Respiratory problems after rhinoplasty

Respiratory problems after rhinoplasty

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Respiratory problems after rhinoplasty

The treatment of nasal congestion after rhinoplasty does not have a specific and fixed procedure. Deciding on the matter of treatment with medical methods (such as drug therapy) Whether surgery is performed depends on the severity of nasal congestion and the patient's symptoms, as well as the patient's own desire to improve the ability to breathe through the nose.
Many patients worry immediately after rhinoplasty surgery that they may never be able to breathe normally again. At first, due to the natural swelling inside and outside of the nose after the operation, patients feel that their nose is stuck “On” است. However, this cramping usually gradually disappears in less than a month. The procedure of closing the intranasal wounds and crusting, which is also almost normal, interferes with normal breathing, but fortunately, they disappear shortly after the surgery..

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