Performance and method of nose reduction surgery

Performance and method of nose reduction surgery

Nose reduction surgery

Surgery to change the shape of the nose is one of the most popular surgeries to reduce or increase the size of the nose. Shape Tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose as well Let you know And on the other hand, the angle between the nose and the upper lip changes in this surgery. Sometimes even with Nose surgery Can be improved Respiratory problems and the treatment of nasal structural abnormalities resulted.

Nose reduction surgery or رینوپلاستی It is done by changing the size of the nose in practice nose plastic surgery They change the size of the nose during cosmetic surgery by reducing and increasing the nasal cartilage.

Nose reduction surgery to change the shape of the nose is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that is performed to reduce the size of the nostrils. .

Also, things like the angle of the nose and upper lip, the shape of the tip, the bridge, and the nostrils can often be changed Respiratory problems Beauty is also done during this procedure.

Of nose surgery | Nose reduction surgery.

Performance and method of nose reduction surgery

In rhinoplasty surgery, the size of the nasal structure is reduced and there is no change in the skin, the doctor enters the structure through incisions on the skin and enters the nostrils, which consists of bone in the upper half and cartilage. ( soft bone ) It is formed in the lower half.

If we consider the structure of a person's nose as the roof of a house, to shape the person's nose, we remove the ridge, which is like a bridge, and then, in order to bring the two sides of the nose together, we remove the nasal bones, which are the junction of the cheekbones. We connect it with a new bridge or return the protrusion and then return the skin to the previous place, because the skin has elasticity and flexibility, it is contracted on the structure of the nose and covers the nose as before..

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A note about nose reduction

Having a small nose with a beautiful shape is pleasant for all people, but a small nose is not beautiful for every face, and basically the condition of a beautiful nose is the harmony of the nose with other parts of the face. . Some people have a proportional nose, but they believe that it is more beautiful if the nose becomes a little smaller and they want to reduce the nose through the least expensive method, for this reason, they turn to methods such as sports, traditional medicine, and nose reduction with They turn to honey .

Be careful that even the smallest changes on the structure of the nose need to be done Nose surgery and there is no method other than surgery to shape and shrink the nose .

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Procedure for nose reduction surgery

The body of the nose, on which the skin is stretched, shrinks in the process of shrinking the nose, although the skin itself is not touched at all; The surgeon goes under the skin through the incisions made inside the nostrils to the body of the nose consisting of bone and cartilage in the upper part. (soft bone) It is accessed in the lower half.

Consider the body of the nose as the roof of the house. In order to smooth the structure of the nose and bring it closer to the bridge in the form of a ridge or following the adopted example, the "roof ridge" should be cut and removed.. The two sides of the nose are then brought closer together to reconstruct the "bump" or new bridge line by cutting the nasal bones at the junction with the cheekbones.. The elasticity of the covering skin allows the skin to contract and better cover the smaller body..

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The width of the nose is significantly reduced during nose reduction surgery, so it is natural that the previous nostrils will be too large for the new nose.. For this reason, the nostrils are also reduced by removing a small part of the skin at the bottom of the nostril, and as a result, a very delicate scar is left on each side.. Shortening the nose and narrowing the bulky tip of the nose is also possible by reducing the amount of cartilage that forms the end of the nose.

Respiratory problems The nose can also be improved at the same time by adjusting the position of the bony blade separating the two sides of the nose from each other, so to speak سپتوپلاستی یا Correction of the middle nasal septum is named. The fit of other parts of the face, such as the cheekbones and chin, sometimes affects the size of the nose, so it is recommended to change these parts either at the same time as reducing the bony nose or in a separate operation to make the appearance of the face natural..

being big Nostrils It makes the nose appear disproportionately large with the rest of the face. The size of the tip of the nose makes the nose look bigger. There are different methods to make wide noses narrower and to make wide or large nostrils smaller.. Doctors shrink it by slitting parts of the tissue surrounding the nostrils and nostrils.. The result of this operation is the reduction of the nostril, but in this method, the scar caused by the operation is clearly visible.

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Operating time experience

Most surgeons prefer to perform rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, so the patient must be hospitalized at least overnight.. The procedure is almost painless, and the post-operative pain is easily relieved by taking mild pain relievers. However, after the nose reduction operation, the patient is uncomfortable due to the presence of a dressing inside the nostril, which remains in the nose for one to two days, preventing breathing through the nose.. In addition, the patient must bear the presence of a strong splint or splint on the nose that keeps the bones in the right position..

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