Rhinoplasty in military service

Rhinoplasty in military service

Rhinoplasty in military service

During military service, all soldiers are covered by armed forces insurance. Now we want to know if this insurance covers rhinoplasty in military service? Is the soldier given to a soldier to rest and recover after rhinoplasty? To answer these questions, read this article on Dr. Majid Rasti's website Of nose surgery follow.

People who decide to have rhinoplasty in the military should keep in mind that you need to rest for about two weeks after rhinoplasty and you should use leave or sick leave so that the nose is not stressed while performing your duties. Of course, this is for friends who do office work during the service and not heavy work.
If you do heavy work during your service, you must perform rhinoplasty either after the end of your service, or at least six months have passed since your nose surgery, and then enlist in the army..

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Rhinoplasty in military service | Of nose surgery

Sick leave in the military

It is important for all soldiers to take sick leave during their military service. Because every soldier can have 30 days of sick leave during his military service. For this reason, there are some who perform cosmetic surgery during their military service due to the use of sick leave..

Rhinoplasty requires you to rest at home for a week to get a relative physical recovery. So that you can return to your normal activities. If your military service duties do not put pressure on your newly operated nose. Like office work, you can take a week off after rhinoplasty. But if you have heavy and physical tasks, you can have sick leave for up to 2 weeks after the nose job..

Note if your tasks are related to lifting heavy objects. Even after 2 weeks of sick leave, you need to inform your commander of the danger of lifting heavy objects on his nose so that if possible, they will exempt you from this duty for a while..

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Is it possible to perform rhinoplasty in the military with the insurance book of the Armed Forces?

The Armed Forces Insurance Booklet is for contracted medical centers only. And have established centers for soldiers and cadres of the armed forces, including hospitals, clinics, clinics and. So if a soldier is bored. Can use these centers. Most doctors, however, perform rhinoplasty at private medical centers. So, these centers are definitely not parties to the contract with all the armed forces. In the centers covered by the Armed Forces insurance, corrective surgeries are given for the nose. Such as nasal deviation or nasal polyps. But rhinoplasty is not covered by Armed Forces insurance. So if you have problems such as nasal deviation or nasal polyps, you can have a nose operation with the Armed Forces Insurance Booklet and do not pay for it..

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Can rhinoplasty be performed again after rhinoplasty?

In answer to this question, we must inform that those who have had surgery on their nose to correct problems such as nasal deviation or nasal polyps can reapply for rhinoplasty.. In this case, naturally, if there is no deviation of the nose or nasal polyps, the cost of rhinoplasty will be reduced.


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  1. Hello, I am a soldier and I have a deviated nose. Also, my nose needs cosmetic surgery. Can I use a notebook? And can a doctor perform both a polyp and a beauty?

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