Face changes after rhinoplasty

Face changes after rhinoplasty

Types of facial changes after nose surgery

Face change after nose job | The nose is one of the most important components in the beauty of the human face. Whether the change is small or large, it has a great impact on the face. The beauty of the face has always been highly attractive for all mankind. Most people like beauty and variety in their faces . And the expenses allocated to this work include an important part of their life expenses.

Rhinoplasty is sometimes performed to achieve a desired face, sometimes to get rid of an abnormal nose, and sometimes for therapeutic reasons.. But most of the applicants for this beauty procedure want to achieve a more beautiful face. Some applicants prefer to have a natural nose after the operation . And another group wants a fancy and unnatural nose.

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Face change after nose job

Since every action is associated with risk. Face changes after rhinoplasty may not go according to what a person has in mind. Facial changes after rhinoplasty can include the following:

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The effect of nose surgery on the lips

In order to understand the reason why the lip rises after nose surgery, it should be said that the changes in the upper lip after nose surgery only happen when . which the surgeon reshapes the tip of the nose . And other changes in nose surgery do not significantly change the lips.

If the tip of the nose is surgically sutured or cartilage is transplanted to the tip of the nose for a new shape . The upper lip undergoes changes. After rhinoplasty, the upper lip will be stiff for a while, and this is the reason . The surgeon usually uses a cartilage to graft and shape the tip of the nose. In addition to creating stiffness in the tip of the nose, this cartilage also overshadows the upper lip . and leads to its stiffness. It is necessary to use this cartilage . Because if this cartilage is not transplanted, gradually after the passage of time, the nose will return to its original shape..

As a result of nose surgery, especially in people who want a high nose . Usually, after the operation, the distance between the two lips changes, and as a result, facial changes are observed after the nose job.. Before the operation, it is necessary to consult with the doctor about the distance between the two lips after the operation..

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The effect of rhinoplasty on smile clarity

One to two weeks after rhinoplasty, the smile is not clear because the upper lip and nose are numb. Of course, all surgeons are obliged to talk to the patient before the surgery regarding the side effects and temporary effects of rhinoplasty, such as lip stiffness or numbness and unclear smile. . So that the patient is fully prepared when facing these problems in advance with the method of dealing with them.

Usually, the fear of moving the nose and ruining its new shape makes many patients afraid to smile.. If the rhinoplasty operation is performed by a specialist with tact and taste, smiling will not cause any change in the operated nose..

In many cases, to improve the result of the nose job, the upper lip lift can be performed at the same time. . So that changing the distance of the lips does not cause a problem in the patient's beauty. During one to two weeks after the operation, you should avoid lifting heavy objects.

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The effect of nose surgery on the eyes

By removing the hump of the nose or reducing it, the face becomes more beautiful than before. By changing the shape of the nose, the eyes stand out in a different way on the face. Since the changes in the face after nose surgery are obvious, one of the most important of these is the change in the eyes..

The effect of rhinoplasty on the cheek

Cheek prominence after rhinoplasty is one of the facial changes after rhinoplasty. By changing the shape, size of the nose and its position on the face, the cheeks that are adjacent to the nose . They will appear in a different way on the face. Usually, due to the shrinking of the nose, the cheeks become more visible and prominent, and for this reason, they look more beautiful..

The changes that rhinoplasty can make not only in the face, but also in the way of thinking and lifestyle are significant. A professional surgeon and using the right method can lead to facial changes after rhinoplasty . But these changes will be positive and will strengthen self-confidence. That is why the choice جراح بینی It is very important . And you should definitely consult about facial changes after rhinoplasty.


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