Waiting for nose surgery

Waiting for nose surgery

Expected results of rhinoplasty

جراحی بینی گوشتی | Although today, for cosmetic surgery, there are some mathematical calculations to determine the optimal features of the nose . But in all cases, the patient's desired aesthetic goals should be taken into consideration as primary criteria in treatment. One of the reasons why people use nose job . There is a conflict between a person's self-image and the person's actual appearance after surgery.

In this way, Dr. Majid Rasti Of nose surgery He always tries to put the desired characteristics of the patient as his main priority and based on these characteristics, cosmetic surgery بینی گوشتی to do. When performing rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Rasti advises his patients to use procedures and care after rhinoplasty. . which leads to a natural appearance for the person and does not create an abnormal appearance for the patient after the treatment.

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Of nose surgery | جراحی سپتوپلاستی

Methods of meat nose surgery

بینی گوشتی It is a special type of nose that has a rounder or wider head compared to other parts of the nose. Anyway, many patients who have surgery بینی گوشتی do . Finally, they are dissatisfied with the appearance of their noses, and some patients with رینوپلاستی They say for a nose with a wide tip . The appearance of their desired nose has not been created.

Rhinoplasty to correct the fleshy nose

Rhinoplasty surgery for جراحی بینی گوشتی It is necessary to change the shape of the lateral cartilage of the patient's nose. But how can the patient's broad nose be corrected due to lateral cartilage and a narrow and triangular nose with a suitable appearance for the patient be created?

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Similar to other types of problems that cosmetic surgery is used to correct, there are several treatment methods for Of nose surgery By accepting the cost of nose surgery, in order to change the shape of the nose and improve its appearance, some of these methods are explained below..

Nose tip manipulation technique

A choice to modify the appearance بینی گوشتی And the prevention of the complications of rhinoplasty is to shrink the lower cartilage on both sides of the nose . And in this way, a smaller nose can be created for the patient. This rhinoplasty technique is known as nose manipulation technique . And in that extra cartilage is removed from the tip of the nose. Next, by gathering the skin of the nose after surgery, a small and beautiful appearance is created for the nose.

In these circumstances جراح بینی It should keep part of the amount of lateral cartilage . In this way, it provides the necessary support for the head of the nose. If the nose manipulation technique is used more than necessary on a patient . Then the remaining lower lateral cartilage is slightly reduced . that it will not be possible to keep the patient's nostrils open.

Deformation technique with stitches

Another technique used for جراحی بینی گوشتی And especially wide noses are a technique of reshaping with sutures. It is more suitable for some patients who have an anatomical structure of the nose . Use this technique without the need to manipulate the cartilage of the nose can appear بینی گوشتی correct the person. In many cases رینوپلاستی It is possible to use this technique. Because in this case, there is no need to change the support structure in the nasal head area . This technique is more favorable compared to other rhinoplasty surgery techniques.

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Reshaping with sutures to correct fleshy noses involves permanent suturing of the tissue inside the nose. Technically, these sutures are applied in such a way that they can narrow the lower lateral cartilage . And in this way, the fleshy appearance of the nose is corrected and improved. When this method is used appropriately for the patient . It can have a significant effect on improving the overall appearance of the patient's nose.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty care in the summer

Nasal cartilage transplant

An alternative technique for the correction of a fleshy nose involves the use of a cartilage graft to reshape the lower lateral cartilage.. For some patients who are undergoing nose surgery . The cartilage of the nasal tip is so stiff that it requires the use of a more advanced surgical technique compared to the techniques of manipulating the tip of the nose and reshaping it with sutures..

Transplantation in rhinoplasty means this . that a part of the cartilage of the patient's body is removed from one area and used to change the shape of the nose in another area. This cartilage is usually taken from the patient's own nasal septum . But ear cartilage and ribs can also be used for grafting purposes in rhinoplasty. In cases where the patient's nose is fleshy . The removed cartilage is used to correct the appearance of the nose and balance it.

Surgical treatment of nasal polyps

In most cases in surgery بینی گوشتی The reason for creating fleshy appearance for people's noses is the presence of nasal wings . that the wing part is like the lower lateral cartilage, and in these people, this part of the nose is overdeveloped on both sides.. The above picture shows the structure of the nose when looking at it from below.

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If a solid piece of cartilage is placed under the nose . And if the nostrils are tied to this link, it is possible to narrow the tip of the nose and improve its appearance for the patient. as a result جراحی بینی گوشتی The patient will have a smoother appearance. The end result of this technique is to create a narrower and more beautiful nose for the patient.

Combined techniques for rhinoplasty surgery of fleshy noses

For many patients, a combination of the above methods for جراحی بینی گوشتی Used. For example, in cases where the lower lateral cartilage is deformed . Not flexible with suturing technique . A conservative cartilage manipulation technique can be used to achieve the patient's expected results in rhinoplasty surgery. In other cases, nasal tip reshaping with sutures can be combined with nasal tip cartilage grafting technique . And in this way, a suitable appearance for the head of the patient's nose is created.

In the end, it should be noted that the most important step in meaty nose job Finding a plastic surgeon who is expert and familiar with various techniques to change the shape of the fleshy nose. Although most plastic surgeons offer successful results in rhinoplasty by accepting the cost of rhinoplasty . But sometimes those results are difficult to achieve. In some cases, rhinoplasty specialists perform secondary rhinoplasty for patients . And with this surgery, special problems after primary nose surgery are corrected.

In some cases, the results of initial rhinoplasty may have resulted in the loss of a significant amount of cartilage and bone in the patient's nose. . or has affected the shape of the nose and its function.

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