Short nose

Short nose

Short nose correction nose was once one of the most difficult cases.

Now updated technology reduced the magnitude of the problem.

The algorithm used in the past ten years and no significant change.

In the open (Almost a compulsory) Above the upper lateral cartilage septum is released.

All the septal cartilage of the septum is removed for transplantation increases.

In the absence of concha ear (Glass kauum) Used. A pair of hooks on cartilage Tip of the nose And slowly pulled. After the skin, respiratory tract side cross-cutting between a top side and cross-lateral cartilage caused them to release Mnzvz. A small scissors are used to increase the distance between the two cartilage. This will increase the length of the lateral nasal wall.

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پیوند افزایش دهنده سپتوم بر روی اجزای افقی یا عمودی استرات L شکل استفاده می شود تا غضورف ها در قسمت پایین بینی که از محل اصلی خود خارج شده اند، ثابت شوند. If the top side of the large distance and cross-lateral cartilage, cartilage in between Ghzvrf a link between them and stitches are in place. Septal cartilage due to thinning and thickening of the time is ideal for this purpose. A source connected with rib cartilage in the upper and rear link (Dorsal), Highlighting ( Or height Kalvmla - Kalvmla strategy) And increasing links used Partition. The cartilage of the ear tip is used to link.

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