How long can you have sex after nose surgery?

How long can you have sex after nose surgery?

Sex after rhinoplasty

sex | One of the questions that are usually asked by married people who intend to have a nose job is how long they should refrain from having sex after the nose job?

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The right time to have sex after rhinoplasty

According to expert doctors, the best time to have sex after rhinoplasty surgery is around 2-3 weeks after the operation. In addition to not having marital relations during this period, you should refrain from doing heavy activities such as aerobic sports, lifting heavy objects, etc.. Doing these activities can increase heart rate and blood pressure . which eventually leads to bleeding and swelling of the nose after the operation.

Since the blood flow returns to its normal state after almost 20 days . and the resulting swelling and inflammation Nose surgery It has improved a lot . That's why it's the best time to have Sex After nose surgery, it is about 20 days after surgery. This period of time can increase in fleshy noses . And it lasts for a month after the operation.

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Is it harmful to have sex after nose surgery?

Sexual excitement increases blood and heat in different parts of the body, including the face. Since after the nose surgery, the veins are still not completely repaired. This increase in blood can lead to nosebleeds. On the other hand, the increase in temperature and vascular congestion leads to an increase in nasal swelling. For this reason, it is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse for two weeks after the nose job . To repair the tissues and vessels of your nose and reduce the possibility of bleeding and swelling.

Another potential danger to a surgical nose is during sex . Eating is a blow to the nose. You should be careful not to hit your nose for a few months after nose surgery. Because the bones of the nose are still not strong enough and the possibility of damage to the nose is high.

The duration of marital relationship and its effect on the amount of nasal swelling

As it is clear, the longer the duration of the marital relationship increases . At the same rate, the probability of heart rate increases and eventually blood pressure also increases. These cases cause complications in nose surgery, such as increased swelling and inflammation of the nose, as well as increasing the possibility of bleeding in the nose. For this reason, it is recommended to reduce the length of marital relationship for some time after nose surgery . To provide you with a more complete recovery.

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Considerations regarding sex after nose surgery

advices Of nose surgery Regarding sex after nose surgery, it is based on the principles of preventing high blood pressure . Because high blood pressure increases complications such as swelling and bleeding of the nose due to the rupture of the delicate capillaries of this organ in the healing nasal mucosa..

Another point that جراح بینی You emphasize it . Avoid finning when you feel stuffy nose. Sex, high blood pressure and the possibility of increased swelling in the nose, cause a feeling of congestion in this organ. This causes you to fin to remove this blockage.

Your nasal bones have not yet regained their strength and durability during the healing period . And after any contact or pressure, there will be a possibility of them being moved and deformed. Such an unpleasant event causes. that the need to perform reconstructive nose surgery is mandatory. In addition, failure to observe the emphasized considerations during the recovery period also causes the possibility of experiencing pain. In order to achieve a favorable result in the nose, the best action is to follow the doctor's instructions.

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Type of sex after rhinoplasty

The type of sexual intercourse plays a role in resuming sexual intercourse after rhinoplasty, and it can be considered as a green light that allows you to enter into this relationship.. Some of the options for getting married after nose surgery include the following :

If your relationship is at a level that does not increase blood pressure . It can be considered unobstructed. Sex affects blood pressure. Increased blood pressure for the capillaries of the mucous tissue that are going through their healing period . It is not a good thing.

Swelling is one of the side effects for which the doctor recommends strategies to control it with the aim of speeding up the healing period and showing the results of the surgery.. Actions such as intense sex will aggravate the swelling . And this can affect the result of the surgery and delay the achievement of the final result. So you should try. Keep your sex relationship gentle at a level that doesn't allow for swelling and aggravation maneuvers.

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