Successful rhinoplasty step by step

Successful rhinoplasty step by step

Successful rhinoplasty step by step

Usually, in order to perform a successful nose surgery, steps are taken, the optimal follow-up of which brings us closer to the best result of the surgery.. In the following, we will examine these important steps that have been emphasized by Dr. Jacob Sedek, a plastic surgery specialist in America. :

1- Choosing a doctor for nose surgery

معمولا یکی از مهم‌ترین کارهایی که هر فرد بعد از تصمیم به انجام جراحی بینی موفق می‌گیرد، انتخاب بهترین متخصص جراح بینی است. People should choose an experienced and expert doctor to achieve the best results from surgery. Such a choice is very difficult. So the best thing to do is to start research and ask people around you.

Try to continue your research online and get more real information from surgeons. Checking the doctor's expertise and medical system number is very important in this research. Try to determine your chosen doctor by evaluating the results of the research. Before making a final decision, be sure to check the doctor's before and after rhinoplasty photos.

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2- Nose surgery consultation session

The rhinoplasty consultation is the most important meeting you have with your doctor. In this session, you can ask the doctor all the questions you have in the field of nose surgery. In this session, you should usually express your mental needs and physical problems you have with your nose.

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If you do well in this field, you can inform your doctor about your preferences and have a chance to get the nose you want.. In this session, you can check the nose surgeries performed by the doctor and ask your questions about nose surgery and its complications.

3- Anesthesia and nose surgery

Usually, after visiting the clinic or hospital, you will be directed to the operating room. In the operating room, with the presence of an anesthesiologist, the necessary procedures for general anesthesia are performed. Finally, with the intravenous injection of anesthesia, this step is done and the doctor starts the surgery.

Be sure to share your medical history and allergies with your doctor so that the right medicine can be chosen for you.. After anesthesia, the specialist doctor starts the work based on the type of nose surgery. At this time, the necessary changes are made in the nasal cartilage, nasal bone, nasal skin tissue, and wings, and if there is a problem such as a polyp, it is treated and then the incision site is sutured..

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4- Plaster and nasal splint from nose surgery

After the surgery is finished and the stitches are finished, the plastic surgery doctor limits the nose with a special cast or nasal splint and a special dressing is applied.. Using a 3D splint that is recently made with 3D printer technology, the amount of swelling is controlled until after a week, the splint is removed or the cast is removed.. This action is very effective in controlling swelling and bruising.

Of nose surgery | Successful nose surgery.

5- Nose surgery recovery period

After the successful rhinoplasty surgery, the recovery period of rhinoplasty begins. During this time, you should be aware of all the post-operative care in order to have the best care. The more carefully this care is done, the more favorable the result of the surgery will be. After one week from the operation date, the splint and plaster are usually removed and the nasal tape takes its place. After this step, you should usually follow up the care to reduce the swelling and determine the final shape of the nose.

Knowing the duration of the recovery period for working and responsible people is considered a key item in nose surgery. Usually, most of the planning for nose surgery is done according to this recovery period. You should know that this recovery period takes about two weeks for each person.

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But in some people it will be less and in others it will be more. The increase in the recovery period is completely due to the difference in the type of nose, the texture of the nose skin, the amount of injuries caused to the adjacent tissues during surgery, and also the difference in people's lifestyles.. In the first two weeks after the nose operation, the bruises under the eyes and around the nose gradually improve, and you can reduce the severity of the swelling and bruising with the passage of time and paying attention to the post-operative care..


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