Stitches remain in the nose

Stitches remain in the nose

Stitches remain in the nose

One week after the external nasal sutures are removed, you will notice that there are still sutures inside your nose. These intranasal sutures are the same absorption sutures that do not need to be pulled. But when is the time to absorb sutures in the nose?
According to the tips provided by Of nose surgery After 2 to 3 weeks, these sutures are absorbed spontaneously and the suture node is removed.

During the period when there are stitches inside your nose, it is very important to wash and keep your nose clean daily.. Because sutures remain in the nose and sutures are a good place for germs to accumulate and grow. As a result, it may cause an infection inside the nose.

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Stitches remain in the nose | Of nose surgery

Complications of nasal suture retention

What if the suture remains in the nose? As mentioned, sutures are usually absorbed spontaneously after two to three weeks. However, in some cases, suturing the nose for several months may cause an infection and a bad odor in the nose.. So if a few months have passed since your nose operation and you feel that absorption sutures remain inside your nose, it is better to see your doctor..

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Symptoms of suture suture

Symptoms of infection and allergy to absorbent sutures include the following :

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Increased pain and redness around the suture site, swelling, pus or bleeding, unpleasant odor of sores and fever. See your doctor right away if you notice any of these symptoms.

What is the material of absorbent sutures?

Perhaps the question has arisen for you that what makes absorbable sutures? Absorbent sutures are made from natural or synthetic materials. Absorbent sutures from natural materials include plain yarn, chromic yarn and absorbent collagen yarn. Synthetic absorbable yarns also include vicryl or polyglactin yarns.

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4 دیدگاه در “Stitches remain in the nose

  1. Hello doctor, good time
    About 7 years ago, I had a rhinoplasty
    An absorbable suture was used
    A part of our nose is protruding from the inside
    I pressed now and the bulge has passed from the inside
    And it hurts a lot, is it possible that there is a problem? And is there a stitch left inside?
    Thank you for helping me

    1. The answer of Mr. Dr. Majid Rasti, nose surgeon of Isfahan:
      It is unlikely if an absorbable suture was used
      Because it won't last long after that
      But there are other reasons that you should definitely consult your doctor

  2. سلام خسته نباشید
    Columella suture is absorbable or pullable?
    Not pulling the columella suture for me and saying that it should fall by itself
    After three months, it didn't fall, and now they say we have to kill him after a year
    Can the suture be removed after a year?

    1. The answer of Mr. Dr. Majid Rasti, nose surgeon of Isfahan:
      The columella suture is non-absorbable
      It should be pulled at any time
      If the Mecca has sunk into the skin, wait for it to become superficial after a while and remove it

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