Rhinoplasty and exercise

Rhinoplasty and exercise

Rhinoplasty and exercise

Rhinoplasty and exercise | That about what you can do after Nose surgery It's perfectly normal to worry about post-surgery limitations as well. Nose surgery It has different difficulties that usually cause complications. Most activities of daily living after rhinoplasty can be resumed without any problems. But in the case of exercise, and especially contact sports, the situation is different.

Regular exercise

In general, when we talk about sports, it is necessary that after Nose surgery Do not do intense physical exercises and up to 4-5 weeks after rhinoplasty These sports should be avoided. After this time, it is necessary to talk about exercising carefully and be sure to talk to your doctor before starting exercise.. Exercising leads to an increase in blood flow, which can lead to an increase in swelling, and after surgery, the person aims to reduce the swelling of the nose.. This way, exercising can be a hassle.

Some light exercise can be done after rhinoplasty, but it is necessary to pay attention to the recovery period. But almost heavy and very heavy sports should be postponed for at least a month.

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Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty and exercise..

Contact sports

You should take into account that contact sports have the risk of hitting the nose and this can affect the result Nose surgery have risks. While exercises such as boxing should not be performed explicitly, most exercises can increase the risk of nasal injury and should be avoided for at least more than 6 weeks after surgery..

Boxing and other contact sports are quite dangerous sports and nose damage is definite in these sports. Because of this, they can interfere with the nasal repair process. Finally, it is best to discuss your concerns and goals about surgery with your doctor. The doctor listens to the patient's concerns and answers his questions.

In the following, we will mention the dos and don'ts after nose surgery. There are some things to keep in mind so that there are no problems after rhinoplasty.

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Do's and Don'ts after Rhinoplasty

There is a general rule that it is necessary to refrain from any contact exercise and this varies from person to person, but may take up to two months.. Keep in mind that your body is adapting to the overall structure of the nose and the nose has changed in general that needs to be repaired..

If you push yourself to do different exercises, you increase the likelihood of recovery time and swelling. Lifting heavy weights after Nose surgery And it is not recommended during recovery. Lifting heavy objects can also be harmful to the nasal sutures and make it difficult to repair the nose.. Gentle swimming and walking can be done two weeks after surgery. But the necessary precautions must be taken so as not to put pressure on the body. It is also necessary to wait at least a month and then do active exercise to avoid a direct blow to the nose.

Of nose surgery | Rhinoplasty and exercise...

Perhaps the question has been on your mind whether you can resume basketball and football… or not. But do not worry. Over time, nasal tissue can be repaired to perform all of these activities. It takes a year for the nose to fully repair. Be sure to follow specific instructions to achieve the ideal result.

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It is perfectly normal to experience obstruction, stiffness, and light nosebleeds for the first few days after rhinoplasty.. This problem resolves one week after surgery. The nose is placed in a cast during this time. After this period, the plaster is removed. During this time, it is necessary to take special care of the nose so as not to hit the nose.


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