Marital relationship after nose surgery

Marital relationship after nose surgery

Since the Sex An important part of healthy living (Marital relationship after nose surgery )A lot of people make up knowing (( چه مدت پس ازجراحی بینی می توان روابط زناشویی را از سرگرفت؟)) The question that may arise for most patients.. با این حال پرسیدن این سوال از جراح بینی برای بسیاری از بیماران شرم آور و ناخوشایند است. The surgery required to face such questions, (Marital relationship after nose surgery )پاسخ کامل و جامعی ارائه دهند زیرا بیمار باید از ممنوعیت هر فعالیت فیزیکی در طول دوره نقاهت خود آگاهی پیدا کند.اینکه چه مدت پس از جراحی بینی می توان با همسر خود روابط زناشویی داشت، بستگی به نوع جراحی بینی، میزان درد و توانایی بهبودی بدن بیمار دارد. با وجود زیبایی چهره جدید، عجیب نیست که شما و همسرتان برای از سرگیری Marital relationship after nose surgeryBe excited, but it is better to wait until your desired results general, any activity more strenuous than walking, is forbidden to 3 weeks after surgery. These activities include dancing, running, biking, exercise of power and sex. Sport and physical activity increases the risk of internal bleeding, high blood pressure and interfere with the healing process. Usually, after three weeks of nose surgery, scar tissue and repair deformed inside the nose so that it can handle the temporary increase in blood pressure. However, the launch team sports or activities (Such as basketball, tennis, etc.) 6 weeks or more should be excluded. Try even after recovery, before starting any exercise or physical activity and consult your doctor before letting him do not take action.

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