Cosmetic procedure to remove nasal hump

Cosmetic procedure to remove nasal hump

Nasal hump removal surgery

When the bones and cartilage of the nose are malformed and are not placed flat, it causes a hump of the nose.. در بیشتر موارد برجستگی و قوز بینی خطری برای سلامتی و تنفس فرد ایجاد نمی‌کند. اما افرادی که قوز بینی دارند معمولاً از ظاهر خود راضی نیستند و از نوع نگاه دیگران احساس بدی پیدا می‌کنند. according to opinion Of nose surgery Removing a hump is one of the most common reasons why people decide to have a nose job. In this article, we talk about hump nose removal and what you can expect after hump nose surgery..

Causes of hump nose

The upper part of the nose, which is called the bridge of the nose, is made of bone and cartilage. A crooked nose can occur on the bridge of the nose for various reasons. Genetics is one of the causes of hump nose. Genetically inherited humps do not always appear in childhood, but may appear during puberty when the nose is still developing.. Another reason for the appearance of a hump is the injury to the nose. If the impact causes a fracture or cracking of the nasal bone and cartilage, during its repair, there may be unevenness in the nasal bone and eventually lead to a hump..

The effect of nasal hump removal on breathing

Unlike deviated septum, which is both a medical problem and can cause the appearance of the nose to be crooked, a hump does not usually affect breathing and is only an appearance defect.. If the hump of the nose is caused by an impact and this impact has also caused the deviation of the nasal septum, removing the hump of the nose does not lead to better breathing, and to solve this problem, nasal septum surgery is needed.. In fact, removing the hump of the nose is not a medical necessity, but a decision that a person makes to improve their appearance.
Ways to remove hump nose
Permanent removal of nasal hump is possible through rhinoplasty. There are also non-invasive ways such as using fillers.

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Removal of nasal hump with open rhinoplasty

One of the methods of rhinoplasty is called open rhinoplasty. The most common way to remove a hump is permanently. This surgery requires general anesthesia, during which the surgeon makes a small incision. که به او دید کاملی از استخوان و غضروف‌های زیر پوست شما می‌دهد. سپس جراح، خط بینی را سمباده می‌زند و تغییر شکل می‌دهد. This may involve breaking and realigning the bones of the nose to improve its shape. After cosmetic surgery, a splint or cast is placed on the nose for a week. Overall recovery takes an average of 3 weeks.

Cosmetic procedure to remove nasal hump | Of nose surgery

Removal of nasal hump with closed rhinoplasty

In closed rhinoplasty, instead of making a visible incision on the nose, the surgeon performs the surgery through the nostrils.. This procedure also requires general anesthesia. The surgeon works through the nostrils to correct the bone and cartilage above the nasal passages. This type of rhinoplasty surgery usually requires less recovery time and recovery is expected to last about 2 weeks..

Removal of the hump of the nose with methods other than cosmetic surgery

In this method, the results are not permanent and last for about 6 months to a year. This method is done using a filler. The doctor tries to smooth the surface of the nose and remove the hump by injecting filler in the bridge of the nose. This method is cheaper than rhinoplasty and does not require a special recovery period. But its result is not permanent and needs to be repeated.

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The cost of nasal hump removal surgery

Nose hump removal is not a medical treatment and has only a cosmetic aspect. Therefore, it is not covered by insurance and all its costs must be paid by the applicant. هزینه‌ی برداشتن قوز بینی متغیر است و به عواملی مانند شهرت و تجربه‌ی جراح، محل جراحی و شرایط بینی شما بستگی دارد.

بهترین زمان برداشتن قوز بینی

The shape and size of the face changes a lot during puberty and even late adolescence. Therefore, before the completion of facial growth and development, no type of nose surgery should be performed. A good surgeon will be able to determine if the shape of your face may still change. Or not and advises you to wait until the end of full facial puberty.

Recurrence of nasal hump after surgery

قوز بینی پس از برداشته شدن نمی‌تواند دوباره رشد کند. بعد از جراحی زیبایی بینی، برخی افراد در ناحیه‌ی برداشتن استخوان و غضروف‌ها دچار پینه می‌شوند. These calluses can look like humps, but they are not humps and will go away over time.. During recovery, you may notice that the part of your nose that was removed is swollen and raised. This swelling does not mean that the removed hump has grown back. Swelling after rhinoplasty is very normal and will decrease within a week, but it may take months to completely resolve..

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Choosing the right surgeon

Finding an expert and experienced surgeon to remove hump nose is the most important thing. What you can do to reduce the risk of complications. Before making a final decision to remove the nasal hump, be sure to have a consultation with your surgeon to determine the procedure and express your expectations.. A good surgeon will be honest with you about how much your appearance has changed. And he talks to you about realistic issues. It is better to see the before and after photos of other people who have done it and read their comments.

Choose a surgery that uses the latest technology. and provide 3D images of your face after the operation. 3D scanning of the face, nose design and 3D viewing of the result of the operation will greatly reduce the probability of your being dissatisfied with the result of the operation.. Using this method, you can fully communicate your expectations with the surgeon. And the surgeon will also show the result of your request on the 3D images. And you will see the result from all angles before the surgery and then you will make a definite decision about it..

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