Cost of rhinoplasty

Cost of rhinoplasty

The cost of rhinoplasty in Isfahan

Cost of rhinoplasty | The cost of nose surgery is one of the most important concerns of people applying for nose surgery, for this reason, it is one of the repeated questions of people, so for this reason, we decided to talk about the cost of nose surgery in this article.. It is better to know that the cost of rhinoplasty surgery is different in different departments and times. When a person applies for this procedure, he should be prepared to pay its costs..

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | How much do we know about rhinoplasty?

The cost of rhinoplasty in Isfahan

A fleshy nose, which is known for having a weak cartilaginous framework and thick skin, is a type of nose whose surgery is more challenging compared to a bony nose, and as a result, the time spent for this type of nose surgery is longer and also A higher level of experience, expertise and skill of the doctor is required. During the nose job process, the doctor sometimes needs to use the nose graft process to strengthen the cartilage tissue of the nose and perform techniques to change the thickness of the skin.. All these cases have doubled the complexity of the process and it is reasonable to expect that the cost of the process will also change.

The cost of reconstructive nose surgery in Isfahan

Many specialists know this process as a complex and challenging process, which increases the cost of rhinoplasty in Tehran, but the scope of the challenge and complexity of this process is intensified when the secondary rhinoplasty is supposed to be performed on the nose. Patient should be done. The nose has a complex structure, and when this complex, delicate and delicate structure is operated by an inexperienced surgeon, it faces problems in appearance and function that make the repair very difficult for an experienced and skilled surgeon..

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بنابراین ، لازم می دانیم یک بار دیگر اهمیت انتخاب یک جراح بینی خوب ، ماهر و با تجربه را مورد تاکید قرار دهیم. Now that you are aware of the complexity of reconstructive nose surgery, you can conclude that regarding the cost of this treatment process, the higher cost compared to the primary surgery is not unreasonable.. به همین منظور برای مدیریت هزینه و صرفه جویی در آن ، بهتر است گام انتخاب جراح بینی اولیه را صحیح برداریم تا از متحمل شدن هزینه جراحی بینی ثانویه معاف شویم.

Cost of fancy nose job

Many women nowadays like to make their noses with a fancy model and have a beautiful nose similar to the nose of a lovely Barbie doll.. At the time of choosing this nose model, the question arises whether the cost of nose surgery with the fantasy model is different compared to other models?

The fantasy nose model has special features, and to create it, the doctor needs to change the angle between the lips and the nose and bring it to a certain ratio.. In addition, another feature of the fancy nose is its small size, which requires the surgeon to use techniques to reduce the size of the nose.. So, as you can see, rhinoplasty with the fantasy model is performed under almost different conditions, and due to its more specialized nature, it can be expected that its cost is also different from other nose models..

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In the consultation session, after performing the necessary evaluations and determining your willingness to undergo surgery with a fantasy model, the surgeon will discuss the cost with the patient..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Answers to all questions about rhinoplasty

Skills of a nasal surgeon

One of the most important factors affecting the price of rhinoplasty is the reputation and skill of the nose surgeon, because the nose surgeon who has been doing this job for several years has dealt with the challenges of rhinoplasty surgery and can now shape the best nose. without causing respiratory problems etc.

The type of nose is one of the factors that affect the cost of nose surgery. People who have fleshy or cartilaginous noses usually have to pay more than those with bony noses due to the more difficult operation of this type of nose.. Also, the cost of reconstructive nose surgery in Isfahan is usually more complicated due to the correction of defects resulting from primary rhinoplasty, so its cost is different..

Anesthetist fee for surgery

If the nose job is done under general anesthesia, an anesthesiologist is needed to check the patient's vital signs during the surgery.. Choosing the complete anesthesia method is because the patient does not feel pain during the surgical process and the surgeon performs the surgery with more concentration..

معمولا قبل از مراجعه به بیمارستان یا کلینیک بیمار هزینه های همچون هزینه مشاوره و ویزیت بهترین Of nose surgery ، هزینه آزمایشات ، هزینه عکس آتلیه برای جراحی ، هزینه سیتی اسکن به منظور بررسی مشکلات تنفسی و شکستگی بینی و ارزیابی دقیق بینی جهت رفع ایرادات می باشد.


After the rhinoplasty, the patient must visit the nose surgeon's office at regular intervals for a detailed examination of the nose . This includes travel expenses. Also, the patient should take the medicines prescribed by the nose surgeon . prepare and use them regularly to get better sooner.

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Usually, the patient is advised to leave the nose taping to the doctor for a while after the operation to get better results . So as not to cause a nose deformity by applying the wrong glue. The fee paid for post-operative examinations is also considered part of the cost of rhinoplasty. The process of visiting the patient after surgery is as follows :

  1. The visit for the first month is done every week.
  2. The first year visit happens every three months.
  3. The second year visit is done every 6 months.
Clinic fee

Typically, running costs for clinics are lower than for hospitals. Because in the clinic, after the surgery, the patient can be discharged from the clinic after 4 hours and regain consciousness, but in the hospital, the person needs to stay in the hospital for one day..

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Do you need a nose job?

The cost of the surgeon's salary

The biggest cost of rhinoplasty is related to the surgeon's salary. This cost depends on the expertise and experience of your doctor. A doctor who has more experience and skill in surgery . earns a higher fee. It is better to know that rhinoplasty is one of the most sensitive surgeries . If you go to a novice or non-specialist doctor to reduce the costs of this operation . You may not be able to compensate for this damage for the rest of your life . Because the nose is a very important part of facial beauty.

So it is recommended to spend the expenses that are going to be spent in this way . Do not prioritize your choices.

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