Choosing the best closed nose surgery

Choosing the best closed nose surgery

Complications and risks of closed nose surgery

The best closed nose surgery | This method has many advantages, but it cannot be said that it is flawless. Since the doctor cannot see the whole appearance, he has less control than the open method. So you should choose a skilled doctor for this procedure. Remember that this method is only for correcting partial defects and is not recommended for reconstructive nose surgery.

The surgeon's lack of sufficient control over the structure of the nose can be dangerous and damage other parts of the nose. This is why the expertise and skill of the surgeon is very important in preventing the complications and risks of this procedure. Another serious side effect of this method is drooping of the tip of the nose. Other complications and risks of this method include::

  1. Nasal stuffy feeling
  2. Respiratory problems
  3. خونریزی
  4. Intranasal ulcer
  5. تورم
  6. Postoperative nasal asymmetry

Choosing the best closed nose surgery is important.

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The difference between closed and open nose surgery

During the closed rhinoplasty approach, ۲ incisions are made within the inside of the nose. It is through these incisions that all alterations will be made. An open rhinoplasty includes the same two incisions, but with one additional incision connecting the two, across the columella. That final connecting incision is called a trans-columellar incision

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In the closed rhinoplasty method, two incisions are made inside the nose. It is through these incisions that the surgeon makes all the changes. Open rhinoplasty involves the same two incisions, but with an additional incision that joins the two in the columella (The part that separates the two nostrils.) connects. That cut of the final connection is called transcolumellar cut.

The cost of closed nose surgery

Although various factors affect the price of rhinoplasty, the cost of closed rhinoplasty is lower than open rhinoplasty.. Whether rhinoplasty is fleshy or bony affects the cost of the surgery; The type and purpose of the surgery, the type of clinic, the geographical location and the equipment used, the expertise and skill of the doctor, the cost of tests and counseling sessions before and after the operation are all factors that affect the cost of closed nose surgery..

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Do I have a fleshy nose?

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery that cuts through the nostrils without the need for stitches or leaving a scar.. The purpose of this method is to fix small and superficial defects and it is more suitable for fleshy noses. The most important advantage of closed nose surgery is shorter recovery period and less side effects such as less pain, swelling and bleeding..

common questions

Is closed nose surgery dangerous?
This procedure is not more dangerous than open rhinoplasty, but due to the possibility of blood accumulation in the throat, it must be performed under general anesthesia so that it is not dangerous..

Is closed nose surgery reversible?
Usually, the result of closed nose surgery is not reversible; But sometimes, due to the swelling and formation of calluses in the nasal bones, there may be a slight irregularity in the bridge..

Are bony noses surgically closed?
Closed rhinoplasty is suitable for both bony noses and fleshy noses, and there are no restrictions for closed bony nose surgery..

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Does closed nose surgery hurt?
Closed rhinoplasty is a less invasive procedure that is less painful than open rhinoplasty.

Is it possible to correct the symmetry in nasal packing surgery?
Yes, one of the main uses of closed nose surgery is to fix the problem of nasal asymmetry.

How long should the dressing be on the nose in closed nose surgery?
Plaster or nasal splint should stay on the nose for a week and change the sterile gauze every 6 hours.

How long should I exercise after nose surgery?
You should avoid heavy physical activity and vigorous exercise for 6 weeks after nose surgery.

Is it possible to lift a short nose bridge with closed surgery?
Yes, nose bridge shortening can be done with closed or open rhinoplasty.

Can nose surgery be done again?
At least there should be a gap between the first surgery and the re-surgery of the nose so that the swelling inside the nose disappears and the nose is formed one year later.

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