Cheap nose surgery in the new year

Cheap nose surgery in the new year

در این مطلب می خواهیم در رابطه با علل عمل بینی ارزان صحب کنیم و ببینیم به گفته بعضی از همکاران جراح بینی عمل بینی ارزان امکان پذیر است؟ و چه پیامد هایی را می تواند برای بیمار داشته باشد.

The price of rhinoplasty in the new year

If you have a search among rhinoplasty surgeons, the price of rhinoplasty varies between 4 million and 20 million. Of course, some colleagues also deal with rhinoplasty at a price of 2 million tomans, which is really debatable.

The price of rhinoplasty is related to various factors. In addition to the expertise and experience of the physician, which is very important in determining the price of rhinoplasty, the level of expertise of the surgical team, the cost of the clinic and the equipment of the clinic to up-to-date surgical devices are influential for the final price of rhinoplasty..

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Now, according to these statements, do you think that with 2 million Tomans, a surgical team of about 6 people is responsible for the cost of the clinic?

No cheapness is without reason

Due to the above statements and current costs for rhinoplasty, such as the cost of the clinic, which is at least 1.5 million tomans, doctors who perform rhinoplasty at low costs are not out of the two cases..

۱. Doctors who have just received their medical licenses and are not proficient in rhinoplasty, and by removing their salaries from the cost of rhinoplasty, have reduced the final price of rhinoplasty to attract more patients to gain experience in rhinoplasty..

۲. Doctors who lower their wages by attracting rhinoplasty will attract more patients. But they reduce the quality of their surgery or a large part of the surgery is done by a surgical assistant (resident) they give.

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So no cheapness can be without cause, and since the nose is one of the most important parts of the face in beauty, it is not good to have a few million less to have a lifetime of regret and dissatisfaction with your appearance..

این نکته را هم بدانید جراحی اول در عمل بینی مهمترین جراحی می باشد و در جراحی ترمیمی بینی نمی توان توقع رفع کامل مشکلات در جراحی اولیه بینی را داشت.پس در انتخاب جراح بینی خود برای بار اول تمامی حساسیت های لازم را باید انجام دهید.

No expensive quality

Among rhinoplasty surgeons are those who receive very high amounts of money for rhinoplasty when their name is branded. Keep in mind that the name of the doctor does not affect the quality of rhinoplasty, and there are doctors who are not familiar with the name but have sufficient proficiency in non-invasive rhinoplasty..

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بهترین راه برای انتخاب بهترین جراح بینی تحقیق درباره آن پزشک از بیماران قبلی آن و مشاهده نمونه جراحی های پزشک و در نهایت صحبت با خود پزشک و بیان کردن خواسته های خود برای شکل دلخواه بینی خود و در نهایت استعلام هزینه جراحی بینی از پزشک می باشد.

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