Tilting of the tip of the nose after rhinoplasty

Tilting of the tip of the nose after rhinoplasty

The cause of the crooked tip of the nose after cosmetic surgery and its treatment

Tilting of the tip of the nose | One of the common reasons that causes a person to undergo cosmetic surgery is a crooked nose. In some of these categories of people, the crookedness is more noticeable at the tip of the nose and is considered the main cause of nasal deformity. But sometimes this may happen after surgery, and instead of improving the shape of the nose, you will face a crooked tip after cosmetic surgery..

What is the reason for the tip of the nose to be tilted after the operation and how can it be eliminated? This is the subject of this article, which I suggest you read until the end..

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The main causes of tilting the tip of the nose after surgery

As in the article about nose tilting after surgery (Displacement of nasal cartilage) We said that there is a 5% chance that the nose will become crooked after each surgery. This asymmetry may be in the bony part or happen in the tip of the nose. In that article, we explained in detail the causes and ways of treating crooked nose, but in the following, we will discuss the causes of crooked nose only in its tip..

Generally a doctor جراح بینی When he says the tip of the nose is crooked (Crooked Nose Tip) If we draw a symmetrical line from the middle of the forehead to the chin, the tip of the nose deviates to one side. Or in other words, it is outside the center of this line.

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Contrary to the crooked nose in the bone or the deviation of the nose, the tip of the crooked nose is clearly visible . and easily recognizable. This causes asymmetry . that the whole nose looks crooked and from where it gives an ugly shape to the face. It is a good reason for cosmetic surgery. However, in most cases, the tip of the nose is congenital or is caused by an accident. But unfortunately, it has been observed that it has also occurred after nose surgery.

Weak surgeon

Unlike the middle part, the tip of the nose is made up of only cartilage . And it cannot be repaired by breaking bones. As a result of removing its abnormalities and giving a proper shape to the tip of the nose, the rhinoplasty doctor plays the main role. In fact, if he cannot use the right techniques. and use the necessary delicacy, the tip of the nose is not in the center and is tilted.

The main causes of nose tip tilting after cosmetic surgery caused by the surgeon are::

  1. Removal of excess cartilage.
  2. Working too much on one side of the nose.
  3. Weakness or asymmetry of the blade and deviation of the cartilage to one side.


Usually if in the first weeks after the operation جراح بینی Visit yourself and ask the cause of the tip of the nose tilting after the operation, he will undoubtedly tell you that it is normal.. Because the nose has severe swelling for several months, which causes the original shape of the nose to remain hidden.

Although six months after the surgery, these swellings subside to a large extent in the bridge of the nose, but the tip of the nose is still swollen.. Because, as we said before, the tip of the nose is cartilaginous, and its swelling disappears later than the bone.. Therefore, one should wait at least a year to make a conclusion about whether it is tilted or not.

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Congenital asymmetry

Observed in some people, the crooked tip of the nose does not disappear completely . And he cannot fix it 100%. These people include the following groups: 6 groups in which the crooked nose does not disappear 100% after the operation:

  • People with congenital crooked nose.
  • Patients with cleft palate and lip.
  • Those who have severe nasal deviation.
  • People whose nostrils are asymmetrical.
  • Patients whose two sides of the face are not similar.
  • People who need to rotate the tip of the nose. (Like those who have a droopy nose tip.)

Lack of necessary care after the operation

If you read the other content of the site that is about nose surgery. You realize that one of the main causes of post-operative abnormalities is not paying attention to care tips.. Because the nose is a sensitive organ where almost all human tissues are located. As a result, by manipulating it, each of these tissues will show a reaction . which needs to be taken care of until complete recovery.

Also, since this organ is in the center of the face, it is more possible to be injured and injured than other parts. In addition, we should not forget that the main job of the nose is breathing . This causes reactions such as sneezing, coughing and even eating to cause pressure on it. Therefore, following the care points after the operation has a great effect on improving the appearance of the nose.

The basic shape of the nose

Another reason for the crooked tip of the nose after surgery is related to the original structure and shape of the nose. It has been observed in those who have a fleshy nose or the skin of the tip of the nose is very thick, the possibility of crooked nose is more in them..

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What should we do to prevent the crooked tip of the nose after surgery?

The best way to prevent the tip of the nose from tilting after cosmetic surgery is precision and obsession in choosing a specialist Expert nose surgeon and experienced. Because it has been abundantly seen that they were caused by a careless surgeon or an unspecialized doctor . that the beautician will have many problems after the operation. So research as much as you can . up to one Good nasal surgeon Find your nose job.

After the operation, be sure to follow the care tips that the doctor wants. Note that nose job does not hurt, contrary to popular belief . And after the first few days and the cast is removed, you're back to your normal routine. But post-operative care and visits to the doctor continue for several months . And in fact, the difficulty is in this matter.

When should you see a doctor?

Bending of the tip of the nose after cosmetic surgery is one of those side effects . which causes frustration, depression and severe protest of the patient. Because it is related to the beauty and appearance of the nose . And such abnormalities can cause the surgeon and his final work to be questioned.

But our advice is to be patient before doing anything . And know that most of these defects and problems are temporary after the operation. With the passage of time and reduction of swellings, the nose takes on a better shape and its initial defects are removed. So it is better to trust your doctor and wait.

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