The difference between a bony nose and a fleshy nose

The difference between a bony nose and a fleshy nose

The difference between a bony nose and a fleshy nose

The difference between a bony nose and a fleshy nose | In general, the nose can be divided into two types of bony nose and fleshy nose in terms of texture, cartilage and thickness of the skin.. In this article, we are going to examine the difference between bony nose and fleshy nose.

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The difference between bony and fleshy nose

Nasal bone : These noses have strong cartilage and thin skin, and there is often a bulge or hump in the bridge of these types of noses..

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بینی گوشتی : This type of nose has weak cartilage and thick skin. In fleshy noses, the tip of the nose is wide and sometimes fallen, and the height of the nasal wings is also high.

Nose bone

The purpose of rhinoplasty is to remove the hump on the bridge of the nose as well as the tissues that caused this protrusion.. Bony noses have the feature that all types of rhinoplasty, including natural, fantasy and semi-fantasy rhinoplasty, can be performed on them..

Bone nose surgery is less complicated compared to meat nose surgery, although it should be noted that due to the thin skin of bone noses, any slight unevenness in the surgery of these noses will be clearly visible.. In general, it can be said that bony noses are considered as ideal noses, and generally it is more possible to achieve ideal results from surgery in this type of nose..

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جراحی بینی گوشتی

Nose surgery is highly sensitive due to the thick skin and weak cartilage of these types of noses. In the surgery of this type of nose, due to the prevention of breathing problems, the skin of the nose should not be too thin, so the most suitable type of rhinoplasty for fleshy noses is natural rhinoplasty, and people who have fleshy noses should not undergo rhinoplasty. Expect to achieve a small and delicate nose.

انتخاب جراح بینی in esfehan

دستیابی به نتیجه رضایت بخش از جراحی بینی ، بسیار وابسته به انتخاب بهترین جراح بینی می باشد ، لذا بدین منظور باید جراح بینی ای که از تجربه و مهارت لازم در زمینه جراحی انواع بینی برخوردار است را انتخاب نمود.

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Considering the characteristics that we have mentioned in connection with fleshy nose, as well as the high sensitivity of this type of nose in surgery, it should be emphasized that fleshy nose surgery is highly dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon in the field of fleshy nose surgery..

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