The golden criteria for choosing a natural rhinosurgeon

The golden criteria for choosing a natural rhinosurgeon

ملاک های طلایی برای انتخاب جراح بینی normal

با توجه به اهمیت این موضوع راه ها مختلفی وجود دارد که بتوان از طریق آن با بهترین پزشک جراح بینی طبیعی آشنا شد .

  • View previous portfolios

See Previous work of the doctor It is one of the best options that you can consider.

Doctors who have high experience and types بینی های گوشتی و Bone In different ways Fantasy surgery، normal Dolls Etc. have acted. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of experience. Recognize the nose for Natural action یاَ Semi Fantasy it's too important. Recognizing the nose in a counseling session is one of the most important topics . An experienced doctor can diagnose your nose type well and tell you facts about your nose type.

Of nose surgery | Control of nasal skin after nasal surgery

  • Inquiries from previous patients

In addition to seeing the portfolio of doctors, you can talk to people who have had surgery before. Talking to these people can give you a real mentality of action. In addition, many physicians share their client portfolio and satisfaction on social media. Thus, access to these people is very easy. Reasonable request for surgery result is one of the important factors that can have a significant impact on your satisfaction with the outcome of the operation..

The most important criterion in a successful rhinoplasty

In order to be able to assess the success or failure of a nose after surgery and diagnose it, we must pay attention to two things, first, that a beautiful nose must fit the components of the face and second, that no one notices surgery on a person's nose نردد.

In general, it can be said that successful rhinoplasty means having a nose with a natural and beautiful shape, while the proportions between the components of the face are observed..

  • Patient satisfaction with rhinoplasty

Patient satisfaction with rhinoplasty is often a matter of taste, as the shape of the nose may be appropriate but the person may want the shape of the nose to be different; Of course, this has nothing to do with measuring the success rate of rhinoplasty, here we mean patient satisfaction means that after rhinoplasty the patient with Respiratory problems Do not face or if you have respiratory problems before surgery and.. These problems should be eliminated as much as possible after the surgery. Maintaining the health of the nose after Nose surgery One of the most important criteria for successful rhinoplasty.

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Important points are required in any type of rhinoplasty!

The first issue that a Good nasal surgeon In rhinoplasty, you should consider the patient's nasal airway, which will improve in case of obstruction, after making sure that the patient's airway is open and Eliminate polyps یا nose deviation In the patient, the second important point in rhinoplasty is the correction of its shape and appearance without observing the fit with other components of the face..

The nose is one of the most important components in the patient's face. It plays an important role in the patient's beauty and respiratory health. One of the problems that a patient may face after rhinoplasty is nasal adhesions and eventually inflammation inside the nose, which leads to To the occurrence of allergies and Allergies For the patient.

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Normal nasal operation

Rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. A respiratory problem is enough for people to use rhinoplasty to solve the problem. This type of surgery is not usually seen on a practical nose photo. But others see the purpose of rhinoplasty as a general change in its appearance. جراحی Doll nose یا Fantasy It is done with the aim of extensive changes in the shape of the nose and achieving a more beautiful appearance. Common examples of practical nose photographs are these.

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Fantasy nose surgery

In the method Normal nasal operation We are looking for a small change to solve the medical problem. Therefore, in this surgery, there is generally no change in the general structure of the nose, especially the nasal lobes. This surgery should be performed in a way that does not change the shape and face of the patient. But in contrast to another style of rhinoplasty is common in which people are looking for a general change such as shrinking the shape of the nose.

In all cases from the practical nose photo you can see these extensive changes. In any case it is necessary to properly research from Skills of a surgeon Be aware of both styles of nasal surgery, use.

The most important things to consider in normal rhinoplasty:

  • Maintaining the symmetry and naturalness of the nasal fins
  • Maintain the normal size of the nostrils
  • Observe the normal nose size
  • Try to remove the hump on the back of the nose so that the natural appearance of the shape of the nose is observed
  • Tips to follow before natural rhinoplasty
  • Do not take blood clotting drugs
  • Do not smoke at least two weeks before surgery
  • Stop taking certain medications with the advice of your doctor

Rhinoplasty naturally | Of nose surgery

Who are the right candidates for natural rhinoplasty?

  • Those who do not seek a change in the appearance of the nose
  • People who are physically fit
  • People who are looking for nasal treatment problems such as nasal polyp surgery
  • Those whose nose growth has stopped
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متخصص عمل بینی در اصفهان

Natural Rhinoplasty It is not an easy task and should be done by someone who has sufficient skills in this field and has the necessary scientific knowledge to operate the patient's nose normally.. Hence, everyone is looking for the best natural nose surgeon to get the best result. Therefore, in order for a patient to have rhinoplasty, he must do enough research about the surgeon who wants to operate on his nose, and he must not only go to the surgeon to shrink the nose, but in addition to shrinking the nose, he must also pay attention to the naturalness of the nose..

However, there are many people who go to the surgeon just to make their nose smaller, regardless of whether their nose is normal.

Of nose surgery | Natural rhinoplasty consultation.

سوالات متداول

Can I give my nose any shape I want with rhinoplasty?
The nose should be in harmony with other features of the face as a whole.

How narrow can the nasal septum be?
The nasal septum, as well as the tip of the nose, should not be too thin and should be on an axis parallel to the ear.

What should be the angle of the nose blade?
The sides of the blade should have small lines from the forehead to the tip of the nose. It should have a mild to moderate clumsy shape.

What is the best angle for the tip of the nose and its holes?
The slope of the tip should be such that the nostrils are slightly visible from the front view.

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