The cost of rhinoplasty surgery in 1402

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery in 1402

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty is different for different people; Because nose surgery is planned and performed specifically for one person based on his aesthetic and functional needs.. For this reason, consultation and evaluation with Dr. Majid Rasti is necessary for an accurate estimate of the minimum cost of rhinoplasty. During the initial consultation at the cosmetic surgery clinic, you will be given advice before the nose job. We can review your beauty goals and medical records and choose the best and most appropriate procedure for you.

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Of nose surgery | Cost of rhinoplasty surgery .

What does the final cost of rhinoplasty include?

Usually, the cost of rhinoplasty includes the following:

  1. surgeon fee
  2. Anesthetist fee
  3. Hospital expenses
  4. Tax will be added to all the mentioned costs.

The big difference in the price and cost of nose surgery performed by different surgeons is due to the big difference in all the mentioned costs.. Below we will take a closer look at each of these factors that determine the price of rhinoplasty :

surgeon fee

The salary of a rhinoplasty specialist usually includes the cost of the rhinoplasty itself. Cost of surgery Nasal boneIt depends on the surgery you choose. The huge difference in the cost of rhinoplasty surgery shows the expertise of the surgeon in rhinoplasty, his professional qualifications, experience, recognition and fame..

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Nose reconstructive surgery (Secondary) To correct deformities and function of the nose

You have to make sure that to bear the cost of the surgery Nasal bone or fleshy You have chosen a surgeon with the necessary qualifications. Most surgeons say that rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries to reduce the size of the nose. Also, this procedure is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that require subsequent corrections. This is because nose plastic surgery, is a combination of science and art, and the smallest things can lead to big reactions, both negative and positive.

Your surgeon must share the cost of rhinoplasty with you in the initial consultation.

دستمزد جراح بینی استخوانی ممکن است به چندین میلیون برسد که بسته به شرایط هر جراح متفاوت است. The fees offered by different surgeons may also vary according to the type of operation required. This is fair, as more complex procedures will require more expertise, skill and time in the operating room.

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Initial consultation fee

Price Rhinoplasty | In the first visit to a nose surgery specialist, the initial consultation will also have a cost. This cost, like the salary of the surgeon, depends on him.

About doing Nose surgery and pregnancy , if decided to do Nose surgery If you have and are thinking about pregnancy or have recently given birth, a consultation session will be arranged before the surgery.. You can ask all your questions in this session. Nose surgery In many cases it is irreversible. Therefore, you should make sure that you have all the information you need about your situation before doing so. Some of the questions below can clear your doubts.

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Anesthetist fee

The salary of anesthesiologists depends on their conditions. These people, like many other medical specialists and nose surgeons, do not have a specific salary. Why do you need a qualified anesthesiologist? This person monitors your vital functions and life while you are unconscious. You need a specialist who knows the ins and outs of anesthetic drugs, is familiar with the possible risks and risks, and can fix them when you are anesthetized.. In addition to safety, the skill of the anesthetist can be an important factor in your comfort during and after the rhinoplasty..

Most surgeons only work with qualified anesthesiologists, and their wages will be much higher than a regular anesthesiologist doing the same job..

Hospital expenses

The cost of different hospitals will be very different. Make sure you go to a well-equipped and reputable hospital with trained personnel and high standards for your rhinoplasty.. Most famous surgeons only use these hospitals. The main component of hospital costs is the cost of the operating room..

Hospital fees for nose surgery usually do not include overnight stay. The cost that is usually announced includes the cost of the daily operation, which consists of 1 to 3 hours in the operating room and the time it takes to recover after the operation and remove the effect of anesthetic drugs.. Of course, if overnight stay is required, the costs will be higher.

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Other expenses

Price Rhinoplasty | In rhinoplasty operation, there may be other costs that will be higher than the mentioned main costs..

The cost of medical tests, if needed : Depending on your general health and other possible medical complications, some medical tests may be required before rhinoplasty.. The cost of these tests will be paid separately from the cost of rhinoplasty. It is also necessary to perform a CT scan to ensure that the nasal passages are straight.
The cost of additional methods : Additional procedures during rhinoplasty may incur additional costs. One of these additional procedures that is commonly performed involves grafting tissue from other parts of the body to the nose in order to enlarge it by changing its overall shape.. In addition, the surgeon may charge a higher fee for open surgery on the nose, which requires more time..

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The cost of rhinoplasty surgery : Insurance problems

If your intention is to perform nose surgery to correct the way it works and to fix defects such as deviation of the nasal septum and breathing problems, insurance is a part of the cost of the nose surgery. (Or even all of it) will cover. Be sure to make the necessary arrangements with your insurance company before performing nose plastic surgery, because some of these companies require approval before performing nose surgery..

Rhinoplasty performed for cosmetic purposes is usually not covered by insurance companies.

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