Fantasy nose surgery

Fantasy nose surgery

Fantasy nose surgery

Fantasy nose surgery : The nose is the only prominent part of the face, so the fit between the nose and other parts of the face plays an effective role in facial beauty.. If there are defects in the appearance of the nose, it disturbs the fit of the face and affects the beauty of the person's face.

Today, rhinoplasty has gained a lot of fans, especially among women. Nowadays, puppet or fantasy nose surgery is also considered by some women. In rhinoplasty, the fancy nose is significantly reduced. And in the profile view, a lot of arches and curvature are created. The height of the nose at the angle of the profile in the fantasy nose surgery is high. It causes the nose to become narrower in the front view, which is too normal and creates a so-called crease on the top of the nasal fins, which will cause a linear fall on the top of the nasal fins..

Fantasy nose surgery | Of nose surgery

دکتر مجید راستی | Of nose surgery | Fantasy nose surgery

Tips on Fantasy Rhinoplasty

Having a strong tissue and cartilage in the nose, as well as having thin skin, are essential for fancy nose surgery..
Note that people with bony noses and small facial organs. They are a good candidate for fancy yin surgery.
Applicants for fancy nose surgery should refrain from pressuring the surgeon to shrink the nose too much and leave the decision to the surgeon..
People with fleshy noses. They are not a good candidate for fancy nose surgery and the best nose surgery for them is natural nose surgery.
جراحي بيني فانتزي باید توسط یک جراح بینی مجرب که در زمینه جراحی بینی های فانتزی ( بهترین جراح بینی Fantasy ) To end up with acceptable results.

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What does a rhinosurgeon do in fantasy rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty Surgeon In order to perform fancy nose surgery, in order to shrink the nose, you must first; Examine the structure of the nose.

It should be noted that the nasal surgeon should not try to shrink the nose abnormally. Because too much shrinkage of the nose leads to respiratory disorders for the patient. In fancy rhinoplasty, the surgeon's main focus is on the tip of the nose, and the changes made to the tip of the nose should be more nosed and higher than other models of rhinoplasty. ( Natural and semi-fantasy ) , Be.

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In general, in fancy nose surgery, the nasal surgeon rounds or angles the tip of the nose according to the fit of the face and according to the patient's taste..
It also raises the tip of the nose slightly to make the nose doll.

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Preoperative measures of fancy nose surgery

Adherence to pre-fancy rhinoplasty procedures has a significant effect on obtaining optimal results from rhinoplasty.
And people can have safe nose surgery by following these procedures.

Applicants for fancy rhinoplasty should take the following precautions before rhinoplasty :

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Explain your wishes and expectations from this surgery to the rhinosurgeon in full during the consultation session.
Must have realistic expectations of rhinoplasty.
The tests prescribed by the nasal surgeon must be performed exactly.
Stop taking aspirin and medications that contain it, such as profen, for at least 2 weeks before rhinoplasty.
Because the use of these drugs leads to impaired blood circulation and increases the risk of bleeding.
Avoid smoking and nicotine-containing drugs completely from 2 weeks before rhinoplasty.
Alcoholic beverages are prohibited for rhinoplasty applicants for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery..

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