Wide and long nose surgery consultation

Wide and long nose surgery consultation

Consultation and preparation for wide and long nose surgery

Consultation and preparation for wide and long nose surgery, the first step to have a narrower nose is a consultation with a doctor جراح بینی است. During this consultation you will set your goals wide nose surgery You state and the doctor will determine if your criteria are reasonable. The surgeon will explain the details of the wide and long nose surgery along with its benefits and risks to you so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you..

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Consultation session and purpose of nose surgery

You must be completely honest with the doctor about your expectations and surgical goals during the consultation session. This allows the surgeon to assure you of the results you desire. If your expectations are not met by narrowing the nose, other methods may be suggested to you. These methods may be traditional cosmetic nose surgery, Nose tip rhinoplastyReduction surgery nostril and cytoplasty surgery.

In the initial consultation, the doctor will share the appropriate methods with you and you can choose the method you want. The surgeon will discuss with you how to achieve the best results, surgical techniques, recovery time, and longevity of surgical results. The surgeon will also fully discuss the risks and complications of rhinoplasty.

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If you decide to have surgery, your general health should be checked before surgery. If you are using certain medications, you may need to stop taking them a few days or weeks before surgery.. You may also be advised to follow a proper diet plan to ensure recovery and desired results.

Types of nose surgery methods for wide and long noses

There are different methods for wide and long nose surgery. The best option depends on the changes you want to make to your nose. You can talk to your surgeon about choosing a procedure that is less invasive and yet produces better results.. In this section, we mention some of the main types of nose surgery for wide and long noses:

Wide nose rhinoplasty

Wide nose rhinoplasty The shape of the nose is largely created by cartilage and bone. In most cases, for a wide nose surgery, the bone structure above the nose must be changed. Rhinoplasty involves breaking this structure into smaller pieces that the surgeon can move. to the process of breaking the upper bones of the nose to narrow the bump Nasal osteotomy می‌گویند.

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There are two main methods for wide nose surgery:

Open or closed rhinoplasty.

Closed rhinoplasty involves making an incision inside the nostril. Open rhinoplasty involves making an incision between the nostrils and under the tip of the nose. Each of these methods has its own advantages.

رینوپلاستی (Nose surgery) Closed

  1. For noses that only need a slight change
  2. After surgery, the scar will be slightly visible
  3. It limits the changes a surgeon can make with an incision.
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رینوپلاستی (Nose surgery) Closed

  • For noses that need a radical change .
  • The surgeon has more access to different parts of the nose .
  • After the surgery, the scar is slightly visible because the incisions are hidden in the natural lines of the nose .

Bulbous nose surgery (Tipoplasty)

Tipoplasty is a wide nose surgery that only changes the tip of the nose. Often, this operation is also called bulbous nose surgery because it changes the shape of the tip of the bulbous nose after rhinoplasty.. Usually, people use tipoplasty to change the shape of the tip of their nose. In some cases, the tip of the nose may be too wide. A bulbous or wide nose is mostly caused by genetics.

A wide or bulbous tip of the nose can be easily fixed with a minimally invasive tipoplasty method. Reducing the size of the nostrils or the tip of the nose can improve the appearance and self-confidence of people. The surgeon can use open or closed methods for bulbous nose surgery, like normal wide nose surgery.

Tipoplasty may be just one of the surgical techniques to solve various problems of wide nose. You should talk to your doctor before surgery to find out what your needs are and what treatment method you should use..

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The recovery period of wide and long nose surgery

The recovery period of wide and long nose surgery, in general, rhinoplasty surgery is not a very minimally invasive surgery. Most patients need an outpatient procedure with general anesthesia, but some of them need sedation and local anesthesia. After surgery, your nose may be placed in a cast or nasal splint, and packing may be placed inside the nostrils to help you heal.. Nasal packing can usually be removed within a week or less. You will also be given medication to control pain and discomfort.

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You should keep in touch with your surgeon after surgery. A good surgeon sets a schedule for post-operative examinations and care. If it seems that the surgeon does not have a plan for post-operative care, it can indicate the lack of competence of the surgeon.

After removing the cast or اسپلینت The surgeon will probably prescribe exercises to promote the healing process of your nose. Exercising during the recovery period is very important for a successful rhinoplasty. The recovery period is relatively easy for patients who have undergone nose narrowing surgery. Post-operatively to ensure full recovery from گچ بینی is used. The cast is usually removed after 5 days. Important points that patients should consider after surgery :

  1. Stay in touch with your surgeon to avoid any complications.
  2. Avoid very hot environments such as saunas and hot heaters.
  3. Limit your physical activity and keep your nose above your heart.
  4. Always follow the prescribed courses for rehabilitation.
  5. For two to three weeks, avoid doing any activity that can hurt your nose.
  6. Eat well and make nutrition a priority.
  7. Usually plaster (Splint) It will be removed after five days. The stitches are dissolvable and do not need to be removed .

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