What is a deviated septum?

What is a deviated septum?

انحراف تیغه بینی Or in general terms,

nose deviation Disorder that(What is a deviated septum?)

Displacement effect of the thin wall between the two nostrils there.

The cartilage wall, or septum, nasal septum (septum) گفته می شود

The nasal cavity is divided into two parts, left and right.

When the septum too much to one side and tilted miles,

One of the nostrils, is larger than the other. (What is a deviated septum?)Depending on the severity of the deviation, the possibility of occurrence of nasal congestion, reduce air flow and breathing difficulties There. Deviated septum of the nose and nasal discharge may also be impaired as a result, increase the amount of infection and runny nose followed behind Bashd.zhntyk and inheritance can be a deviated septum. و یا امکان دارد بینی شخص در دوره ی جنینی یا در طول پروسه ی زایمان بر اثر ضربه و جراحت انحراف پیدا کند که احتمال این موارد خیلی ضعیف است اما احتمال ضربه به بینی در دوره ی بزرگسالی بسیار بالا و متداول است.جراحی تنها راه درمان deviated nose. For this purpose, septoplasty surgery to be handled. But most patients, cosmetic surgery of the nose (رینوپلاستی) And, together with the action deviated septum (سپتوپلاستی) Doing that this practice is called septorhinoplasty.

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