8 features of the best nasal deviation surgeon

8 features of the best nasal deviation surgeon

Do you want to know the best nose surgery and its features?

The best rhinoplasty surgeon | nose deviation It happens when the thin wall of bone and cartilage deviates. Some people with انحراف تیغه بینی are born, but nose deviation It can also be caused by an injury to the nose. This damage may have happened a long time ago and you don't even remember the incident, and it may not seem serious when it happened, but it affects the shape of your nose anyway..

The best way to correct this deviation and loss, Nose deviation operation and the best thing is to choose the best nose deviation surgeon to treat it. In some cases, people with a deviated septum have one nasal passage that is much smaller than the other. This can make breathing through the nose difficult and may also lead to crusting or bleeding inside the nose in some cases.. بنابراین با انجام یک عمل موفقیت آمیز بینی می توان به راحتی از این دردسرها جلوگیری کرد؛ البته اگر عمل را به دست بهترین جراح بینی بسپارید.

For this reason, we want to talk about the best nose deviation doctor and the ways to know him in this article; So, if you suffer from deviation of the nasal blade and septum and are about to undergo the procedure; Read this article carefully.

Stay with us with interesting and readable content دکتر مجید راستی Of nose surgery و فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک اصفهان :

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Complications of treatment of nasal deviation without surgery

Deviation of the nasal septum and its treatment

انحراف تیغه بینی It is a condition where the nasal septum (The bone and cartilage that divides the nose into two halves) It is crooked and makes one nasal passage smaller. If this deviation is severe, breathing through the nose may become very difficult. Most people naturally have nose deviation and for this reason, only people with severe deviations need treatment. But the symptoms انحراف تیغه بینی چیست؟

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Most people have no symptoms and don't even know they have a deviated septum. If the septum is severely deviated, the most common symptom breathing problem It is through the nose, which is usually worse on one side of the nose. Some people may also have these symptoms:

  1. A blocked nose, which may be just one nostril or may change from one nostril to another
  2. nose bleeding
  3. Frequent sinus infections
  4. Headache or facial pain
  5. Noisy breathing during sleep
  6. disturbed sleep

Nasal deviation surgery

If you continue to experience these symptoms despite medication, you may need surgery to correct your deviated septum (سپتوپلاستی) Consider. during a سپتوپلاستی Normally, the nasal septum is flattened and placed in the center of the nose. This procedure may require surgery to cut and remove parts of the septum before repositioning it.. The level of improvement you can expect with nasal septum surgery depends on the severity of your nasal deviation. Symptoms caused by deviated nasal septum ( Especially nasal congestion) It can disappear completely. However, any sinus disease that affects the tissues lining your nose (Like allergies) It cannot be treated only with surgery.

In some cases, surgery to reshape the nose (رینوپلاستی) At the same time with سپتوپلاستی انجام می شود. رینوپلاستی It involves modifying the nasal bone and cartilage to change the shape or size of the nose or both. Therefore, in this case, in addition to correcting the deviation of the nasal septum, the form and shape of the nose is also changed, that is, nose surgery is considered a beauty treatment as well.. But all these results and benefits depend on choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon for this operation. In the following, we will introduce ways to know and choose the best nose deviation doctor:

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8 ways to know the best rhinoplasty surgeon

If the symptoms of nasal deviation bother you or you are unhappy with the shape and form of your nose, or it is not compatible with your face in some way, you can correct your nose through nasal septum surgery.. Choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon can help you get the look you want and get rid of the symptoms of a deviated septum forever.. In the following, we will tell you the strategies to know and choose the best doctor for nasal deviation:

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan |  انحراف تیغه بینی

1. Focusing on nasal septum deviation with years of experience

To ensure the result of the operation, it is better not to choose a general plastic surgeon to perform your nasal septum surgery. در طول زمان و تمرین زیاد، یک جراح بینی انحراف بینی حس قضاوت و یک تکنیک جراحی دقیق لازم برای نتایج دائمی خوب را برای شما ارائه می کند. An experienced surgeon can reduce (But not to destroy) The risk of complications helps and knows what to do in case of complications. با انتخاب یک جراح بینی از تجربه Of nose surgery ، مطمئن شوید که در دستان خوبی هستید.

2. Precise surgical technique

A precise technique, along with a gentle procedure, is essential because even a millimeter error in your new nose can compromise the final results.. Refined skills come with experience, which can be seen in before and after photos of former patients or by talking to former patients..

3. Reconstruction expertise

The expertise required to reconstruct the nose by restoring it to a pleasing form and proper function ensures a deep level of anatomical knowledge that makes your rhinoplasty experience safer and better overall..

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4. Knowledge of aesthetics

When you look at photos of your rhinoplasty surgeon's past procedures, you can get a sense of his abilities and whether he has a certain style that is seen in many past patients and predict the likely results of your surgery..

5. Beauty clinic or reputable hospital

The best rhinoplasty surgeon is a surgeon who usually performs his operations in reputable, well-equipped and standard rhinoplasty clinics or hospitals.. Do not forget that part of the results of your rhinoplasty depends on the equipment and the operating room where you are operated.

6. Clear communication

7. Honesty

You need a rhinoplasty surgeon who will let you know if your rhinoplasty goals are unrealistic and help you choose realistic options..

8. Attention to your expectations

The best rhinoplasty surgeon is one who asks a lot of questions about what you like and don't like about your nose. These questions will ensure that you get the best results from your practice.

Of nose surgery |  Rhinoplasty Isfahan | Complications of treatment of nasal deviation without surgery
Most people are born with a slightly crooked nasal septum, but often never notice it. Some people also suffer from nasal septum deviation due to nasal injury, which is also called nasal septum.. In any case, one of the ways to treat this problem and injury is nose deviation surgery. This surgery can eliminate the symptoms caused by the deviation of your nasal septum and at the same time change the shape of your nose.. But to achieve these ideal results, first of all, you should choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon for your surgery.

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