Good nose surgeon for rhinoplasty

Good nose surgeon for rhinoplasty

جراح بینی خوب برای بینی گوشتی کیست؟

جراح بینی Good | The nose is the fingerprint of the face. No two noses are exactly alike . Your nose is unique to you and there are different nose models, each of which requires a special technique for rhinoplasty. Many noses have enough features in common with each other . which we can categorize in main categories and one of them is model بینی گوشتی است.

Nose surgeons classify noses based on their shape. Its shape is determined by the main structures inside the nose . such as nasal bones, nasal cartilage, and the type of skin that covers the bones and cartilages. So for meaty nose job Standards are also needed . that only a good doctor for fleshy nose can do it in the best possible way.

For this purpose, in this article we want to briefly talk about بینی گوشتی And the special nose operation and the characteristics of a good surgeon بینی گوشتی talk; So, if your nose shape is fleshy and you are about to have a nose job, stay with us until the end of this article.

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

fleshy nose and its beauty function

When it comes to nose shape . It should be kept in mind that the shape of each person's nose is different from another . And for this reason, their type of nose surgery will also be different from each other. Due to genetics, aging and external factors, the shape of each person's nose is variable . And some people who don't feel comfortable with their nose shape . They may want to modify them.

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The shape of the nose is primarily determined by genetics . But the natural process of aging also causes certain changes in the shape of the nose. With age, cartilage (which contains collagen) The bottom of the nose loses its shape . And the tip of the nose is drooping . which makes the appearance of the nose appear fleshy. In addition, the sebaceous glands of the nose can become enlarged, making the nose appear wider . All these factors work hand in hand so that we have the shape of a nose. بینی گوشتی let's say . And to modify and change it from a good doctor for بینی گوشتی get help.

It is possible for people with nose deformities to correct the fleshy nose shape . Think about plastic nose surgery. However, it is important to note this point . that the nose of girls usually up to one year after menstruation (About 15 years old) It is not fully formed . And boys' noses are usually identified one year after the last growth spurt . (About 18 years old) It grows perfectly.

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But how can a person change the shape of his nose?

As there are different shapes of noses . There are a variety of surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques to address various concerns related to the size and shape of the nose. Which type of procedure to choose depends on the type of nose, anatomy, skin type and the patient's concerns . Therefore, it is not far from the mind that the rhinoplasty technique for fleshy noses will be different from the technique used in bony rhinoplasty..

The difference in the technique and type of nose surgery used in various nose models has the advantage that a person can expect the best possible result from his nose surgery.. Suppose a nose surgeon performs a nose job on a person with proper rhinoplasty technique for broken or small noses. Undoubtedly, the result of this action will not only be successful . Rather, it will cause more damage to the mentioned person's nose and will have the opposite effect on the beauty of the person's appearance. Therefore, it can be concluded that a successful rhinoplasty depends on 3 important factors:

  1. Your surgeon's ability to identify and understand the main type of nose and nose you want and your desire for rhinoplasty.
  2. Good communication between you and your doctor about your goals, needs, limitations and strengths of different surgical techniques, etc.
  3. Implementation of the rhinoplasty technique that matches the shape of the fleshy nose and your expectations.

Meanwhile, it can be said that factor number 1 will have the greatest impact on the successful outcome of a cosmetic procedure. Choosing a good doctor for fleshy nose can be the basis of a successful rhinoplasty. Do not forget that a good surgeon for بینی گوشتی, a lot of knowledge about how certain types of noses respond to different techniques . Or exactly how the meaty nose should be operated . to lead to the best results.

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Does nose job work well?

A fleshy nose is the most common nose shape in the world and reports suggest it. About 25% of people have this type of nose, especially in Asia. This type of nose is prominent and wide and full of fat . It can be big or small, but in any case it has a fleshy appearance.

The fleshy noses are large and protruding . And they have more fat parts than bone parts. Rhinoplasty can be used to correct the shape of the fleshy nose and make it smaller and narrower . And made many changes to it. However, all these positive results happen only when . that nose surgery should be done by a good doctor for fleshy nose . Someone who is well familiar with the shape and anatomy of fleshy noses . And he knows by changing which parts of this nose model he can achieve the desired results for himself and his patient.


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