Trauma to the operated nose

Trauma to the operated nose

Trauma to the operated nose

Rhinoplasty is associated with many side effects, fortunately, most of them are transient and fade with time shortly after rhinoplasty.. However, there are risks that do not always match the expectations of the patient and the doctor. Trauma to the operated nose :

For example, in some rare cases, breathing disorders occur, which can be prevented by carefully choosing a reputable surgeon and clinic.. Runny nose, swelling and pain are among these side effects which are all predictable and preventable.
In the meantime, trauma or blow to the nose is one of the risks that can be controlled with proper patient care. Consider that a person suffers an unwanted blow to the operated nose after nose surgery.

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Strengthen nasal cartilage with surgery

The sensitivity of this organ after the operation may have different consequences.

We have addressed this issue in the following.

Consequences of blow to the operated nose

Due to the prominent position of the nose, the most common facial injuries are nose injuries. Although nasal injuries are usually negligible before surgery and have no specific effects, after rhinoplasty, the trauma that can be caused by any factor affects the outcome of the surgery and the person may need to Have secondary surgery.
In fact, to clarify the issue, it should be said that after rhinoplasty, just like before, the nose is exposed to everyday events, and the fact is that accidents and injuries can happen and some of them are out of will..

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فاصله بین دو عمل بینی چقدر باید باشد؟

Of nose surgery | Trauma to the operated nose

When your nose is healing, it can become more vulnerable and the impact may be harmful. This is possible when the nose is completely healed and will be more flexible than a normal, preoperative nose. If the blow is severe, it may cause injury.. This is why post-rhinoplasty care is so important and requires a lot of care and obsession..

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Of nose surgery

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