Plastic Surgery : Yes Or NO

Plastic Surgery : Yes Or NO

When someone psychologically, the injury bothered her, because we do not preserve it.?!!?

Some agree and some disagree are plastic surgery. Some would say there's one not see plastic surgery because of the field to serve a particular community of people. When we say plastic surgery is not cosmetic surgery, only, they can be answered. When someone in terms of mental and emotional, a اذیتش lesion, why not do it better? Some cults say it should not be the person to change his face and solve his problems-given. In this issue, and said God is beautiful and loves beauty. In the category rather than the restoration discussion. Some of the major reconstructive surgery, discuss the disconnected organs, and someone cut angstsh, you must be a member of this link. This is related to a person's life. A person who has a congenital lesion and can not for example due to deformation of the face or the gap کامش cannot live and flipped, plastic surgery is useful because they can speak and eat food. The question that plastic surgery Yes or no, rather not talk.

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  1. از نظر بنده جراحی پلاستیک برای خیلی از افراد لازم می باشد و میتواند اعتماد به نفس آدم ها را برای ادامه زندگی و تصمیماتشان افزایش دهد

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