How does pregnancy affect the beauty of the nose?

How does pregnancy affect the beauty of the nose?

The effect of pregnancy on rhinoplasty

Unnecessary surgeries during pregnancy and immediately after should be done under the supervision of a specialist so as not to harm the mother's body.. Also, the effect of pregnancy on nose surgery is not small, and we will discuss some of these cases in the following.

Wait until your rhinoplasty recovery period is over.

It is reasonable to have rhinoplasty a few months after giving birth. Similarly, immediate pregnancy after rhinoplasty is not recommended at all. Most rhinoplasty surgeons claim that pregnancy will have no effect on rhinoplasty and they can get pregnant immediately after rhinoplasty and after their recovery period is over, under the supervision of a specialist.. Some nose surgeons believe that pregnancy after 4 to 6 months of rhinoplasty does not affect rhinoplasty..

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On the other hand, the waiting time to get pregnant after rhinoplasty depends on your recovery process and the medications you are taking. A plastic nose surgeon usually prescribes painkillers, which may cause a little disturbance during pregnancy. In order to have a healthy pregnancy after rhinoplasty, it is better to wait a week after finishing the drug treatment.

Of nose surgery | How does pregnancy affect the beauty of the nose?.

Important factors for deciding on pregnancy and nose surgery

Right after nose surgery, the patient may not be able to have a pregnancy plan due to nose care and special conditions.. بعد از جراحی بینی:

  • Your nose will be touched
  • You may feel uncomfortable (Probably with a headache)
  • You have to sleep with your head up.
  • There will be discomfort from the bandage on the nose
  • It interferes with your breathing
  • There may be pain when removing tampons and bandages
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For some people, significant bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes will be observed for weeks or months.

Think a little :

Although breastfeeding can be done after the operation, you will be under medical treatment and the pain medication will enter the baby's body through breast milk for the first few days.. That said, raising a baby can be a little difficult for first-time moms, so it might not be wise to add the stress of rhinoplasty..

Medically, many doctors recommend that breastfeeding mothers do not take certain medications that may pass into breast milk and the baby.. There are many medications that fit into this category and should be avoided.

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You can learn about the effect of pregnancy and nose surgery before and after pregnancy See a cosmetic surgeon Ask your questions thoroughly.

Of nose surgery | The effect of rhinoplasty on eye beauty

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