How is nose surgery for elongated faces?

How is nose surgery for elongated faces?

Rhinoplasty for elongated faces

What amount of changes will be suitable for your face in rhinoplasty is a factor that is determined by a doctor's examination. This is generally determined according to the doctor's experience and during examinations such as the angle of the upper lip and nose, the columella of the nose and a series of other cases, and people finally decide to perform surgery after consulting a doctor and observing the results of similar surgeries..

This issue is important because sometimes it is seen that clients are only interested in having fancy noses and are unaware of the effect of their facial bones and shape as a result of surgery.. In these cases, the result of the surgery may not be to the person's liking, they may even be forced to perform reconstructive surgeries. This issue is generally informed to people in counseling sessions.

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The importance of face shape in rhinoplasty

The type of nose surgery applicants are interested in having fancy noses and they decide to have nose surgery based on the image they have in their minds.. As mentioned, in some cases, the insistence on performing such surgeries does not lead to favorable results for people, and for this purpose, the doctor explains the main criteria for diagnosing the nose that is suitable for each person's face in the consultation sessions..

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The most important issue in diagnosing a suitable nose is to pay attention to the fact that we should not look at the nose as a separate part of our face and imagine its shape in accordance with other parts of the face..

For example, for people who have a face with large bones and prominent cheeks and lower jaw, a small and upturned nose will never be seen as beautiful.! Because it makes the fit of the person's face go wrong. The suitable nose model for each person's face is generally by checking parameters such as: Facial redness, face width, nose width standard, beautiful nose line, lip width, angle of the upper lip and tip of the nose, diagnostic endoscopy of the nose and rhinomanometry are determined..

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How to recognize the right nose for people

As mentioned, in the pre-operative examinations, one of the factors that the doctor pays special attention to is the shape of the person's face.. For this, doctors usually divide the length of a person's face into three parts and examine the condition of each person's face based on the following parameters. :

  1. The distance between the hairline and the eyebrow
  2. The distance between the eyebrow and the tip of the nose
  3. The distance between the bottom of the nose and the chin

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The nose is suitable for elongated faces

People whose facial bones appear elongated and who are looking for information about the condition of the nose suitable for their face, should consider some tips for surgery.. These tips are as follows :

  • It is better not to insist on having fancy noses or so to speak a doll with a big arch.
  • The nose of people with elongated faces should have an angle of 90 to 105 degrees.
  • The line that goes past the arch of the nose and intersects with the person's chin should have an angle of 30 to 40 degrees in elongated and bony faces. .
  • The angle of the starting point of the nose from the forehead should not be less than or more than 120 degrees.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of nose job in elongated faces?

The benefits of this procedure include improving the shape of the nose, facial balance, and even a positive effect on a person's mood. By performing this surgery, while achieving your desired beauty, you can be more confident in social gatherings and raise your spirits..

One of the disadvantages of this practice is its relatively high cost. Also, nose surgery on an elongated face may be associated with more problems and complications due to the higher risk in some people. Possible side effects include infection, bleeding, pain, change in sense of smell, etc. Most of the mentioned disadvantages will not be noticed if rhinoplasty is performed by an experienced and skilled doctor.

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