards of nose shape in women and men are not the same. From the point of view of taste, men only want to fix their nose defects and are interested in having natural noses, but most women want small and fancy noses and do fancy or semi-fantasy nose surgery.. Men's nose bridge is more prominent and longer than women's and their nose width is wider than women's. Naturally, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Isfahan, Majid Rasti, performs rhinoplasty in men or women, considering the beauty standards and criteria..

Conversation with Dr. Majid Rasti

Conversation with Dr. Majid Rasti

Conversation with Dr. Majid Rasti, what changes have the audience of cosmetic surgeons undergone since the past?

Today, compared to the past 20 years, fundamental changes have been made in the audience of cosmetic surgery doctors. In the past 20 years, so to speak, only the pain-free wealthy who no longer had any problems in life used to undergo plastic surgery, and this is despite the fact that today, due to the reduction of surgery costs, science and technology, everyone is doing this procedure..

Dr. Majid Rasti Ardakani, specialist in plastic, reconstructive and burn surgery

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