Nose incomplete

Nose incomplete

Nose incomplete

Tip of the nose can be incomplete (Shaped) باشد.
This can be due to softness in the area under the tip of the nose or short or both of these cases is Kalvmla.
In the event of a malfunction in the link at the tip of the nose tip of the nose will be placed on the agenda.
In short Kalvmla of action highlighting is used.
در موارد نقص نوک بینی بیشتر از پیوند در این ناحیه استفاده می شود زیرا این روش ساختار و شکل دهی نوک بینی را تامین می کند.

We prefer to link the anatomical area of ​​the nasal tip.
The links in both closed and open like the pages of links golf T-Daniel is Shane link. Link creates a form that is similar to the normal anatomy of the central cross and dome of the tip of the nose (Dvmz) می باشد. Cartilage Sptv (Pre-Intermediate) For this purpose, ideal.

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نحوه جراحی بینی های گوشتی

It should be used in a manner which is placed trapezoidal shape to the nose not.
Passns the ear concha (Glass kauum) The tip of the nose is the best way to make links.
Because this part of the ear had enough and need to measure the curvature is not always available. In most cases, there is a need to reshape the nasal tip.

The purpose link:

The purpose of the support by linking (Link at the top – Cup) it will be obtained.
Sponsor link that links two or three layers and the area under the tip of the nose is worked.

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نکاتی راجع به جراحی پلک

This connection is done with three goals:
(۱) To shape better
(۲) To prove the tip of the nose
(۳) Link tip of the nose to fill the empty space. Annie tip of the nose is not required stitches link.

Surgery to open Nasal tip cartilages Separated and transplanted into the nose dome ( Ayntrdvmal) Placed between them.

On a large scale is an anatomical link (The ears as donor), And a link to the curved edge is used.

The patient also a link from the dermis (drmys) In line with the volume of the lips will benefit.

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