Be aware of realistic changes in rhinoplasty :

Be aware of realistic changes in rhinoplasty :

Realistic changes in rhinoplasty

Changes in rhinoplasty surgery | Rhinoplasty, also known as rhinoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed in Iran and around the world..

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Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Changes in rhinoplasty surgery

What realistic changes are made in rhinoplasty surgery?

جراحی زیبایی بینی روش بسیار خوبی برای دستیابی به اهداف زیر است :

  1. Rhinoplasty helps balance the size of the nose and other facial features.
  2. Rhinoplasty helps you to correct the width of the nose around the bridge.
  3. Rhinoplasty helps improve the profile of the nose, including removing any depressions or bulges.
  4. If the nose is too big or droopy or crooked or crooked, rhinoplasty helps to contour the nose..
  5. Rhinoplasty helps to change the angle between the mouth and the nose.
  6. Rhinoplasty helps to change the shape of the holes and narrow the nose.
  7. Rhinoplasty helps to correct the deviation or asymmetry of the nose.

nose plastic surgery (رینوپلاستی) It can strengthen, reduce the size or change the shape of the patient's nose to boost his self-confidence and also helps to create facial harmony by correcting the shape of the nose.. Rhinoplasty is also performed as a reconstructive procedure to correct an injury, such as a broken nose, previous failed surgeries, or correction of birth defects, if present..

جراحی زیبایی بینی در اصفهان ، همچنین به دلایل مختلف عملکردی (Difficulty in breathing, deviation of the nose, etc.) It is also done along with beauty items.

If the nasal septum, which is the midline wall made of cartilage that divides the right and left sides of our nose, is deviated, septoplasty surgery may correct the problem.. However, in cases where the deviation of the nasal septum is much more severe, to ensure the correction of the shape of the nose and proper breathing, rhinoplasty is required..

In rhinoplasty (which is also called septorhinoplasty) A plastic surgeon can help to strengthen the main respiratory areas of the nose and change the shape of the nasal septum by using cartilage grafts.

Rhinoplasty, also known as rhinoplasty, improves the appearance and proportion of your nose, increases facial harmony and self-confidence.. Rhinoplasty may also correct impaired breathing caused by structural abnormalities. While the shape of your nose is usually inherited, it may have changed its appearance due to injury or during previous surgery..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | What are the advantages of semi-fantasy nose surgery?

رینوپلاستی جراح بینی اصفهان دکتر مجید راستی

شما باید با تعیین وقت قبلی ،برای صحبت و مشاوره درباره سوابق پزشکی خود به کلینیک دکتر مجید راستی مراجعه نمایید. The first consultation session aims to review any health problems, drug allergies, medical treatments received, previous surgeries and medications you are currently taking..

ارائه اطلاعات کامل برای جراح بینی اصفهان ، فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک مهم است. Be prepared to discuss why you want rhinoplasty, your expectations, and your desired outcome. In the consultation session, also about your expectations and about the possible results of rhinoplasty (رینوپلاستی) And any possible risks or complications will be discussed.

Before rhinoplasty (رینوپلاستی) Preoperative examinations should be done (Blood test, ECG (in some cases) و CT-scan) And also the patient should be medically evaluated.

Rhinoplasty is performed either as a closed procedure, where the incisions are hidden inside the nose, or as an open procedure, where an incision is made across the columella, the narrow band of tissue that separates the nostrils..

Through these incisions, the soft tissues covering the nose are gently raised and provide access to the shape of the nose.. In some nose surgeries, cartilage grafting from other parts of the body can be used to modify the structure of the nose. If the nasal septum (سپتوم) If there is a deviation, it will be removed and the extra parts inside the nose will be reduced to improve breathing.

When the underlying structure of the nose is shaped to the desired shape, the skin and tissue of the nose are re-operated and the incisions are closed. Additional incisions may be placed in the natural folds of the nostrils to change their size as well.

In what cases is nasal respining used?

In what cases is nasal respining used?

Types of nasal respining

The nose rasping models are different according to the type of nose of the person . And for everyone, the model that fits the nose will be used, as determined by your surgeon . and offers you. Today, due to the progress of files, there is no worry or stress . And the person's nose problem will be easily solved and he will enjoy. It is necessary to know that osteotomy is different from rapping and do not confuse them. Osteotomy is performed before rapping and is another type of surgery.

For noses that have a very severe hump . And it cannot be fixed by filing, the surgeon is forced . It uses the osteotomy method or breaking the nasal bone. It is also used to correct crooked noses or narrow wide noses. . In this method, a very sharp tool is used to cut the bone . After cutting, nose file should be used for corrections and final shaping . Even in some cases, it is possible to use a graft to improve the shape at the discretion of the surgeon . But for noses that have a slight hump . Just filing is enough to shave off the small bump, no cutting or breaking is required.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Natural nose surgeon in Isfahan

To find out about the costs and consultation to perform this procedure, you should refer to a nose resurfacing specialist. After doing the necessary files, finally, a soft file is used to straighten the nose. The recovery period is also very important and you can talk to a nutritionist about this . to guide you. Eating the right foods will have a significant impact on your recovery.

It is better to deal with nasal rasping problems in this section . So that every person who wants to do this is aware of them. Its problems include pain after surgery . And also the amount of its costs, which should be taken care of and thought about before, so that your mind is at ease about this.. This rhinoplasty surgery does not have any special complications, and more attention should be paid to its recovery period.

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In what cases is raspinig or nose scraping used?

In cases where the nasal hump is very large, the bone cutting method is used to remove the nasal hump . But to shape the nose bone and create final elegance in the surgical results after the first stage, the rasping method is used.. In cases where the hump is very slight and requires little correction . From the beginning, a nose file is used to remove the hump of the nose.

In reconstructive nose surgery that is performed at least 6 months after the primary surgery . A nose file is used to correct the results of primary nose surgery and subtle changes in the shape of the nose.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Nose half-fantasy

Nose rasping problems

In fact, it is unrealistic to imagine that all surgeries lead to favorable results . In fact, nose rasping is a kind of cosmetic surgery, after which you will see swelling and bruising caused by tissue irritation . It takes about nine months to a year for the swelling of the tissue to disappear. Sometimes, despite the efforts of the nose surgeon, there may be complications of the rhinoplasty, both functionally and aesthetically. . Although an experienced surgeon does not use a file to shave a large amount of nasal tissue . But the patient must do his best to get the desired result .

If you try to practice post rhinoplasty care after finding a skilled nose surgeon . And have realistic expectations from the surgery, the probability of getting a successful result will be maximum . If you are dissatisfied with the result of the nose job or the failure of nose filing surgery, nose reconstruction surgery can be a suitable option.

Types of nose file

Actually, the nose file is made of stainless steel or tungsten . And it contains very fine teeth. In general, there are three models of files, which are: :

  1. Needle files These types of files are used to smooth large edges.
  2. Coarse ivory file is used to correct medium humps.
  3. The soft file of this model is used to file the nose in the final stage.

Does nose resurfacing have high costs?

The cost of nose surgery depends on your problem and the doctor you have visited. It is better to know that before the operation you have the costs of CT scan and blood test and other related tests . which is apart from the cost of the operation itself. You can contact the surgeon to find out about the costs . And ask the real rate according to your nose and its problems.

Note that the rate is different for each type of nose problem . Of course, the price of nose resurfacing depends on the type of surgeon you choose. The nose file, which is the most important work tool, has different types that are suitable for the type of hump, that is, if its size is large, medium, or normal, it is different.. The method that is much more common than the closed method is the open method . in which they will pierce small holes on the nose and correct the hump from the inside.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Closed or open nose surgery???

What is done in nose rasping and what is its use?

In this surgery, the nasal hump will be corrected, which is done using a special metal file, and the duration of the procedure is short, and it is one of the safe and standard methods that is performed using either local or complete anesthesia..

Who are the right candidates for nose resurfacing and in what cases is it used?

People who have a cosmetic surgery on their nose . And they are not satisfied with the result, they resort to nasal respining . which corrects the shape of the nose. If the surgeon deems it appropriate, he will remove the hump to correct the shape of the nose . or gives it a proper arc. This procedure will be done without breakage . And after the nasal osteotomy, the doctor will use the filing method.

Maybe you have seen many people too . who were dissatisfied with the shape of their noses and started nose surgery, but after a while the swelling disappeared and they spent the recovery period . They realized that that form was not their desired form and they are looking for it again . to correct the shape of their nose. In such cases, when a person consults his specialist doctor . You will encounter a term called nose rasping . The purpose of this work is to correct defects after nose surgery.

What is the process of the above procedure?

In this method, it is a tool like a nail file that has a similar function. The file that is used is made of metal or tungsten, which has more power . And during surgery, this file is moved up and down . until the blades and humps on the nose are completely smooth and even. If a person's nose has a big hump, it cannot be fixed all of it with this method, and the nose must be broken and displaced.

 Cosmetic procedure of doll nose

Cosmetic procedure of doll nose

Doll nose surgery or fantasy nose surgery

Doll flesh nose surgery or doll bone nose surgery is one of the types of nose plastic surgery in which the client's nose is made to look like a doll's nose.. This surgery is called fantasy nose surgery because the client's nose will have an arch and an upturned tip. This surgery has its own fans and usually people who do this surgery will have very small noses later..

One of the most important problems that may arise for a person in doll nose surgery is that his nose becomes too small and the person cannot breathe well.. Also, one of the other problems that may arise for a person who has a doll nose surgery is that the nose fits the size of the face and is not beautiful in terms of size..

Of course, as it was said, this surgery has its own audience and Taliban, and those who want to do this surgery usually do not care about the side effects it causes.. Nowadays, not many people like this model of nose surgery anymore and prefer natural surgeries. Because collective taste goes towards natural beauty.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  Cosmetic procedure of doll nose .. .

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Semi-fantasy nose job

The semi-fantasy nose job is clear from its name as to what it will look like. In this surgery, your nose will not be completely doll or fancy. Its size is not too small and it is not necessary to change the nose of a doll. It is interesting to know that the semi-fantasy nose surgery has many fans and is one of the most popular nose surgery procedures today..

This surgery is in a form in which the size of the nose is not reduced much and the size of the other parts of the face is changed.. Then a doll arch is given to the nose and makes the face semi-fantasy. Of course, the tip of the nose is raised a little, which is not so high that it creates a strange change, and it is not so low that it is imperceptible like a normal nose job..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | How much do we know about rhinoplasty?

نکات قبل از جراحی زیبایی بینی عروسکی چه هستند؟

Rhinoplasty, like other surgeries, requires preparations and procedures. Following the pre-operative tips is to reduce possible complications and minimize the risks of surgery. Before rhinoplasty, the doctor will ask you to perform the necessary tests and present the results to the doctor, or even take antibiotics before the rhinoplasty procedure..

Before rhinoplasty, talk to your doctor about your expectations and concerns. You should do these things a few days before the nose job :

۱. Keep pre-op photos .

Pre-operative photos are taken to help with pre- and post-surgery planning, as well as to document post-operative results.. دقت کنید که این عکس‌ها باید بدون آرایش باشند.عکس‌های قبل از جراحی برای کمک به برنامه ریزی قبل و بعد از جراحی و همچنین برای ثبت نتایج بعد از عمل تهیه می‌شوند.

۲. Don't forget to visit the anesthetist.

An anesthesiologist will be on top of the patient to monitor vital functions throughout the procedure. Usually, the anesthesiologist will check your medical history before the operation. Preoperative laboratory studies should be done a few days before.

۳. Do not eat anything for a few hours before the procedure .

What should we eat before nose surgery? No food or liquid should be consumed for 6 hours before surgery. These items even include water, candy or gum. The presence of anything in the stomach, the possibility of anesthesia complications such as aspiration (Entry of foreign substances into the airways)increases.

۴. You should stop smoking some time before the nose job .

Smokers should try to quit smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes. Quitting smoking helps reduce coughing and bleeding after surgery. Studies show that smokers have problems with tissue recovery after rhinoplasty.

۵. Inform the nose surgeon about underlying diseases .

The nose surgeon will review your medical and medication history. Any underlying disease before the day of surgery should be reported to the surgeon as soon as possible. If you have any bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, you may not be a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

Be sure to inform your doctor about the medications you are taking before the procedure. Taking some medicines before the operation causes side effects and you should stop using them a few weeks before. Medicines such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements are of this kind. These drugs increase the risk of postoperative bleeding. If a problem occurs on the day of surgery, it is better to go to the surgery center according to the previous plan and be evaluated to decide whether the surgery is safe..

۶. Perform preoperative nose tests .

Tests prescribed before rhinoplasty include the following :

  • blood test
  • Testing for liver and hepatitis diseases
  • Electrocardiogram of the heart
  • Examination of nasal sinuses

It is better to check the cost of pre-nose surgery tests online or consult a doctor to be accurate.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Know the types of semi-fantasy nose surgery :

پس از عمل زیبایی بینی عروسکی منتظر چه اتفاقاتی باشیم؟

After nose surgery, bandages are placed inside and on the nose. These types of bandages are used to protect the nose and maintain its structure. The initial swelling subsides within a few weeks. But most doctors believe that it takes up to one year for the swelling of the nose to disappear completely after cosmetic surgery. During this time, you may notice gradual changes in the appearance of your nose. In most cases, swelling increases in the morning and decreases during the day.

پزشک در رابطه‌ با طرز خوابیدن پس از عمل بینی دستورالعمل‌هایی به شما می‌دهد. After the operation, you should rest well and place your head higher than the body. In this case, bleeding and swelling will decrease.

After 1 week of rhinoplasty, the doctor will remove the splint from your nose. After 2 weeks, the facial swelling subsides and most of the bruises disappear. 3 to 4 weeks after surgery you can start sports activities such as running, swimming and cycling. In the 6th week after the operation, the bones are stable and you can resume resistance exercises such as lifting weights, wearing glasses and blowing your nose.. Finally, after 1 year of rhinoplasty surgery, the healing process is complete and the swelling has completely subsided, and the new shape of the nose will be perfect..

Essential care after nose surgery

Essential care after nose surgery

Mandatory care after nose surgery

As with any surgery, rhinoplasty can be a little different for everyone. That's why we advise you to consult with others to get a sense of experience, there are some common issues that you will experience during rhinoplasty recovery..

Whatever method or technique you use, you should expect some dullness and headaches after rhinoplasty for a short period of time.. If there is no infection or other problem, severe pain usually does not happen to you. Many of our patients may use painkillers for a day or two after rhinoplasty, but after that they feel so good that they can reduce their painkillers to weaker, non-narcotic ones..

The most obvious condition after nose surgery, which is a bit annoying, is facial swelling after nose surgery. Because there is internal swelling in your nose, you may feel a little swelling inside your nose for the first few weeks, but this swelling will slowly subside over time.. This usually happens in its worst case in the first few days after the operation, but after that it starts to improve immediately.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Side effects after rhinoplasty

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Nose surgery

Some patients who had severe breathing problems before surgery will notice an improvement in their breathing immediately after rhinoplasty, even when their nose is still swollen. ! Others may take longer to feel positive changes.

During the first few nights after rhinoplasty, your sleep may be disturbed, deep sleep is less common early in the recovery period.. In the first week, after nose surgery, it is useful to avoid dry and irritating environments and always use salt water serum in the form of a spray and some ointments inside your nose several times a day to prevent dryness and crusts. Grease the sand crust. You should avoid breathing through your nose until your nose surgeon agrees.

Swelling and bruising on the outside of your nose and cheek is very visible after surgery. This can sometimes be moderate and sometimes not at all, but this swelling will usually be somewhere in the middle of the face.. The amount of bruising and swelling depends on your body and what was done during the nose surgery. If you need to break the bones of your nose to move, your chances of bruising your cheek and nose are slightly higher. In the worst cases, the bruising is usually gone by 7 days or a little more after surgery.

Your nose surgeon may prescribe conventional or herbal medicines to help with bruising, do not use any medicine without his or her advice.!

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Necessary care for all types of nose surgery

The most important caregivers after nose surgery

Many patients are worried about doing something that will harm the results of their rhinoplasty. While getting a small object up your nose can cause serious problems, there isn't much you can do to injure your nose.. Don't be too timid after touching your nose.

There are some things you can do to speed up your recovery after rhinoplasty and get camera ready after rhinoplasty as quickly as possible.. First, pay close attention to all the recommendations of your nose surgeon and implement them.

These recommendations usually do not have a reason, they usually exist for a reason. You will likely receive a list of medications and supplements to avoid unnecessary anesthesia problems, bleeding, and swelling before and after rhinoplasty. .

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Attractive face with rhinoplasty

Keep your head up after rhinoplasty!

  1. Cold compresses on the eyes and cheeks are highly recommended for the first 48 hours after rhinoplasty. For a few weeks, avoid bending over, lifting heavy objects, exercise, or anything that raises blood pressure..
  2. This can increase swelling and cause nosebleeds.
  3. sleep a lot! Go outside and take a leisurely walk. Proper nutrition is very important after rhinoplasty. Be in tune and aware with your body and warn him if the conditions are different from what your nose surgeon expected.
  4. In the first weeks, everything is not going well. Warn your surgeon if you find yourself in the first weeks, everything is not going well..
  5. No one will tell you that rhinoplasty recovery was a quick burst. However, most rhinoplasty patients will tell you that their rhinoplasty improvement has been very tolerable when they know what to expect..

This is the path you have to take to get to where you want to be. Hopefully, your nose surgeon will be able to help ease your care after rhinoplasty.

Nasal nose surgery in Isfahan

Nasal nose surgery in Isfahan

Nasal nose surgery in Isfahan with Dr. Majid Rasti

Nasal nose surgery in Isfahan | Nose surgeons, so that people who apply for rhinoplasty surgery get ideal results; According to the characteristics of the nose, it has been divided into fleshy nose and bony nose. In this article by Dr. Majid Rasti, the best nose surgeon in Isfahan, we are going to examine fleshy noses and the best method of fleshy nose surgery.. Stay with us until the end of this article.

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Meat nose surgery technique

بینی گوشتی

to a nose that has thick skin and a weak skeleton and has a lot of fat glands around the nostrils and the tip of the nose is round; It is called fleshy nose.

People who have this type of nose, it is better to refer to the best nose surgeon in Isfahan for nose surgery. Nose surgery is as follows :

A good nose surgeon in Isfahan chooses one of the open or closed rhinoplasty methods according to his skill to perform nose surgery and applies the required changes on the nose.. In open rhinoplasty, the nose doctor makes a small incision on the columella and after removing the skin from the nasal skeleton, makes the necessary changes..

But in closed nose surgery, no incision is made on the columella and all incisions are made inside the nose.. جراحی بینی گوشتی به طور کلی دارای سه نتیجه فانتزی ، نیمه فانتزی و طبیعی است که با توجه به ویژگی های ساختاری بینی گوشتی اعم از پوست ضخیم و اسکلت ضعیف می باشد.

Who is the right candidate for nose surgery?

If you want to know the answer to this matter, the best thing is to consult a doctor for consultation and visit. The reason is that a specialist always gives you the best and most definitive opinion, of course you should know that you need to go to a very committed and professional surgeon who puts the patient's interests first; Because only such a person can tell you the truth.

You are a suitable person for rhinoplasty if the following conditions apply to you :

  1. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose and this issue has caused your feelings and self-confidence to decrease.
  2. Have reasonable expectations from the result of this process and know that there are some restrictions for making changes on your nose due to its fleshy nature..
  3. You need to make sure that your lifestyle allows you to do the things you need to prepare before the operation and to be able to go through the recovery period after rhinoplasty..
  4. In general, have good physical health and do not suffer from any special problem or disease that prevents you from performing this surgery.

The main purpose of rhinoplasty is to correct the appearance of the nose, but the methods of doing it are different for men and women..

Male nose surgery: Rhinoplasty for men is one of the most popular procedures in male nose surgery. Most men usually do not look for natural changes in their nose and they focus on correcting the appearance defects. A man's nose is fleshy and consists of a lot of muscle tissue and fat. For this reason, many surgeons do not consider fancy or doll rhinoplasty suitable for men.

Female nose surgery: Nose surgery with fantasy model (Dolls) It has more fans among women. But this type of surgery has a high risk for fleshy noses. For female nose surgery, surgeons recommend using the natural nose surgery model. Because rhinoplasty with thick skin and large wings, which may have a hump on the bridge of the nose, will be difficult to perform upside down, and its durability may be short.. Before performing fantasy or doll surgery, a cosmetic doctor must check the resistance of your fleshy nose and evaluate the possibility of performing this type of surgery..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Tips for choosing a good doctor for rhinoplasty :

The duration of using glue after nose surgery

In general, you need to use glue for a longer period of time in meat noses than in bone noses. On average, you should use the nasal patch for 4 to 6 weeks; Because the fleshy nose tissue is much softer and more changeable. You can also consult your doctor to get the right glue and get his advice.

How much does nose job cost?

The cost of nose surgery in Isfahan varies according to many factors. Pay attention to the fact that you should not go to any nose surgeon just because of the lower cost and do research about him first. برای مشاهده نمونه کارهای دکتر مجید راستی ، جراح بینی اصفهان می توانید به صفحه اینستاگرام ایشان مراجعه کنید و در صورت داشتن سوال از طریق وب سایت یا صفحه ایسنتاگرام سوالات خود را بپرسید.

Nose surgery aimed at treating respiratory problems

Nose surgery aimed at treating respiratory problems

جراحی بینی برای درمان مشکلات تنفسی

Treatment of respiratory problems | In general, the shape, size and structure of each person's nose directly affects the balance, proportion, symmetry and beauty of the face.. Rhinoplasty is an excellent option for those looking to correct nasal structural defects that have resulted in cosmetic or breathing problems.

Differences make each person unique and special! دکتر مجید راستی فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان در جراحی زیبایی بینی تناسب را در صورت شما در نظر می گیرد. جراح بینی اصفهان به نگرانی ها و اهداف زیبایی شناختی مراجعه کنندگان گوش فرا می دهد و می فهمد که چه چیزی را در مورد بینی خود دوست دارند و چه چیزی را دوست ندارید یا مایل به تغییر آن هستند، تا تغییرات واقع بینانه قبل از عمل بررسی گردد. Then the structure of each person's face will be carefully examined. Changes can be dramatic or subtle.

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The best nose shape for men after rhinoplasty

The benefits of nose surgery include the following :

  1. Improvement in the shape, appearance and symmetry of the nose
  2. Creating harmony, proportion and balance in the face
  3. Increase the level of self-confidence
  4. Reduction of the width of the nose ( On the bridge or tip of the nose)
  5. Reducing the overall size of the nose
  6. Correction of any defects in the appearance of the nose (For example, ridges or bumps on the bridge)
  7. Minimizing and aligning nostrils
  8. Fixing some respiratory problems related to the structure of the nose (Nasal polyps)

The shape of the nose is compared with other structures of the face, that is why any changes in the structure of the nose should be considered the effect that these changes will have on the overall appearance of the face.. For this reason, it is very important that rhinoplasty is performed only by a skilled plastic surgeon with facial surgery skills.

About rhinoplasty procedure

Rhinoplasty is usually performed to change the size and appearance of the nose. In addition, rhinoplasty can repair a functional or respiratory problem (Nose surgery aimed at solving respiratory problems ) Help in many patients. Even if rhinoplasty involves minor changes, the results are very impressive. Rhinoplasty is recommended to make the nose look smaller or correct a wide, too big or misshapen nose. The purpose of this surgery is to create a more beautiful nose that fulfills your goals and functions well.

The nose of each person can have a significant effect on the appearance of the face due to its central position in the face. Rhinoplasty, also known as rhinoplasty, can help correct the size, shape, and angle of the nose to harmonize with other facial features.. Rhinoplasty is also performed with the aim of solving respiratory problems and functional issues, which allows the patient to improve respiratory problems in addition to achieving beauty..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Rhinoplasty in men

بهبودی بعد از جراحی درمان مشکلات تنفسی

After rhinoplasty, you will have some bruising and swelling that will subside within two to three weeks. Patients are usually ready to return to work after one to two weeks and can resume all normal activities after four to six weeks..

اسکار (جای زخم) Nose surgery

As with any surgery, scars are formed at the incision sites. In open rhinoplasty, a scar is created between the nostrils, although there is also a scar in the nasal passages.. However, these sores are small and usually go away over time.

مزایا و معایب جراحی بینی چیست؟

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. This technique is designed to enhance the aesthetics of the nose and can also be used to improve respiratory function. Rhinoplasty can change the size and shape of the nose in many ways, including changing the width of the bridge, removing ridges or protrusions, changing the angle of the tip, correcting the size of the nostrils, etc. During your initial consultation, our doctors They will discuss and assess your needs to create a customized treatment plan.

Can rhinoplasty improve breathing problems?

بله. Rhinoplasty is also sometimes performed with the aim of solving breathing problems and nasal congestion problems, which may be caused by the anatomy of the patient's nose.. This procedure is also called septoplasty, because it often requires the correction of the wall separating the two nostrils, which is called the septum.. A deviated septum can block one or both nasal passages and lead to breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty for bony noses

Nose bone

Rhinoplasty for bony noses | According to the thickness of the skin and the strength of the skeleton, nose surgeons have divided the nose into fleshy and bony categories. In this article, we would like to explain about bony nose surgery.. A bony nose is a nose that has thin skin and a strong skeleton. Those who have this type of nose can choose a fantasy or doll nose model, a natural nose model, etc. in rhinoplasty and get the best results..

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Nose bone

In a bony nose, the nasal skin is thinner and has less fat. This type of nose is not prone to acne. In this type of nose, the cartilage is bigger and stronger. When the rhinoplasty is performed due to the abnormalities of the nasal cartilage, it is easier to work on the nose, because these noses have more cartilage, which is easier to treat, and the doctor reduces the volume of the nose and Shapes into a flawless nose.

Bony noses are considered the most ideal noses for surgery because of features such as thin skin and strong bones, and in most cases, good results are obtained from this type of nose.. The best nose surgeon in Isfahan removes the following defects by preserving the function of the nose in bone nose surgery :

  1. Hump ​​on the nose
  2. nose deviation
  3. Crooked nose
  4. Drooping tip of nose
  5. Too big nose
  6. The size of the nostrils
  7. Non-redness of the nose

Today, very advanced techniques are used in rhinoplasty, so it does not matter whether your nose is bony or fleshy.. In any case, a good surgeon can shape your nose to best fit your face.

What is the best process for Isfahan bone nose surgery?

The best method is to remove only that part of the bone or cartilage that causes respiratory problems or apparent disharmony, leaving the rest intact to achieve the best aesthetic and respiratory function results.. One of the main features that is very important in the bony nose in Shiraz is special attention to the respiratory function in addition to the appearance of the nose..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Nose surgery of doctor Majid Rasti

Bone nose operation with Dr. Majid Rasti

Those who are unhappy with their noses go to a nose doctor. The noses of these people have humps and protrusions due to genetic or hereditary factors. These features are characteristic of bony noses. In some cases, injury can cause a hump that is visible from the profile.

In bone rhinoplasty in Shiraz, the doctor removes cartilage and bone to shape the nose.. First, the doctor makes incisions to access the cartilage and bone, and then removes the nasal hump. Some people think that they are good candidates for rhinoplasty in Shiraz if their nose looks defective, but if this is not the case and only those who have the following conditions are suitable for this rhinoplasty surgery. :

  • People who are physically healthy.

If the person has a history of suffering from chronic diseases such as lupus or is currently suffering from these diseases; It is not suitable for bony nose surgery; Because it is possible that a person may have a problem during the surgery or suffer complications after that that cannot be compensated.

  • People whose nose skin is of good quality.

The most important factor in the favorable result of bone nose surgery in Shiraz is its skin. If the skin is too thick and oily, the result of nose surgery will not be very satisfactory..

  • People who are not perfectionists.

Perfectionist or idealistic people expect the best results without the slightest defect from any work, and because surgery causes a relative improvement of the nose and does not guarantee the creation of an absolutely perfect nose, it is not suitable for this category of people..

  • People who do not suffer from mental problems.

People who suffer from depression and seek to improve their mental condition with rhinoplasty in Shiraz, people who are obsessed and therefore are constantly checking the symmetry of their body parts, and people who are in their body parts They don't have any problems, but due to suffering from the problem of self-deception, they constantly complain about themselves. They are not good candidates for bone nose surgery in Isfahan..

  • People who do not expect simulation.

Some people, regardless of the sensitivity of the nose and the limitations in shaping it, have unreasonable expectations from their nose doctor, such as nose surgery similar to a photo.. These people should know that the nose job is not like sewing or sculpting, where they can get the exact same thing by showing a photo..

  • People who are not addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol.

Consumption of substances containing nicotine and alcohol affects the result of surgery and interferes with the healing process of wounds, bruises and swelling caused by rhinoplasty. Therefore, if people consume these substances, they should be able to leave them for 2 weeks before. be from nose surgery.

  • Women who are not pregnant or lactating.

It is not recommended for women to perform any cosmetic surgery that is not necessary during pregnancy and breastfeeding..

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How much is the cost of Isfahan bone nose surgery?

The cost of rhinoplasty in Shiraz varies according to many parameters in each person. Pay attention to the important point that you should not go to any surgeon just because of the lower cost and research him first .

Semi-fantasy plastic nose surgery

Semi-fantasy plastic nose surgery

Semi-fantasy rhinoplasty in women

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Correction of the shape of the tip of the nose

Correction of the shape of the tip of the nose

Do you want to correct the shape of the tip of your nose???

Correction of the shape of the tip of the nose | All over the world, there are patients who are relatively satisfied with the appearance of their noses because they do not show any prominent humps or deviations that obstruct the normal breathing process.. However, there are small details in the appearance of the tip of the nose that make them uncomfortable. In some cases, the tip of the nose is too wide, too thin, or has a deviation that some people don't like, meaning that the tip of the nose is too low or too high..

The alar cartilages or lower lateral cartilages are part of the nasal anatomy that shape the tip of the nose and support the structure of the nose.. When these cartilages are very round in shape, the tip of the nose appears wide. This is one of the most common concerns of patients and that is why they go to plastic surgeons. Usually, tipplasty method is offered to them, which is used to correct the tip of the nose and achieve a natural result..

Another reason for patients' noses to be wide is that the skin in this area is very thick. When this happens, its appearance becomes rounded. Usually, in the first medical evaluation in the office, the reason for the wide tip of the nose can be diagnosed. But there are cases where the cause is determined in the operating room during the open nose surgery.

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Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed for surgery on the inner part of the nose. By using different methods, a better external appearance is obtained and the patient will be satisfied with the tip of his nose.

Through this surgical procedure, the surgeon can perform several corrections on the nose. One of them is to reduce the tip of the nose. This is done by molding the nasal alar cartilages through sutures. Some patients need a cartilage graft to achieve better results. For this plastic surgery, local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia is used if the patient requests.

Also, the tip of the nose can be raised by shortening the anterior part of the septum, correcting the cartilages of the nasal wings, and fixing them with sutures.. Some people want the tip of their nose to go down a bit, in which case skin grafts are placed in the lower part of the septum or in front of the alar cartilages until the tip of the nose adds more length to the nose.. The duration of this surgery is very short, whether it is due to the characteristics of the patient or the result of previous procedures that were performed poorly.

There are two ways to perform rhinoplasty: Open or closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty is preferred by most doctors because it at least has better results, because this method allows the surgeon to correct the inside of the nose better and achieve better results..

رینوپلاستی باز

This procedure is performed with a small incision in the central and lower part of the nose, which is connected to the inner incisions of the wings of the nose so that the skin can be lifted.. This surgical method helps to gain access to the internal structures of the nasal area and correct the shape of the nasal structure and make the changes that the patient needs in the tip of the nose..

When a person has a wide nose, changes are made in the bones of the nasal area to reduce its size. Instead, if the nose is too thin or short, a cartilage graft is performed to improve the structure of the nose and tip. Open rhinoplasty allows me to have a better view during the operation, which is not possible with closed rhinoplasty..

Advantages of open nose surgery
  1. Complete access to the alar cartilage.
  2. The small scar between the nostrils will be barely visible after a while.
  3. Better modeling of the tip of the nose
  4. Better results with a higher percentage of satisfaction with surgery

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The best nose surgeon in Isfahan

closed nose surgery

In this method, the access to the nasal structures is limited, which makes the intervention more difficult and the patient may not have the expected result.. With this technique, small incisions are made inside the nasal cavities to reach the bones and cartilages that make up the nose.. When the tip of the nose is too wide, pieces of cartilage can be removed or, alternatively, the tip can be pulled through grafts and sutures to model the cartilage and achieve a thinner nose..

Disadvantages of closed nose surgery

Limited access to the structure of the patient's nose.
Due to the lack of scars, this method has limited techniques that do not allow the complete correction of abnormalities or defects..
Usually, with this closed method, it is not possible to make the specific changes that the patient needs, especially the changes that they want for the tip of the nose..

Every patient has a different anatomy and when they go to a plastic surgeon to improve the shape of their nose tip, Dr. Fadaei, a specialist in plastic surgery, as a surgeon and nose specialist, must determine the best method according to the individual's needs.. In the first visit, a medical evaluation of the patient is performed, and with the results obtained, I show the appropriate method.

In addition, the patient for nose surgery ( Plastic type ) He should inform the plastic surgeon about his health status, daily diet, exercise schedule and whether he is following any medical treatment.. It is also very important to know if the patient smokes, because he must quit this habit some time before the plastic surgery.

Get to know the abnormalities of the nose :

Get to know the abnormalities of the nose :

What is meant by nasal abnormalities?

Nasal abnormalities in the shape or function of the nose may interfere. This problem is relatively common and many of them do not cause any symptoms. However, many patients are not satisfied with the appearance of their nose. However, in some cases, nasal abnormalities can make it difficult to breathe and treatment may be needed to improve function..

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | انحراف تیغه بینی

Do all nasal abnormalities need treatment?

Treatment of nasal abnormalities is not necessary because it will often not be a serious threat to people's lives. But the problem is that rhinoplasty improves the quality of life, improves the shape of the nose, increases self-confidence and sometimes improves nasal breathing.. Some types of nasal abnormalities include::

  1. انحراف تیغه بینی : Cartilage that divides the nostrils (One way) It bends.
  2. Enlarged adenoids: Lymph nodes behind the nose (Adenoids) They can grow and block the airways and cause sleep apnea.
  3. Swelling tentacles or turbinates – the turbines next to each nostril clean and humidify the inhaled air. Swelling of these tentacles prevents breathing.
  4. Saddle-shaped nose - there is a depression in part of the bridge of the nose. Various factors, including trauma, can cause it.
  5. Nasal hump – nasal hump is fairly common and depending on where the hump is formed, there is extra bone or cartilage.. Often this type of abnormality is inherited or can be due to trauma.

There are other types of congenital nasal abnormalities, some of which, like cleft palate, affect more than the nose..

Can nasal abnormalities be treated?!

For most people, there are things in their appearance that bother them and they wish they could change it.! This factor may be related to their face and smile, weight or body. In fact, when different people are asked about this issue, more and more people prioritize correcting their appearance..

Maybe you are one of those people who do not like the look of your nose. And you may have decided to have rhinoplasty to make your nose look smaller, bigger, slimmer or whatever you want. Rhinoplasty is a safe surgery that can permanently change the appearance of your nose and create the face you want..

Septo-rhinoplasty causes of nasal abnormalities : Nasal abnormalities can be genetic or acquired.

Acquired causes :

In acquired cases, the most common causes are injuries. Sports injuries, accidents, fights and in general any type of trauma can cause nose deformity.

Maternal causes ( genetically ) :

The most common reasons for people who refer to a rhinoplasty specialist is that they say, "My nose looks like my father's." / It's my mother and I don't like it". Patients sometimes do not like the shape of their nose, which can be influenced by different ethnicities. In general, when examining the appearance of a person's nose, it is possible to understand whether it is a congenital or acquired problem, since facial asymmetry is very common.. However, the treatment of nasal abnormalities, regardless of the cause, is very similar.

Some patients are unhappy with the hump and ridges of their noses, others have drooping of the tip of the nose, some consider the thick skin of their nose to be the reason for the surgery, and some are concerned with the width of the nose and large wings, etc.

If you have decided to have a rhinoplasty surgery, it is better to know the procedures before surgery . Rhinoplasty includes the following steps :

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Good nose surgeon for rhinoplasty


Intravenous sedatives or general anesthesia are prescribed for your comfort during surgery. Your doctor can suggest the best choice for you.


Rhinoplasty is performed using closed or open method. The difference is that if the incisions are inside the nose, the surgery is closed. But if the incision is outside the nose (In the skin between the nostrils) Be open surgery.

Deformation of the structure of the nose:

After the incision is made, the surgeon begins to deform the nose by removing or reducing the bone or cartilage.

Correction of deviated septum (nose deviation):

If your septum is distorted, it can be repaired and nasal protrusions reduced to improve breathing..

Suturing incisions

After the surgeon completes the nose correction as desired, the skin and tissue of the nose return to their place and the incisions are sutured..

View surgery result

After a week of waiting, the plastic surgeon removes the splint and sutures so you can see the results of the surgery, but the nose is still swollen so the end result will be known in a few months.. Rhinoplasty, the main procedures for nose surgery :

In general, there are three main methods for rhinoplasty that are used to achieve specific goals.

  • Septoplasty – This procedure alone can improve breathing, but does not change the appearance of the nose!
  • Septorhinoplasty – This procedure can improve breathing and the appearance of the nose!
  • Rhinoplasty - this procedure is to change the appearance of the nose, but sometimes and rarely it also improves breathing!