Nose surgery and what you need to know :

Nose surgery and what you need to know :

Zero to one hundred meaty nose operations

جراحی بینی گوشتی | Rhinoplasty, which is one of the most common procedures in Iran and the world, is considered the best way to fix nose defects and shape it.. When a person performs this common cosmetic surgery, in the first step with two terms بینی گوشتی و Nasal bone And their differences are encountered. By knowing the characteristics of the fleshy and bony nose, it is easy to choose the best one جراح بینی And the best nose model acted.

What are the characteristics of meaty nose?

بینی گوشتی (Fleshy Nose) یا (Meaty Nose) It can be recognized by the following features:

  1. Thick skin,,fa,It requires a high level of expertise and experience,,fa,The surgeon should have a good understanding of the amount of nasal congestion to increase the quality of the results,,fa
  2. Weak cartilage
  3. Abundant sebaceous glands
  4. Usually the nostrils are open
  5. Nasal skin is usually oily

The thickness of the skin is the determining factor in determining whether the nose is fleshy and the difference factor between fleshy and bony. The difference between bony and fleshy nose can be summarized as follows:

  • The bony nose has thin skin, while the fleshy nose has a thick skin.
  • The cartilages in the bony nose are strong, but the cartilaginous nose has weak cartilage.
  • The bony nose usually has a hump in the blade part.
  • The tip of the fleshy nose is usually wide and drooping.

Of nose surgery | meaty nose job

Why should people with fleshy noses do rhinoplasty?

The aim of people who for rhinoplasty their meaty nose to the specialist جراح بینی And they refer to beauty, improving the appearance of the nose and making it more beautiful. Since the nose is in the center of the face, it plays an important role in making people's faces look more beautiful. For this reason, by removing its defects, other parts of the face look more beautiful. One of the most important goals of people for nose surgery is::

  1. Removal of excess nasal meat
  2. Better nose shaping
  3. Reducing the width of the holes
  4. Shrinking of the nose
  5. Eliminate crooked nose
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How to shrink the nostrils?

If the person's nose blades are large, both in the open and closed method, the surgeon must collect the blades by making an incision in the side parts of the nose.. After finishing the changes, this cutting line should be finely stitched so that very little effect remains. You can see how to do this in the image below.

What is the surgeon's role in rhinoplasty?

As we said, flesh nose surgery is more difficult than bone nose surgery. Changes in this surgery must be done with precision and delicacy and with correct techniques. If the surgeon does not have enough experience and knowledge in nose surgery, the shape of the nose after surgery will not be satisfactory. Sometimes, due to the lack of skill of the doctor, the patient is forced to leave after some time The best reconstructive nose surgeon in Isfahan Perform the nose repair operation, which is more difficult than the initial operation.

As a result, it can be said that the role of the surgeon in this cosmetic operation is decisive and important. For this reason, it is recommended to be strict in choosing your doctor so that the result of nose surgery is satisfactory for you..

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How do I find the best nose doctor?

As we said, the doctor plays an important role in rhinoplasty. With the help of the following steps, you can choose the best nose surgeon in Isfahan:

  • Internet search : Find out about general rhinoplasty by doctors by searching on the internet and viewing samples of nose surgery.
  • Search in social networks : Check out reviews of surgeons on social media and see which doctor has the most positive reviews.
  • Write down the doctor's address : Make a list of addresses and contact numbers of doctors who have a good work sample and more patient satisfaction.

By visiting the doctor's office in person, make sure of his work sample and also consult with the doctor in person.

What is the right age for nose surgery?

Experts recommend that rhinoplasty is performed when the facial features of the person are fully grown. If a person decides to undergo rhinoplasty for the sole purpose of beauty, and his goal is not nose deviation surgery or polyp surgery, he should apply for rhinoplasty after puberty..

This operation is possible after the age of 16, but the results of nose surgery have shown that the best age for this type of nose operation is after the age of 18..

Why is nose surgery not recommended in old age?

In old age, the body and skin undergo changes that may have a negative effect on the result of nose surgery. Enlargement of facial features, thickening of the skin and sagging skin are among the changes that make it difficult for nose surgery. Also, in old age, diseases such as Diabetes It appears to make the healing process of wounds and sutures difficult. As a result, it is better to perform nose surgery at a young age.

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Of nose surgery | Which can take effect immediately after the operation and disappear

What foods can I eat after rhinoplasty?

  1. Soft foods such as puree, soup, porridge that prevent pressure on the facial muscles.
  2. Foods rich in fiber such as brown rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables prevent constipation.
  3. Anti-inflammatory foods such as avocados, fatty fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetables that help reduce facial swelling..
  4. Wound healing foods such as meat, fish, eggs, some fruits such as pineapple, which shorten the recovery period..
  5. Suitable foods to reduce anxiety such as dark chocolate and nuts can reduce post-operative anxiety.
  6. Fresh fruits and vegetables play an important role in reducing recovery time and strengthening the body.

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