9 ways to get rid of bruises after nose surgery

9 ways to get rid of bruises after nose surgery

9 ways to treat bruises after nose surgery

Bruising after nose surgery | One of the main concerns of those who رینوپلاستی do کبودی Next is the nose job. Since these bruises and swellings make the face look ugly, we all want to minimize them or get rid of them as soon as possible.. So if you are looking for a quick fix کبودی If you are after nose surgery, be sure to read this article carefully until the end.

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Of nose surgery | 9 How to get rid of bruises after nose surgery .

How to get rid of bruises after nose surgery?

We said that a bruised nose is a natural and very common complication that most beauty seekers experience. But in the following, we present some solutions that are very effective in treating swelling and bruising after nose surgery. After the operation, specialist جراح بینی A leaflet with instructions such as the following for home care, which can be effective in reducing bruising after rhinoplasty. These items include:

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Another way to treat bruises after nose surgery is to eat foods and drinks containing vitamins, especially vitamin K. Research has shown that consuming pineapple and celery juice are very useful for bruising after nose surgery. Also, iron-containing foods such as spinach can be effective in healing wounds and bruises by increasing blood supply..

  • Using ointments and creams after nose surgery

You can also follow Of nose surgery Use ointments and creams after rhinoplasty:

۱. Lazonil ointment to remove bruises after nose surgery
Use of lazonil ointment (ON LASON) On the skin, it causes the blood supply to the inflamed tissues to increase, which will remove the bruises and swelling of the face after nose surgery..

۲. Hirodoid cream to remove bruises after nose surgery
Hydroid topical cream and gel (Hirudoid) Due to their anticoagulant properties, in addition to reducing pain and inflammation, they can destroy blood clots under the skin and reduce bruises..

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Medications used after rhinoplasty

۳. Sicastim Arnica cream
Arnica cream (Cicastim Arnica Soothing Cream) It is also a cream for removing bruises after nose surgery with its restorative properties, which is effective in removing inflammation and bruises caused by nose surgery..

  • Anahil tablets to remove bruises after nose surgery

Anahil tablets (Anaheal) One of the most popular types of pills for removing bruises after nose surgery is prescribed by almost all surgeons after surgery.. This capsule contains bromelain, which is very beneficial in removing and reducing bruises and dead blood.

Of nose surgery | رینوپلاستی ثانویه

How long does bruising last after nose surgery?

In order to get more familiar with the process of bruising and its length, below is a breakdown from the first day to two weeks after the operation.. The important thing is that the results listed in these time frames are not the same for all patients, and the intensity of bruising and recovery time are different for each one..

After surgery

Note that bruising after the operation does not happen to everyone. But those who are prone to bruising will face its effects immediately the day after the operation. Usually, the severity of these bruises is more intense 2 to 4 days after the operation and is more under the eyes than other parts.. Its color gradually turns dark blue and sometimes purple.

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3 to 5 days after nose surgery
After the first few days, the bruises should lessen and gradually lighten to green or yellow in color.. Of course, if the intensity of the bruise is high, this healing process and color change may happen later. But in most cases, the purple color fades after 5 days.

1 to 2 weeks after nose surgery
It is expected that one week to 10 days after the operation, the bruises will decrease and the color will be between pale brown and yellow.. In the following, after two weeks, the bruise is completely removed. In severe cases, there should be very few traces left after two weeks so that it can be covered with a layer of makeup.

When should we see a doctor?

Bruise later عمل بینی It is not a serious problem in itself and can be solved with patience and recovery. But if you feel pain in the eye area along with bruises, or if you experience nausea, dizziness, fever, severe weakness, and visual impairment, definitely see a doctor. Of nose surgery See.

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