Make up after nose surgery

Make up after nose surgery

The best time to apply makeup after rhinoplasty

Make up after nose surgery | While using عینک One of the main concerns after Nose surgery is, women also worry about when they can after Nose surgery make up. The reason you can't wear makeup right after surgery is because rhinoplasty leaves bruises almost like an injury.. Your skin needs extra care after rhinoplasty because it is prone to infection. Cosmetics can be an easy way to infect wounds and delay the healing process of rhinoplasty.

The recovery process after surgery is different for different people. So, saying exactly when one can after nose plastic surgery Getting started on makeup can be difficult. However, it is best to avoid using cosmetics or face creams for the first two months. According to the progress of the healing process رینوپلاستی And the feeling of your skin, you can start wearing makeup after a few months.

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If your routine requires makeup, make sure it's not too heavy and avoid using nearsighted or other heavily damaged makeup.. Gradually, you can go back to your regular makeup routine.

Skin care and makeup routine after rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty, you can apply makeup on the surgical area, but it is not recommended. While makeup puts a certain amount of pressure on the area where the makeup is applied, this pressure can cause problems in the area of ​​the procedure.. There are certain factors to consider when applying makeup to the operated area:

  1. Care should be taken not to apply makeup on or near the surgical incision. Because it reduces breathing and also pressure on the nose.
  2. It is necessary to keep the operated area as dry as possible. But after makeup, when it's time to wipe it off, there's a chance it'll get wet and some germs or dirt will stick near the cut..
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Of nose surgery | Make up after nose surgery

Make up after nose surgery

It depends on certain factors, depending on what type of rhinoplasty the patient has had.

  • رینوپلاستی باز

As the name suggests, open rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed externally and creates visible incisions.. Makeup after this procedure is not recommended for at least 2 months.

  • رینوپلاستی بسته

In closed nose surgery, incisions are made inside the nose, resulting in a faster recovery time. Experts suggest that makeup can be applied after a few days of closed rhinoplasty.

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When applying makeup after nose surgery, you should pay attention to some points :

  1. Do not apply makeup on the incision: You should always remember not to apply makeup on the incision.
  2. cleanliness: Whenever you apply makeup after rhinoplasty, remember to thoroughly cleanse your makeup as well as your skin before applying makeup..
  3. Do not apply pressure: Remember not to apply pressure on or near the nose.


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