Do you know the benefits of closed nose surgery?

Do you know the benefits of closed nose surgery?

How to perform a closed nose operation

Closed nose operation depends on the fact that the surgeon does not make any external incisions on the skin of the nose and the incisions are made inside the nose.. Then the surgeon separates the skin of the nose from the nasal skeleton with a special tool and holds it up to make the necessary changes to correct the nose.. Remember that it does not matter whether you choose closed or open rhinoplasty, the choice of rhinoplasty is very important in the success of the operation.. It is better to leave the choice of the type of procedure to a specialist surgeon.

Benefits of closed nose surgery

Among the advantages of closed nose surgery, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Shorter operation length
  2. Less recovery period
  3. Not leaving scars and scars on the skin
  4. Less swelling, pain and bleeding
  5. A more natural appearance of the nose because there are no sutures left.
  6. Fewer possible complications, especially for the elderly

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Do I have a fleshy nose?

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Preparation before nosebleed surgery

The most important stage of preparation before closed nose surgery is to find an expert and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to be sure of the results.. The important steps to prepare before nosebleed surgery are::

  1. Stop taking aspirin at least two weeks before surgery
  2. Quit smoking and nicotine 2 weeks before surgery to prevent circulatory disorders
  3. Adequate water consumption 4 days before the operation
  4. Avoid eating and drinking 8 hours before the operation
  5. It is better for the patient to take a shower the night before the operation and not have any lotions or cosmetics on his skin.
  6. Remove nail polish

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Post-operative care of nasal packing

In order for the result of the operation to be more effective, you must take the care after closed nose surgery seriously. Pain, swelling, bruising, and bleeding are less than open rhinoplasty and can be even less with care.. Rest and following care instructions are the best solution :

  • Cold compress under the eyes and around the nose 24 hours after the operation
  • Consuming liquid and soft foods up to 24 hours after surgery and avoiding chewing foods
  • Flying by plane is not allowed until one week after the operation.
  • Keep your mouth open while sneezing or coughing so as not to put pressure on the nose.
  • Fanning and pressure on the nose is not allowed because there is a possibility of bleeding.
  • Go to the bathroom with the doctor's advice.
  • Limit talking and laughing in the first weeks.
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Eating healing foods such as aloe vera, pineapple and celery
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Put some pillows under your head while sleeping.
  • The use of medical glasses or sunglasses is not allowed until two months after the operation.
  • For the first few weeks of intense sports activities, lowering the head and lifting heavy objects is prohibited.
  • Pay attention to the correct way of gluing.
Tips for nose job

Tips for nose job

Who is not suitable for rhinoplasty?

meaty nose job | This procedure is very suitable for anyone who has a fleshy nose with very thick skin. However, some people have a series of problems and complications to perform this procedure. For example, if the tip of the nose is too wide or the cartilages of the nose are too weak, it may be a little difficult for them to have a nose job..

In addition, people whose nose skin pores are very large and have very active sebaceous glands, performing rhinoplasty is very difficult for these people, and the surgeon may first suggest a series of other treatment recommendations such as laser.. Also, since this operation is a little more complicated and sometimes more time-consuming, rhinoplasty may not be suitable for those who have underlying problems and cannot tolerate a heavy surgery or those who have severe anemia.. There is no possibility of nose surgery without anesthesia.

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | How to recognize nasal deviation? .

Photos before and after nose surgery

The surgeon always takes pictures of the patient's nose from different angles before the operation and determines the best road map for the operation of the nose through a complete and comprehensive examination.. When you see the photos before and after the nose job, you will notice a lot of changes. In people with fleshy noses, fleshy nose rhinoplasty creates the greatest amount of change.

The right age for nose job

Regarding rhinoplasty of fleshy noses, if a person does not have any particular problem and only intends to perform this operation for beauty and changing the shape of the nose, it is recommended to perform this operation after reaching the age of puberty and above 18 years.. The reason is the possibility of the bones and cartilages of the nose growing before this age and changing its shape. After the age of puberty, the growth of a person's nose is complete and all the changes have been made in this order. As a result, after the operation, there is little possibility that the shape of the nose will change again.

Preparation before rhinoplasty

The preparation conditions before nose surgery are the same as other operations. Scanning and imaging of the nose is another important task . which the surgeon does in advance to find the best fit for choosing the final shape by fully examining the shape of the nose and the conditions of the cartilages and bones.

Preoperative tests are another part of preparation for rhinoplasty. On the other hand, one of the most important things to prepare for this surgery is to check the skin pores and fat on the skin of the nose. In some people, the surgeon may use methods to control sebaceous glands and close open pores on the skin of the nose before the operation..

Care after rhinoplasty surgery

After nose job, you should definitely avoid hitting the nose hard. Fleshy noses are more swollen and even bleed, and for this reason, to reduce bruising, you must place your head at a higher height while sleeping.. Nutrition is another important part of postoperative care. Consuming a lot of fluids after the operation helps to remove the anesthetic, and on the other hand, it is necessary to consume liquid foods for two weeks after the operation to prevent the occurrence of operation problems..

A cold compress should be used to reduce swelling and bruising after rhinoplasty. One of the main cares after the operation of fleshy noses is gluing. How long after nose surgery should I apply glue? The use of glue is more important in these operations, because the swelling is more and correct and regular glueing can play a very important role in shaping the nose as well as possible.. The duration of gluing depends on the opinion of the doctor. Finally, it is recommended to avoid alcohol and smoking after the operation.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Disadvantages and advantages of nose surgery with a control mold

Nasal swelling after rhinoplasty

Regarding meaty noses, the amount of swelling is much higher than other noses. The reason is more manipulation that meat nose surgery requires. Rhinitis may even last up to a year. However, over the course of a year, depending on the initial shape of the nose and the operation process, the swelling will gradually decrease.

It is usually recommended to patients regarding nose job . Wait for a year to get the desired result. Regular use of cold compresses in the first days after the operation and observing the correct way of sleeping can help . It has a great effect on reducing the initial swelling.

Conclusion and guide to see a nose surgeon

Usually, rhinoplasty has the most demand among beauticians . The operation of this type of nose is much more difficult than bone nose surgery . And you should take extra care to reduce nasal swelling after that. By choosing a good surgeon and a careful examination before the operation, any deformity, inconsistency and prominence on the nose can be removed with rhinoplasty.. Of course, to see the final result, it is necessary to wait 6-12 months after the surgery.

How much do we know about rhinoplasty?

How much do we know about rhinoplasty?

How to do revision

Revision surgery | Open nose surgery It is performed under anesthesia in the operating room. When more access is needed to improve the appearance of the nose and the surgeon wants to apply the desired changes with complete control over the structure of the nose. . First, two incisions at the bottom of the nose (The tip of the nose and the bottom of the nose) Gives . And for more access, an incision is made on the cloma or the middle base of the nose.

In this way, with this incision, the skin of the nose is completely opened and the surgeon has complete control over the nose to make the necessary changes on it; Therefore, the surgeon can change the shape of the nose or reconstruct its structure. In this way, its shape and size are corrected with rhinoplasty surgery.

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Revision surgery procedures

First of all, the doctor must examine the nose and take pre-operative photos. Then, based on the problems that the nose has, it prepares a default plan so that the procedures in the operating room are clearer by designing the nose in 3D.. After complete anesthesia, the surgeon makes incisions at the base and tip of the nose and by making a middle incision, he lifts the skin on the nose and the cartilages..

At this stage, the surgeon has complete control over the underlying structure and tissue . He can see all the faults and make a decision to fix them. Removing extra bones or cartilages, adding grafts, removing extra nasal meat, etc. are some of the things that are done during the operation.. The last step is closing and stitching the nose. After the surgery is completed and the patient regains consciousness, it is time to take care after the revision surgery.

Preparation before rhinoplasty

Revision surgery requires general anesthesia. Therefore, before performing the operation, the doctor performs a series of tests to check the patient. In addition, photos and scans of the nose are required before the operation. Like any other operation, revision surgery requires fasting before the operation.

Combining rhinoplasty with other operations in one session

In some cases, other problems and abnormalities of the nose are also solved along with the revision operation. For example, in addition to open nose surgery, other treatments such as nose deviation treatment or nasal polyp surgery may also be performed in order to eliminate all nasal defects in one complete surgical procedure..

Final results of rhinoplasty

It takes some time to see the results after revision surgery. At the first glance after the operation, a lot of swelling and bruising can be seen. After two to four weeks, you can gradually check the shape of the nose and possible problems. However, for a definitive result, you have to wait a few months for the nose to regain its final shape after the swelling disappears.

Time to return to daily routine after rhinoplasty

In general, the time to return to the daily routine after rhinoplasty mostly depends on the patient himself . And how much time his recovery will take. One week to ten days should be considered for nose repair after open surgery . And during this period, the person's general condition gradually improves until the situation becomes somewhat normal. However, there will be some swelling after surgery.

It may take several months for the swelling to go away. Most people don't notice it after a few months. People are usually back to normal after a week, and to start all activities after 2-4 weeks.. In most patients, it takes approximately 6 weeks for the nasal bones to heal after surgery.

Nasal swelling after open nose surgery

One of the problems of revision surgery that some surgeons criticize a lot . Long-term swelling of the nose after surgery. The reason for this swelling is the lifting of the skin of the nose, which causes it . The nose will be swollen for a long time after the operation. Sometimes even this swelling may last for several months. For this reason, it is not possible to get quick results after revision surgery . And patients should wait for the disappearance of nasal swelling to get the final desired result.

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Nose bruising after rhinoplasty

One of the main complications in rhinoplasty is excessive swelling and bruising. In this method, the amount of swelling is much higher than the closed nose operation. There is a lot of swelling and bruising around the eyes, nose and cheeks, and some people may have more swelling.. These bruises will gradually improve by following the post-operative care and of course the patient's condition.

Revision surgery costs

Revision surgery or rhinoplasty is generally one of the cosmetic surgeries . And they usually do not include insurance. On the other hand, many different factors can affect the cost of rhinoplasty and treatment. Among others, it can be the complexity of the surgery, the type of surgeon and the salary he gets . The geographic area, clinic or hospital where the surgery is performed . He mentioned the operating room fee and hospitalization expenses, the type of nose and the problems he has. .

Conclusion and guide to see a doctor

Rhinoplasty is a proven treatment method . which is due to the high mastery and control that the surgeon has on the underlying tissue of the nose . It can fix all its defects and problems in the best possible way. By choosing one جراح بینی Well, a careful examination before the operation can remove any deformity, inconsistency, and prominence on the nose with a rhinoplasty.. Of course, you have to wait a few months to judge the final result of open nose surgery . until the swelling of the nose disappears and the nose gets its final shape.

Closed or open nose surgery???

Closed or open nose surgery???

Is closed or open nose surgery better?

Closed or open rhinoplasty | Nose surgery is performed in two ways. Open and closed surgery are two different approaches in nose surgery. In the closed surgery method, the incisions are hidden inside the nose. In the surgical method of opening the outer incision on the columella (The fleshy part between the nostrils) created and the nostrils are separated.

In cases where easier access and increased vision are needed, open rhinoplasty is recommended. In this method, the surgeon has access to the structure of the nose, especially the tip of the nose. closed nose surgery It is done for minor corrections and small changes in the shape of the nose. This method is less invasive and the healing process is faster. Since the incisions are made inside the nose, there will be no visible scars.

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Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Closed or open nose surgery???

What happens during rhinoplasty?

Before rhinoplasty, the anesthesiologist uses a mixture of anesthetic gas and intravenous medicine. Intraoperatively, using pulse oximetry (A device for measuring the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood) and ECG or electrocardiogram (To check heart rhythm) The vital conditions of the patient are continuously monitored. The surgical team is ready for any emergency.

During rhinoplasty in the operating room after anesthesia, the nose surgeon makes incisions. Rhinoplasty can be open or closed. Through these incisions, the skin that covers the bones and cartilages is raised. In this case, the doctor easily changes the structure of the nose. If the nose is too big, the surgeon may use a cartilage graft.

After the nose surgery, when the necessary incisions are made and the structure of the nose reaches the shape of the surgeon's opinion, the skin and tissue of the nose are corrected and sutured again.. After the surgery, the nose should be bandaged for a few days. Then, with the instructions of the doctor and the necessary examinations, the bandages are opened and only the glue is placed on the nose. After the surgery, the patient will be monitored by a nurse in the recovery room. This usually takes a few hours.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Answers to all questions about rhinoplasty
What are the risks and complications of rhinoplasty?

Some complications of nose surgery are::

  1. Nasal obstruction due to not being straight or deviated nasal septum, regrowth or swelling of cartilages or intranasal structures
  2. Sinus infections, or recurring sinus problems
  3. The need for re-surgery due to the patient's dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose and aesthetic features
  4. In rare circumstances, severe bleeding from the surgical site can lead to the need for blood products or blood transfusions
  5. Chronic discharge or excessive dryness of the nose or scaling of the nose after surgery
  6. Chronic sinus headaches
  7. Damage to the eye and related structures, which is rare
  8. Permanent numbness of the upper teeth, palate or face
  9. Allergic reaction to sutures, dressings or antiseptic solutions
  10. Prolonged pain
  11. Impaired recovery, often related to smoking or diabetes
  12. Septal hole means creating a permanent hole between the two sides of the inner blade of the nose
  13. Weakness or loss of sense of smell or taste
  14. The formation of a large blood clot (هماتوم) Below the surgical incision site, which may require drainage
  15. Keloids and hypertrophic scar, which are actually thickening of the scar and site of surgical incisions. Keloids may be itchy, annoying, and unsightly, but they are not a health threat
  16. Separation of wound edges
  17. Short-term nausea after general anesthesia and risks of anesthesia
  18. Breathing problem after nose job
  19. Skin discoloration and swelling
  20. Asymmetric appearance and crooked nose after surgery
  21. Nasal constriction after surgery
An attractive face with rhinoplasty

An attractive face with rhinoplasty

Nose surgery and attractive face

Attractive face with rhinoplasty | The nose can be defined as the focal part of the face, and its effects on other parts of the face can affect the beauty of other components as well.. Rhinoplasty services that focus on correcting the defects of this focal organ improve problems such as deviation, hump, excessive opening of the wings, and defects that lie behind the internal framework of this organ..

Undergoing nose surgery at the hands of an experienced and skilled specialist who, with the support of complete mastery of the anatomy of this organ and mastering the advanced techniques of the day, can perform nose surgery in the best way is the most reliable way to achieve a point of success. Amiz is the result of functional and beauty in this body and creating a more lovely version of the person's face.

Attractive face with nose surgery

Rhinoplasty creates changes in this organ by performing natural, fantasy and semi-fantasy models that suit the patient's face, to create an admirable improvement in it with these positive changes that are appropriate and appropriate for the face.. The more significant point is that the result obtained after entrusting the surgery to the hands of a skilled and experienced nose surgeon can maintain its durability for a long time and allow the patient to enjoy the pleasure of an attractive face for a lifetime..

All these pleasant events and significant changes are due to the advances that have occurred in science and technology, and specialists in various fields, including nose surgery, have been able to make changes in the noses of people who have suffered from the deformity of this organ for a long time. and create a more attractive version of them.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  Nasal cosmetic surgery approach

Nasal cosmetic surgery approach

Rhinoplasty is performed with two approaches, open and closed, to shape this organ, so that with the positive changes it creates in the face of people, in addition to improving the attractiveness of the face, it leaves positive effects on their mental health.. In this way, many people are no longer concerned about how they are passing through the judgment of the other person when they engage in social interactions with others..

Rhinoplasty, as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world today, has attracted many men and women to the good side, and Iran, as the focus of the best nose surgeons, has been introduced as one of the tourist treatment centers in the world, which every year numbers It attracts many people from other countries with the aim of benefiting from the high surgical power of the specialists in the name of this country and also to enjoy the tourist attractions of this ancient country..

The emergence of advanced techniques and the increase in the number of beauty applicants and the statistics related to successful results and positive psychological effects are all an image of an attitude oriented towards the improvement of human quality and the fundamental improvement of dealing with wrong conclusions in support of individual values ​​and The ideals of life.

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

How long does nasal swelling last after rhinoplasty?

Attractive face with rhinoplasty | Swelling of the nose after surgery is completely natural and inevitable. Depending on the extent of corrections and the thickness of the skin, the amount of swelling may vary for each person, but in general, a large part of the swelling will decrease after a month..

How should I clean my nose after surgery?

Proper nasal hygiene is very important to prevent infection after surgery. The doctor teaches the patient how to wash the nose correctly. The patient can prepare a saline solution at home and use it to wash the nose using a syringe.

Is it possible to change the shape of the nose without surgery?

The filler injection method is a technique that is used to remove irregularities on the surface of the nose, but it cannot change the shape of the nose in any way.. Filler injection gives a temporary result and can fix the unevenness of the nasal surface only for a period of six months.. If a person wants to fix his nose problems permanently, rhinoplasty is his only solution.

When can you resume exercising after rhinoplasty?

Early resumption of sports after surgery causes pressure on the nose, and for this reason, any physical activity that causes pressure on the nose is prohibited for a while.. After a certain time frame has passed, the patient can cautiously start physical and sports activities.

Is it necessary to glue the nose after surgery?

Sticking the nose is done with the aim of helping to reduce the swelling faster. On the other hand, it helps the skin of the nose to adapt to the newly formed framework and cares and protects the framework of the nose during the recovery period..

Bone nose surgeon in Isfahan

Bone nose surgeon in Isfahan

Bone nose surgeon for women

Bone nose surgeon | Generally, to noses that have solid cartilage and strong bones . And the amount of fat in their skin is very low and they actually have thin skin . It is referred to as a bony nose. Usually, there is a hump on the bridge of the bony nose . Hence, people with bony noses . They perform nose surgery mainly with the aim of removing the hump of the nose.

According to the features we listed for bony noses . It is safe to admit that these types of noses make surgery easier for the best nose surgeon in Isfahan. . And they provide the possibility of applying the desired changes on the nose.

Therefore, it should be noted that people with bony noses are the best candidates for cosmetic surgery. Also, it should not be mentioned that bony noses can be operated to any of the natural, fantasy and semi-fantasy models by performing bony rhinoplasty. . Of course, it is worth mentioning that the right nose model for each person is chosen according to the structure of his face and the discretion of the best nose surgeon in Isfahan. .

All bony noses should never be operated in the same way; Because this work may disturb the balance and harmony of the person's face and not only does not improve his face, but also challenges the beauty of his face and has a bad effect on it..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Know the types of semi-fantasy nose surgery :

The most important point about bony noses

The most important point that should be mentioned about bony noses; It is that although the surgery of this type of nose is much simpler than the fleshy nose . But this does not mean that the operation of bony noses can be left to any surgery. Because despite all the potential points that bony noses have . Again, if they are performed by an inexperienced nose surgeon, they may lead to unpleasant results and subject the person to many complications..

Therefore, if your nose type is bony . Do not neglect or doubt about choosing the best nose surgeon in Isfahan . that any doctor can bring you the best result from a cosmetic procedure . As a result, it is strongly recommended to perform cosmetic surgery regardless of the type of nose ( bone or meat ) Be sure to visit the best nose doctor in your city to get ideal and desirable results for you.

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The best nose surgeon in Isfahan

The best female nose surgeon in Isfahan

Today, many operations are performed to increase the beauty of the appearance . And rhinoplasty is one of the most popular and popular among them. Rhinoplasty is called a procedure . which is done with the purpose of creating appearance and structural changes in the nose area. This surgery can be performed using two open and closed methods . And it brings spectacular results.

The surgeon has chosen a method to perform this process based on his skill and the patient's condition . And by using it, he applies the required changes on the nose. Some applicants, especially women, are more comfortable with a female nose surgeon . Or they have the idea that women can create more beautiful results because they are more tasteful . Therefore, they are looking for the best female nose surgeon in Isfahan.

Female doctors are very skilled in performing cosmetic procedures, including rhinoplasty . In fact, they are because of their high visualization power . And that they pay special attention to details . They can create more beautiful, detailed and accurate results.

In fact, women have many abilities, which has made them surpass men in the field of nose surgery today. In order to find the best and most skilled doctor, you should pay attention to points such as experience, history, skills, portfolios, opinions of patients and cyberspace users, and carefully check the characteristics of the surgeon you are looking for.. Examining the characteristics and skills of the doctor will help you make a correct and safe choice.