Isfahan nose surgery with Dr. Majid Rasti

Isfahan nose surgery with Dr. Majid Rasti

nose plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty Isfahan | The desire for beauty and giving importance to the appearance has made many people to perform facial beauty procedures. One of the beauty practices that has gained many fans today . and it is common among people, nose plastic surgery می باشد. This beauty practice is practical as its name suggests . which is done in order to fix the appearance and functional defects of the nose . And it brings extraordinary beauty to the patient.

People who think their nose has defects in appearance and function . that by doing Nose surgery It can be fixed. By doing this procedure, their self-confidence is doubled . And they can deal with others better than before. If you want to get more complete and useful information about this type of beauty treatment . or you have many questions related to it, we recommend it . This article from the site دکتر مجید راستی about Rhinoplasty Isfahan do not miss.

Of nose surgery | جراحی زیبایی بینی اصفهان | Rhinoplasty Isfahan ...

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

nose plastic surgery

Nose surgery or رینوپلاستی It is a procedure that is performed in order to remove the appearance of the nose and create a beautiful nose that fits the rest of the face.. This action may include Reduce the size of the nose , gathering the blades and Tip of the nose and sometimes adding cartilage to sunken and disproportionate parts in order to strengthen the strength and improve the appearance. nowadays Nose surgery , the most common practice nose plastic surgery It is in Iran . And if the principles of modern surgery are followed and the patient is a suitable candidate for the operation, brilliant results will be obtained..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Cost of rhinoplasty

Sometimes, by intelligently correcting small defects in the nose, he experienced a beautiful and new face. This is with the doctor's intelligence جراح and his experience in عمل زیبایی بینی Achieved . which can give a suitable face to a person by removing defects in the best way. By identifying the factors disturbing the proportions and fixing them well and with the least changes, you can add to the beauty of the face..

انواع بینی

One of the influential factors in nose plastic surgery It is a type of nose . which is divided into two types based on the thickness of the skin بینی گوشتی و Nasal bone , are divided.

  • Bone

People who have bony noses can do different kinds of natural forms. Fantasy و Semi Fantasy take action. Bony noses Due to having features such as thin skin and strong bones, they are the most ideal noses for nose surgery. For this reason, in most cases, bone nose surgery will achieve favorable results.

Of course, the accuracy of the doctor and the quality of his work can also . It makes these noses very attractive and its good strength can accept many lovely forms of nose surgery.. Of course, it should be noted that the condition of each person's nose should be checked separately . So that the best type of nose job is done for the person.

  • Normal nose job

A normal nose has characteristics between a fleshy and bony nose. The skin of this nose model has a medium thickness and looks relatively natural and without problems. The biggest motivation to perform a normal nose job is to achieve a small or so-called doll nose.

All three beauty operations that are performed for fleshy, bony or normal nose . It should be done in proportion with other parts of the face . Because just as the ugliness of the nose can prevent the appearance of the beauty of other parts of the face . When the nose does not match the shape of your face, mouth and eyes, it can have a bad effect. The best way to solve this problem is to get advice from an experienced specialist.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | meaty nose job

  • fleshy

بینی های گوشتی Compared to bony noses, they have thicker skin . And the cartilage of these noses is weak. It is recommended for people who have بینی های گوشتی هستند . perform natural nose surgery; Because if the nose is operated in a fancy shape due to the thickness of the skin, the delicacy of the hand جراح بینی It is not clear and it is possible . The desired result is not obtained. The most important thing in جراحی بینی گوشتی It should be paid attention to .

It is strengthening the inner tissue that can create a suitable platform for making changes. At the same time, creating a suitable bed can increase its durability by increasing the resistance of the nose . So that we don't see the return and deformity of these types of noses.

The large appearance of these types of noses cannot be a sign of their high resistance, and on the contrary, they are sensitive noses . If the nose job is done by an incompetent person, it can create a misshapen nose or return to its previous state in a short period of time.. Therefore, it is recommended if you are applying for rhinoplasty .

The best plastic nose surgeon in Isfahan Or find your city of residence . To get the desired and ideal results. Some believe that bony noses are characterized by a hump and protrusion in the area of ​​the bridge of the nose . This is because the nose may be crooked . And because of its wide and thick wings, they are considered as meat noses.

  • Nose repair operation

The operation of repairing the nose to solve a problem or a disorder that has caused problems for a person, such as breathing problems, snoring, closing the respiratory tract, etc. . انجام می شود. Below we review the types of problems that can be solved in reconstructive nose surgery :

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Recurrence of hump after rhinoplasty

Repair or remove hump nose

This type of reconstructive surgery, which is associated with the correction and reduction of the nasal bone, is the most common reason for performing rhinoplasty. Nasal hump can be congenital or caused by trauma and broken nose. In any case, it is possible that the hump of the nose, in addition to the appearance of ugliness, has caused problems in the person's breathing.

Nasal polyps (Nasal polyp)

Masses that are caused by infection, allergy, or cystic fibrosis, and by blocking the nasal passages and sinuses, cause a person's breathing to be disturbed, are called polyps.. This problem, which is very common in patients with asthma and allergic runny nose, creates a very unpleasant situation for the affected person by blocking the airway and causing dryness and phlegm in the throat.. Finally, this surgery is associated with removing the mass and opening the respiratory tract, which improves the health of the person.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Complications of treatment of nasal deviation without surgery

nose deviation (Septal Deviation)

Deviation of the nose is called damage in the cartilage of the blade between the two nasal cavities. Most of the time, nose deviation does not change the appearance of a person's nose. If the middle blade is crooked (سپتوم) If the nose is not treated, there will be problems such as airway obstruction, snoring, dry throat, and bleeding, which will affect the quality of a person's life..

Secondary rhinoplasty (جراحی ترمیمی بینی) (Revision rhinoplasty)

This type of surgery is performed when a person is not satisfied with the first result of his nose. Secondary rhinoplasty can be done for various reasons, including dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose or to solve the problems caused by a person's breathing..

Meet The best nose surgeon for cosmetic nose surgery in Isfahan

Doctor Majid Rasti ardakani Of nose surgery Specialist in plastic, reconstructive and burn surgery who was born in March 1343 in the beautiful city of Isfahan .

  • Diploma in 1983 and entering medical school, Tehran University the same year
  • 1990 year entry period of general surgery, University of Isfahan
  • Input period 1378 plastic surgery hospital of Iran University of Medical Sciences,fa
  • Plastic surgery specialty course graduate of the year 2002
  • The Secretary of the Congress of plastic surgeons years 2011
  • A legal practitioner and expert medical system for 10 years in the field of plastic surgery offences review
  • Member of society of plastic surgeons and the beauty of Iran
  • Member of the American Society of plastic surgeons and aesthetic

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Nose surgery of doctor Majid Rasti

خدمات جراحی زیبایی بینی دکتر مجید راستی در اصفهان

  1. Nose surgery recovery
  2. جراحی بینی گوشتی
  3. Nose bone
  4. nose plastic surgery

Objectives of Isfahan nose surgery

Rhinoplasty can be used to change the shape, size and overall appearance of the nose. An example of common requests that patients ask their surgeons :

  1. Narrow the nasal bone.
  2. Narrow or widen the nostrils.
  3. Straighten their crooked nose.
  4. Change the tip of the nose.
  5. Change the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

In most cases, the incisions used for reshaping can be hidden inside the nose or be unrecognizable in the appearance of the nose; The overall goal is to improve the appearance and maintain a natural appearance in accordance with the other parts of the face.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

Suitable candidate for nose surgery in Isfahan

People should have stable personality and growth, so that they can make wise decisions. Carrying out the cosmetic surgery of the nose only with eyes and eyes and hasty decisions can lead to irreparable consequences.. Try to correctly define your purpose of doing nose surgery . And to choose the shape of the nose, don't think emotionally and consider your personal conditions and health . So that you can live comfortably with a new face for the rest of your life . and feel satisfied.

With hasty decisions, regret will come to people after some time . And they refer to change the shape of the nose again. The best and most important thing is to make a decision carefully and to check your individual circumstances. The purpose of nose surgery is to remove the defects of the nose as much as possible and bring the appearance of the nose closer to the ideal and standard appearance.. People who want to get rid of their nose defects . They are mentally balanced and have a stable personality . They are good candidates for nose surgery. The right age for nose surgery is from the end of puberty to 70 years old.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Common breathing problems that occur after rhinoplasty :

Who goes for rhinoplasty?

Most people who undergo nose surgery . They have problems with the appearance of their noses and they want to correct their noses according to the dimensions of their faces. A smaller percentage of rhinoplasty volunteers are patients . who have structural problems or their noses are damaged. Normal candidates or candidates for rhinoplasty are in general health . In other words, he understood the risks of surgery . and have realistic expectations of the surgical outcome.

What are the types of rhinoplasty models?

In general, nose job models are divided into 3 categories: natural, fantasy, and semi-fantasy, and you can see the description of each of these models below.:

  • Natural Rhinoplasty (Male nose job)

Natural rhinoplasty is a type of rhinoplasty. in which only defects and imperfections of the nose are corrected . So that the surgeon avoids shrinking the nose too much during surgery. Also, the arch on the nose is very small and the distance between the upper lip and the tip of the nose is about 90 degrees.
In general, it can be said like this . that natural noses are operated in such a way that no signs and symptoms of the operation can be seen on the nose and the nose completely maintains its natural shape. Usually, this surgical model is more liked by men . For this reason, it is also called male nose job.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

  • Fancy nose job

Fantasy nose surgery or doll nose surgery is a type of surgery in which a large arch is created on the bridge of the nose and the distance between the upper lip and the tip of the nose is greater than its natural model.. This model of noses is usually used for women, and most men want their noses to be operated in a natural way..
Also, the fancy nose shape is usually applied on bony noses, because fleshy noses have weaker cartilage and it may be difficult to remove a lot of tissue from the nose..

  • Nose half-fantasy

But semi-fantasy nose surgery is a combination of two types of natural nose and a doll nose shape, so that the arch on the nose is less than the shape of the fancy nose..

Checklist of care before nose surgery in Isfahan (Preparation before nose surgery)

Preparation before rhinoplasty is a series of important points that the patient should know before undergoing rhinoplasty.. Paying attention to these things can contribute to a better result of the nose job as well as a more comfortable surgery for the patient. But what are the cares before nose surgery? To answer this question, you can read the following in full:

  1. انتخاب جراح بینی: The first and most important thing is to choose a good and experienced surgeon to perform rhinoplasty because it has a great impact on the desired result of the surgery..
  2. Conduct the necessary tests: After choosing the surgeon and the consultation session, you must perform the necessary tests before the nose surgery and give the results to the doctor before the operation..
  3. Taking a picture of the nose: The doctor prescribes you to take a photo before the operation, which you must visit special studios to do this.. (If diagnosed by the doctor, a CT scan may also be needed.)
  4. Scan tray for nose surgery
  5. No smoking and alcohol: Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks before surgery.
  6. Not taking blood thinners: You should avoid blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen two weeks before the surgery.
  7. History of specific diseases: If you have a history of certain diseases or are taking certain medications, be sure to discuss this with your doctor before the procedure..
  8. Recommendations on the day of operation: On the day of the operation, be sure to go to the hospital or clinic fasting and avoid carrying extra items.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan |

Planning for cosmetic nose surgery in Isfahan

In the initial visit, you should discuss your expectations of the result of rhinoplasty and the functional problems of your nose with the nose surgeon.. معاینه بینی توسط بهترین Of nose surgery انجام شده و توضیحات کامل ، در مورد نتایج و روش عمل کردن بینی به شما ارائه می شود. Then, tests are requested before nose surgery, along with photographs, in the second consultation session, the results of the tests and photographs are checked, and if there are no contraindications for nose surgery, the time for nose surgery is determined..

Your most important planning can be consultations before nose surgery, which will bring you and the surgeon to the final conclusion.. It is very important to follow the tips before the operation, and any problems, medications, previous operations, etc. should be reported to the doctor, so that during the nose surgery, the conditions are completely under control and the patient's health is not endangered.. So don't be in any hurry and do the steps and tests carefully.

Day of rhinoplasty surgery

The night before surgery, patients should rest well and not eat anything after midnight. Before coming to the hospital or surgery center, they should wash their hair to prevent bacterial contamination. In addition, they should avoid makeup and other cosmetic products.

Isfahan nose surgery process

After the patient is unconscious or sedated, the surgeon makes small incisions inside the nostrils or columella.. Then the skin of the nose is carefully lifted to access the underlying bone and cartilage. In the next step, the surgeon removes or flattens the tissue to the required shape. Normally, the doctor uses the safest method in the surgery in order to minimize the damage to the surrounding tissues. Once the reshaping process is complete, the doctor places the skin over the new nasal lines and closes the incisions.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Complication of nasal adhesion after nose surgery

Nasal Dressing

In the first days after the surgery changes in the tissues of the nose must be protected. بنابراین جراح بعد از بخیه کردن برش ها، یک اسپلیت روی بینی قرار می دهد و تکه های گاز استریل را داخل حفره های بینی فرو می کند تا خونریزی بعد از عمل زودتر بند بیاید .گازها ممکن است کمی ناراحت کنده باشد ولی چند روز بعد از practice emerge. You can not use tampons nose for breathing and using splints for the patient's airway to breathe.

Things that the doctor should know about :

  • History of your diseases, operations and anesthesias in the past
  • The type and dosage of your medications
  • Your genetic diseases and common in the family
  • Respiratory status

While doing these things, the doctor should put you under a detailed clinical examination and the required tests should be done completely..

Checklist of the most important cares after nose surgery

After nose surgery, you must observe a series of things, which are mentioned below as part of the most important care after nose surgery.:

  • Refraining from sports and heavy activities: You should rest for at least a week and avoid heavy activities and sports. Because this can cause bleeding as well as increased bruising and swelling of your nose.
  • Removing the nasal splint after surgery: After a week, visit your doctor's office to remove the stitches and remove the nasal splint. Usually, the doctor recommends that you take a bath and wash your head before visiting.
  • Keep your head up: You should keep your head up while resting or doing daily activities. For example, you can put two pillows under your head while sleeping so that your head is higher than your body.
  • Nose taping: Use the nasal tape continuously for one month after the operation, and you must follow the necessary instructions to use it again and correctly..
  • Avoid eating solid foods: Avoid eating dry foods that require a lot of chewing during the recovery period, and during this period, it is better to use tonic drinks and more water..
  • Bruising and inflammation after nose surgery: This is completely normal and will go away completely with time, but you can use a cold compress to heal faster..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Rhinoplasty surgery

Estimate the cost of nose surgery

There are several considerations that estimate the final cost of rhinoplasty; Pay attention to the following:

Experience surgeon

A doctor with a great reputation and experience usually earns more than a specialist with less experience and skill. However, many patients are willing to pay extra . Because they know that surgery with more experience gets better results.

Surgery Facilities

If the doctor does not have the facilities to perform the operation in the office . This is done in a hospital or surgery center, which requires separate fees . which varies depending on location, reputation and equipment. In this case, too many patients are willing to pay a little more to enjoy greater comfort and safety.

Geographical location

The cost of plastic surgery as many goods and services in the community is different. Typically, nose surgery in a metropolis like New York or Los Angeles is more of a local state.


Rhinoplasty can be performed under general anesthesia that this type of anesthesia adds to the cost of treatment. Like surgeons, anesthetists pay attention to reputation and experience on treatment costs increase.

Care during recovery

After rhinoplasty, patients may need special medications or post-treatment care . which undoubtedly affects the final costs of treatment. Patients should remember . that side costs, anesthesia costs and post-operative care are not always considered in the initial treatment estimate . And the applicant for this practice should research for more detailed information about these fees and related expenses.

Of nose surgery | جراحی زیبایی بینی اصفهان |Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Cost of rhinoplasty surgery .


When rhinoplasty is done purely for cosmetic reasons . It is rarely covered by insurance; However, insurance companies often pay for corrective actions such as cavity isolation or other respiratory issues.. In this regard, an office worker in the field of treatment can guide the patient . Whether it qualifies for insurance coverage or not.


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If you are looking for a nose job Good nose surgeon in Isfahan You are in contact with us .

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Side effects after rhinoplasty

Answers to your questions about cosmetic nose surgery in Isfahan

  • AWhat will happen if we don't apply glue after nose surgery?

Surgeons use glue to stabilize nasal tissues in the early stages of healing. These adhesives provide additional support to maintain nasal changes. They are effective in reducing side effects such as excessive swelling, bleeding, or drooping of the tip of the nose.

  • What happens if the operated nose gets hit?

A blow to the nose can cause the following complications :

  1. Increased swelling and bruising
  2. Displacement of nasal structures
  3. nose bleeding
  4. Change in the shape of the nose
  • How long does the breathing problem last after nose surgery?

Respiratory discomfort after nose surgery varies from person to person and depends on several factors such as the extent of surgical changes, individual treatment patterns and previous conditions of the nose..

  • If we are on our period during nose surgery, will we face problems?

In general, period during nose job is not a serious problem. However, you should consult your doctor about your condition.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | What are the advantages of semi-fantasy nose surgery?

  • How long does Isfahan nose surgery take?

On average, this surgery takes 2 to 4 hours.

  • What is the best age for nose surgery?

Nose surgery is performed after stopping the growth plates in the body. Doctors generally recommend this surgery to people over 18 years old.

  • What tests should I take before rhinoplasty?

Some important tests include the following:

  1. Complete blood cell count (CBC)
  2. fasting blood sugar (FBS)
  3. Pregnancy test for women
  4. Blood coagulation tests
  • Is it more difficult to have a fleshy or bony nose operation?

The success rate of bony nose surgery is higher than that of fleshy nose.

  • For whom is closed nose surgery suitable?

This technique is suitable for people who do not need serious corrections in the structure of the nose. Among them, we can point out the removal of the hump of the nose or partial correction of the tip of the nose.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | 11 A golden tip for uncomplicated nose surgery

What are the benefits of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery has many advantages, we will mention some of them :

  • Creating a balance between the nose and other parts of the face in rhinoplasty

A deformed nose can disturb the balance of the face and affect and hide the beauty of other parts of the face. The best Of nose surgery در جراحی بینی با خلق هارمونی بین بینی و سایر بخش های صورت ، این تعادل را خلق کرده و زیبایی بینی و سایر بخش های صورت را بارز تر می نماید.

  • Improving breathing after nose surgery

Many people have problems in the internal framework of the nose that affect the breathing process and thus reduce the quality of its performance.. By correcting the nasal septum, which acts like a wall separating the two nostrils, the nose surgery will put the airflow path from the nose in a suitable position and you will enjoy a better quality of life, such as easier sleep, by having better breathing..

  • Increasing self-confidence after nose surgery

One of the biggest advantages of nose surgery is increasing the level of self-confidence. A deformed nose is always considered a cause of embarrassment in the patient. By removing this deformity, rhinoplasty solves the problem of embarrassment in a person and helps him to feel good about his beautiful nose when he is in public and talking to others..


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