Thalassemia minor and rhinoplasty

Thalassemia minor and rhinoplasty

In this article from Dr. Majid Rasti's site جراح بینی And Isfahan Plastics to examine the important issue: We have discussed thalassemia minor and rhinoplasty.

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Minor thalassemia and rhinoplasty is a question for patients who decide to have rhinoplasty and have thalassemia.. Because many people consider thalassemia to be a type of anemia, if you have thalassemia, if you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you may be concerned about problems during rhinoplasty.. To find out, read the rest of this article.

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Thalassemia minor and rhinoplasty

Thalassemia minor is a type of malignant gene in the blood that usually does not have a disease or physical health and is not different from normal people with thalassemia minor. In some cases, there is a feeling of weakness and fatigue in people with thalassemia minor. That's not a big deal.

This gene is most problematic when two people with thalassemia minor marry each other whose child has thalassemia major and will have a lot of problems thanks to a marriage test if two people have thalassemia minor. If one or both couples do not know, the marriage test will be determined and the couple will be notified to take the necessary measures before future problems occur..

در ارتباط با کسانی که تصمیم به جراحی زیبایی بینی دارند و دارای تالاسمی مینور می باشند همانطور که در توضیحات گفتیم چون عملا با یک فرد عادی تفاوتی ندارند پس در انجام عمل زیبایی بینی نیز محدودیت و یا امکان بروز مشکل برای این عزیزان وجود ندارد و می توانند عمل بینی انجام دهند مگر در مواردی که بیمار دارای کم خونی شدید باشد که باید با پزشک خود پیش از عمل بینی صحبت کند تا ابتدا به رفع کم خونی بیمار اقدامات لازم انجام شود سپس اقدام به عمل زیبایی بینی شود.

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