Complications of treatment of nasal deviation without surgery

Complications of treatment of nasal deviation without surgery

Complications of treatment of nasal deviation without surgery

Despite being less dangerous than invasive nose surgery, there are some complications of nose deviation treatment without surgery, the most important of which should be mentioned are:: Infectious reactions, asymmetry of outcomes, and risks associated with silicone injections, such as silicone moving to another part of the face or body and granuloma formation.

However, these problems have historically been caused by the injection of large amounts of silicon by unqualified injectors and are very rare.. It is also believed that the microdroplate method significantly reduces the risk of these complications.. In addition, because the nose is almost static (Has limited movement) Is, the probability of silicon transfer is much lower. People with autoimmune disorders should not be injected with silicone or other permanent fillers, and people who are concerned about an allergic reaction should ask their doctors to perform a skin test before performing this procedure..

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Risks and other side effects that are observed for most people as a result of liquid rhinoplasty,

Redness and tenderness in the injection area on the day or two after the operation.

Nausea may also occur.

This area is full of blood vessels near your eyes.

For this reason, liquid rhinoplasty is a little more complicated than other injection filler procedures.

Cost of rhinoplasty treatment without surgery

This type of rhinoplasty is much cheaper than other rhinoplasty methods. However, it should be noted that in most cases, these results last for 6 months or less. It is important to note that the treatment of rhinoplasty without surgery is a cosmetic procedure, so insurance does not cover the cost.. Another point is that the need to repeat it can increase costs and therefore you should have a correct view of the cost before doing so.. Costs vary depending on the type of filler you choose and how many injections. After initial consultation to correct a deviated nose without surgery, you should ask your doctor about the exact cost to know how much budget you need and to estimate the costs more accurately..

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Of nose surgery | Complications of treatment of nasal deviation without surgery

Concluding remarks

It is better not to look for the cheapest provider of such services to choose this method, which is used to treat and correct nasal deviation and is also called liquid rhinoplasty, because he may not have much experience in this particular method.. The above risks will be more severe for you. An experienced plastic surgeon knows what to do to get the results you want, while minimizing the risk of side effects.. Care in choosing a doctor, a clinic with the necessary licenses in this field, ensuring standard fillers and having the originality is an important condition that must be considered for the treatment of deviated nose without surgery..

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