Types of nose surgery

Types of nose surgery

There are different types of nose surgery based on the type of taste and skill of the surgeon and the patient's nose is divided into two ways, and one of these two methods is used.

1. Method closed rhinoplasty:

The primary method of rhinoplasty nose surgery and long that many people are using it.
The skin incision on the columella (The wall between the two nostrils )Not created.
All sections of the nose is. The advantage of this method is the lack of incision and its problem is the lack of direct vision internal structure of the nose surgeon.

2. Open nose surgery :

Newer surgical techniques.
The skin incision on the columella is, the skin on the nose completely driven upward surgery is done under direct vision. The disadvantage of this method requires skin incision columella and higher inflation after surgery than closed, but you will not see the surgeon during surgery, much to the outcome of the Bynytr Mynmaydv correction of asymmetry and tilt the nose for the surgeon easier and more possible will be .

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