Complication of nasal adhesion after nose surgery

Complication of nasal adhesion after nose surgery

Nasal adhesions after rhinoplasty

Nasal adhesions after surgery, which is called Sinica in medical terms (synechiae) It is also said to be a minor and common complication in rhinoplasty surgery. In fact, this complication is the opposite of the loosening of the nose after surgery

Since this problem may cause breathing problems for the patient, we decided to discuss in this article the reason for post-operative adhesion and its treatment..

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What is the cause of adhesions after surgery?

Nasal adhesion As the name suggests, the sides of the nose stick to the middle blade.. This adhesion causes that the air flow is not well established and the person has breathing problems. This may happen for a number of reasons, including::

  1. Damage to the cells of the nasal mucosa due to the lack of attention of the surgeon
  2. Post-operative infection due to not taking prescribed medications
  3. Non-healing of intranasal wounds
  4. Creating extra meat inside the nose
  5. The strong insistence of the patient to shrink the nose as a result of removing too much cartilage by the plastic surgeon
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What are the symptoms of adhesions after surgery?

  • Respiratory problems
  • Shortness of breath
  • گرفتگی بینی
  • Sometimes a disturbance in smell

What is the removal of adhesions after the operation?

Before doing anything, you have to go to one جراح بینی He visited to make sure of the adhesion of the nose. Next, the doctor will take action to fix it based on the area where the adhesion has occurred. In mild cases, this is done under local anesthesia. But in more severe cases, the need for re-surgery and cartilage transplant by a جراح بینی It will be restorative.

When should you see a nose surgeon?

Nasal adhesions after surgery in most cases are caused by the doctor's weakness in using surgical techniques. Although in most cases it improves with time, but in case of breathing problems and shortness of breath, you should see a nose surgeon as soon as possible..

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What does nasal adhesion mean?
Removal or damage to the nasal mucosa and as a result the side of the nose sticks to its blade

What are the symptoms of nasal congestion?
The most common symptom is breathing disorder and stuffy nose

Is nasal congestion dangerous?
No, but it must be treated

Treatment of nasal congestion

The doctor, by ordering a CT scan, diagnoses the cause of this complication after the surgery and performs a reconstructive surgery to treat it.. In reconstructive nose surgery, in order to solve this problem, the surgeon places a silastic layer inside the nose, which prevents the two sides of the nose from coming together and cuts off the adhesion..

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The silastic layer should remain in the nose for a week. During this interval, the nasal mucosa and its inner lining are repaired, and after the patient's breathing problems improve, the silastic layer is removed from the inside of his nose..

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