Meat nose surgery technique

Meat nose surgery technique

meaty nose job

Unlike other traditional methods in nose surgery, today the best and most appropriate techniques of nose surgery are used to treat and solve the problems of noses.. First of all, in the selected methods for fleshy nose operation, all characteristics and aspects of the nose are measured and based on its structure and even the amount of fleshy nose, the appropriate technique is chosen..

The next important thing is that in meat nose surgeries, the surgeon pays great attention to the structure of the cartilages.. The most important challenge of nose job is maintaining and restoring the structure of the cartilages and its compatibility with the outer tissue of the nose. In this way, it may even be necessary to add artificial cartilages in performing these operations.. Especially in nose surgery with weak cartilage, it is possible to add artificial cartilage.

In this order, it can be said in general that rhinoplasty of fleshy noses is completely performed by the rhinoplasty method so that by lifting the nasal skin completely, the surgeon can correct all the problematic structures with full mastery and control over the underlying cartilages.. It is almost impossible to perform nose surgery without surgery, and it is not possible to make many changes in these noses without surgery.

In this operation, the surgeon must be able to create the best fit between the nose and other parts of the face. For this reason, changing the size and shape of the nose should be done with great sensitivity. Going a little smaller or making a change that doesn't fit with the rest of the face can completely ruin the results.

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Very large nose job

Many people have very large noses with very thick skin, which is why they desperately need a proper nose job.. However, the main goal in nose surgery is to make the nose as small as possible and make it more compact in the face, and it may not be possible to make many changes in these noses.. Definitely, the method of choice for the operation of very large fleshy noses is open surgery. This category also includes thick-skinned nose surgery.

Doll nose surgery

In nose surgery, the doll or fantasy form is one of the most common forms requested by patients.. For patients with a fleshy nose, you can also choose the fantasy fleshy nose surgery option, which, of course, requires a lot of precision and skill.. In a doll nose operation, the shape of the nose has a large arch on the surface of the nose and includes the rise of the tip of the nose and its distance from the upper lip..

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In the case of fleshy noses with a wide and drooping tip, performing this procedure is always risky and there is a high possibility that the results will not be as they should be.. Of course, again, in this regard, the surgeon must consider the condition of the person's nose and the amount of fleshiness or the width of the tip of the nose.

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Complications and risks of rhinoplasty

The complexity and difficulty of the operation of meat noses is more, and because the thick skin of these noses has to be cut and raised, there is a possibility of more bleeding or nosebleeds.. The cause of nosebleeds is more incisions and difficulty of surgery. In addition, in these procedures, there is a high possibility that blood will collect under the skin of the nose and around the eyes, and swelling and bruising will be seen..

Post-operative infection, nasal swelling, sensitivity to anesthetic, reddening of the eyes, pain, nasal asymmetry, remaining scars, nasal obstruction, and loss of sense of smell are other possible complications and risks in rhinoplasty..

Is the meat nose operation definitely coming back?

Using the old methods in the past, some time after performing the nose surgery, the nose would droop and come back. But today, with the use of modern methods, it is very rare for the nose to return to its original state. Today, cartilage strengthening is common in nasal surgery, and the probability of recurrence is much lower and even close to zero..

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Differences between bony and fleshy noses

In fleshy noses, due to the thickness of the skin and its heaviness, usually the details of the bones and their shapes cannot be seen. But in bony noses, due to the thinness of the skin of the nose, the condition of the cartilage and bone, fractures and the shape of the bone can be seen..

A recommendation for those who intend to have nose surgery :

The time to get results from this type of nose surgery is longer than bone nose surgery. Therefore, the patient should have more patience to perform this surgery and make the conclusion of this surgery easier by taking care after nose surgery for a longer period of time..

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