Causes of nose itching after rhinoplasty

Causes of nose itching after rhinoplasty

Treatment of itching after surgery

itchy nose | If you've recently undergone rhinoplasty, one of the side effects you may not expect during recovery is itching.. Although the itchy sensation inside the nose after rhinoplasty is usually transient and goes away, it is possible that it may worsen in the following days..

While it is completely normal to experience an itchy nose after plaster surgery, many people who experience this sensation are looking for a way to reduce the itchiness.. In this article, we will examine the cause of nose itching after rhinoplasty and the ways to improve it.

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What is the cause of itchy nose after surgery?

It seems that the most important cause of nose itching after the operation is allergic reactions to the nasal glue. Of course, this is true when the itching is on the outside of the nose. Other causes may also cause itchy nose after nose surgery, which include the following:

  1. Sweating of the skin
  2. Pimples in the nose area

If itching is felt inside the nose, it usually goes away within two weeks and is due to the healing process of the nose. On the other hand, the itching may be due to the stitches. In order to treat itchy nose after nose surgery, it is enough to follow the following points:

  • Ask your doctor to check you for an infection.
  • Assess yourself for allergies and if you are allergic to an agent, use an oral antihistamine under the supervision of a doctor..
    Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Do not manipulate the surgical area in any way.
  • Use a cold water compress.
  • Do not use anti-itch cream until the wound is closed.
  • Although itchy nose after rhinoplasty is not normal, but if you still feel itchy after several days, you should definitely consult a specialist. جراح بینی Which can take effect immediately after the operation and disappear.
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Factors affecting nasal itching

Factors that cause itchy nose include::

  1. Seasonal allergies: In the pollination seasons of the plants, such as late spring or early summer, the symptoms of itchy nose increase.
  2. The most common cause among people is laryngitis or inflammation of the vocal cords, which is mainly due to a respiratory infection, for example when: Infections and factors that cause colds.
  3. dry air: One of the reasons is the dry climate of the area where you live.
  4. Allergic rhinitis: Inflammation and irritation of the nasal passages cause itchy nose.
  5. بیماری های پوستی: Skin diseases such as fungus, eczema, psoriasis lead to itchy nose.
  6. Hormonal changes during adolescence and pregnancy
  7. Sudden changes in air and humidity
  8. Some drugs and chemicals
  9. Some perfumes and the smell of detergents
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What is the cause of burning nose after surgery?
In general, itching and burning of the nose after the operation is not far from expected, and the cause is usually due to the inflammation inside the nose after the operation and the healing process of the surgical sites.. But if there is no improvement over time, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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Itching inside the nose

Sometimes the nose itch is superficial and occurs on the skin of the nose and has its roots inside the nose. Itching on the inner surface indicates the recovery and good progress of the nasal health process and the result of the operation. The duration of this complication is two to three weeks after the surgery, after which it will be resolved over time.

Itching at the surgical suture site

Sometimes, at the discretion of the surgeon, incisions are made in the skin of the person's nose so that the nasal membranes reach the desired size and become smaller, then at the end of the surgery, stitches are made on the surface of the incisions.. As the stitches get better, the nose will start to itch, which is temporary and the itching will stop after a week..

Itching after removing the nasal plaster or splint

One of the factors that cause itchy nose before surgery is acne or sweating on the skin. The nasal plaster should remain for 4-5 days after the operation. At this time, pimples on the nose or excessive sweating of the skin will cause itching..

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Be careful to never use sharp tools and equipment to remove the itch if you feel itching in the nose before removing the nasal plaster; Because it may cause sores on the nose and because of the lack of visibility, the nose may become infected, and it will have irreparable consequences.. It is better to use alcohol to clean the surface of the nose so that it does not get infected.

Could a burning nose be a sign of infection?

Burning nose or bad smell may be a sign of infection after rhinoplasty. Of course, it should be noted that every burning sensation is not a sign of infection, so if you see any such condition, go to your surgeon to be sure of its existence with a doctor's examination..

The risk of infection after surgery is normal and it happens to some people. When facing an infection and becoming aware of it with the appearance of symptoms such as a bad smell or persistent and painful burning, you should look for the reasons and factors that contributed to the infection.. Persistence and lack of attention to the infection will delay the healing of the scar and threaten your health.

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