Breathing condition after nose surgery

Breathing condition after nose surgery

Breathing after rhinoplasty

Breathing condition after nose surgery | One of the concerns of people for rhinoplasty is the possibility of breathing problems after rhinoplasty, which if principles such as removal of nasal polyps and lesions, correct modification of turbine and tentacles, etc. are followed carefully and correctly during nose surgery. You can be sure that even if the nose is shrunk, you will not face any breathing problems after nose surgery. If you are looking to find out the cause of shortness of breath after rhinoplasty or if you want to know ways to improve breathing after rhinoplasty .

Most clients believe that after rhinoplasty surgery, they will have breathing problems, and on the other hand, some people think that the breathing problem will definitely be solved.. It should be noted that if the breathing problem is related to the deviation of the middle diaphragm or the problem is from the internal valves, it is possible to fix it during cosmetic surgery..

Dry and stuffy nose after surgery also sometimes causes breathing problems, which are temporary or long-term, and mainly short-term stuffiness is due to internal swelling after surgery, and a large part of the internal and external swelling of the nose during The first weeks are greatly reduced. But it takes several months for the swelling to disappear completely. Of course, natural wounds in the nose caused by surgery also cause breathing problems.

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Is shortness of breath normal after nose surgery?

Nasal tipping and narrowing are often due to the presence of excessive secretions after nose surgery and existing inflammation and swelling.. This is completely normal for several months after rhinoplasty and there is no need to worry about shortness of breath.. As mentioned, some breathing problems are temporary and appear as a result of swelling and other side effects after surgery..

Since you cannot clean the inside of your nose during this time, mucus and foreign substances may remain there and block the airway.. In this case, you can use sodium chloride nasal spray. External swelling of the nose and its inner wall may also temporarily narrow the respiratory tract and make breathing a little difficult.. You can help to reduce the swelling in that area by placing an ice compress on the nose, which will also relieve the difficulty of breathing..

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Of course, some breathing problems caused after rhinoplasty may remain for a longer period of time, or it may even be necessary to perform restorative rhinoplasty to solve them.. If the airway or airway is weakened, or the nasal bone and the lateral wall of the nose become narrower than normal, breathing disorders occur.. Any changes that occur in the internal breathing passages of the nose and nostrils, if applied incorrectly, can affect the breathing process..

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Breathing after rhinoplasty

One of the things that may disturb the breathing function after the nose job is related to the respiratory passages. During the rhinoplasty, the surgeon may have narrowed the airways too much, as a result of which you notice difficulty in breathing.. This complication usually occurs after removing the hump and protrusion of the nose.

Another factor that may make breathing difficult after nose surgery is nosebleeds. This complication usually occurs when there is a hole on the nasal septum. For this reason, the inner tissue of the nose is dry and prone to bleeding; Especially when your nose is irritated by an irritant such as sneezing.

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Another factor that can cause breathing problems after nose surgery is cutting and removing a large part of the cartilage tissue of the nose.. This causes the two side walls of the nose to collide with each other and block the airway. Of course, this problem can be treated. A person can undergo reconstructive nose surgery and the surgeon can solve this problem by using grafting technique during the operation..

In some special cases after the operation, the nasal surgeon may use a nasal tampon to prevent bleeding and preserve the structure of the nose.. This makes breathing difficult for several days. During this time, it is better to breathe through the mouth. After a few days, the tampon is removed from the nose. In the past, this special tampon was used for all patients, but today it is only used for people who have special conditions..

Other causes of respiratory problems can be excessive enlargement of the nostrils انحراف تیغه بینی The main mentioned that these cases are also easily treated.

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