Men's nose surgery and review of men's models

Men's nose surgery and review of men's models

Men's nose surgery and review of men's models

Men's nose surgery : The desire to be beautiful is one of the characteristics of human beings that has existed for a long time. این میل هم در زنان هم در مردان وجود داشته و دارد اما معیارهای آن در میان این دو جنس متفاوت است. The desire for beauty has become more important among today's men than in the past. The desire for rhinoplasty and its removal is one of the same efforts of men to become more beautiful. به همین دلیل تصمیم گرفتیم تا در این مطلب به بررسی بیشتر عمل بینی مردان و معیارهای آن بپردازیم. Stay with us

Why do men have nose surgery?

The following are some of the most common problems with men's noses:

  • Crooked and deformed nose due to fracture
  • The size of the nose and its tip
  • Congenital crooked nose
  • Humpy nose and eagle nose
  • Drooping tip of nose
  • Asymmetry of the nostrils
  • The flesh of the nose and the wide tip
  • nose deviation
  • Improper shape of the nose after the initial operation
  • Differences in the structure of the nose of men and women
  • Men's noses are wider than women's noses.
  • Men's skin is generally thicker than women's; Their nasal skin is also thicker than women's nasal skin.

دکتر مجید راستی | Of nose surgery | Men's nose surgery and review of men's models

Nose more cartilaginous gentlemen (More bony) It is from the nose of women. In addition, women's noses are more delicate. These should also be considered in surgery.

Men's Rhinoplasty and Review of Men's Models | Of nose surgery

Differences between rhinoplasty in men and women

Now that we are familiar with the differences between the nasal anatomy of men and women, we will turn to the differences between their nasal surgery.. Because men have different gender characteristics than women and are different from women in terms of facial features, they do not want their faces to look slimmer.. That's why there are differences in their surgeries that we will address:

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Most men expect rhinoplasty to correct their imperfections and imperfections and keep their face masculine; But women like to make more appearance changes. Men like their noses to be the standard size, but most women find small noses more beautiful. For this reason, standard nose size should be considered in male nose surgery.

Due to the thicker skin of men, their noses are more pointed. But after surgery, do not expect the tip of the nose to rise too high. But the angle of the tip of the nose with the lips in women can be more.

Types of men's noses

Everyone's nose is structurally divided into two categories:

1. Bone nose
2. Meat nose

In the following, we will examine the characteristics of each of these types of noses to get acquainted with their details and how it is operated on in men. The following characteristics can be identified::

  • Thick skin,,fa,It requires a high level of expertise and experience,,fa,The surgeon should have a good understanding of the amount of nasal congestion to increase the quality of the results,,fa
  • Drooping of the tip of the nose due to the thickness of the skin
  • Weak cartilage
  • The tip of the nose is wide
  • The most important feature in diagnosing a meaty nose is the thickness of the skin

Diagnosis of bony nose :

  • Thin nose skin
  • Strong cartilage
  • Usually there is a hump on the bridge of the nose

As we mentioned in the previous articles, nasal models are divided into three categories:

1. Natural vision
2. Fantasy vision
3. Semi-fantasy view

But are all these models suitable for men? To answer, we need to examine more of these models.

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Natural nose model for men

A natural nose can be identified by a perfectly flat blade, a 90-degree angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip, and the standard size of the nose blade and holes.. This nose model, in addition to having many fans among men and women, is also the most scientific type of nose surgery; Because this model has the best performance in terms of breathing. Natural nose model is the best nose model for men because of its features, because in addition to having a beautiful appearance, it also preserves their masculine attractiveness.. In addition, the natural model is suitable for both fleshy and bony noses.

Fancy nose model for men

High arch of the nasal septum, very high and abnormal tip of the head and small size of the nasal septum and holes are the most important features of a fancy nose or doll nose.. This model of nose clearly indicates that the nose has been operated on and creates an abnormal and non-standard appearance. This nasal model also has poor respiratory function, so it is unlikely that you will go to the best plastic surgeon and accept that he will perform this surgery for you..

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Semi-fancy nose model for men

The semi-fancy nose has features between a natural and a fancy nose:

  • Very low arc on the blade
  • The top of the tip of the nose is less than the fantasy model
  • The nose blade is thinner than the natural model

This model is very popular among women, but due to the arch on the nose, it is rare for anyone among men to be interested in it.. This nose model is functionally weaker than the natural model but stronger than the fantasy model.
In general, the natural nose model is the best choice for men because of its standard aesthetic factors

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These points should be considered for rhinoplasty:

Have the necessary expertise and skills in male rhinoplasty;
Have a lot of experience and successful examples in male rhinoplasty;
Master the aesthetics of the day;
Be familiar with the techniques of the day of men's rhinoplasty;
Consider professional ethics and guide the patient properly;
Answer all patient questions before and after surgery;
Expertise and skills in male rhinoplasty;
Be careful in surgery.
Expertise and experience of the surgeon
Patient nose type (It is fleshy or bony)
The rate of patient problems (Deviation, polyp, restorative nose)
Cost of physician assistants
Cost of surgery center or hospital

To determine the exact cost, you need to be examined in person so that your doctor can properly advise you on the costs..


Men's rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Iran and the world that many men perform every year.. Men have expectations in their rhinoplasty that should be considered in the surgery according to their appearance. choosing the best جراح بینی مردانه در نتیجه نهایی عمل تاثیرگذار است و مانع از عمل مجدد بینی می شود.


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