Strengthen nasal cartilage with surgery

Strengthen nasal cartilage with surgery

Strengthen nasal cartilage with surgery

In this article from Dr. Majid Rasti's site Of nose surgery We are trying. To provide information on strengthening the nasal cartilage with surgery and to present all its parts separately and specifically. Strengthening the nasal cartilage is one of the procedures performed during rhinoplasty. And this action has different goals.

Strengthen nasal cartilage

One of the procedures performed in rhinoplasty these days. Strengthens the cartilage of the nose. This action is done for people. The tip of the nose and the cartilage in this area of ​​the nose are weak. Weakness of the cartilage of the nose in people with a drooping tip of the nose becomes the tip of the nose and eventually causes appearance and beauty problems for them..

Therefore, in order for the nose to have a beautiful appearance, the cartilage of the nose is strengthened with the help of different types of cartilage and various techniques..

Strengthen nasal cartilage with surgery | Of nose surgery

Causes of nasal cartilage weakness

But what causes nasal cartilage weakness? To answer this question, we can say that various causes are involved in the weakness of nasal cartilage.

Here are some of these factors:

In some cases, people with nasal cartilage weakness due to genetic and hereditary causes. Sometimes people who have undergone various nasal surgeries and have their noses cut themselves may have small, delicate cartilage..
In some cases, it causes a series of sudden events in people. Injuries occur in this part of the nose and cause cartilage weakness.

The role of cartilage in the nose

The cartilage inside the nasal tissue causes the tip of the nose to be higher. And this has a great impact on the issue of beauty. Basically people who have a drooping nose. Because it did not create a beautiful look on their faces. Rhinoplasty is performed to strengthen this part of the nose with various surgical methods.

Cartilage used to strengthen the cartilage of the nose

One of the most important parts of strengthening the nasal cartilage is what kind of cartilage people use. Different types of cartilage can be used by doctors. Among the most important of them:

  • Use of earlobe cartilage
  • Use one's own rib cartilage
  • Use of donated cartilage
  • Use of artificial cartilage

*The point is that doctors use one of these methods to transplant nasal cartilage based on their own skills and experience..

Some of them choose the cartilage of the earlobe and ribs and some of them are donated cartilage.. And in some cases, artificial cartilage is used.

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Procedures for surgery and strengthening of nasal cartilage

The fact is that people who undergo rhinoplasty. In cases where the tip of the nose is drooping and this is due to the weakness of the nasal cartilage. Doctors perform cartilage transplants in this area to make the surgery a success.

The surgical procedure is the same:

  • First, the doctor uses an open technique and cuts the skin of the nose.
  • After the nose is cut, all the necessary measures are taken to correct the defects and problems of the nose.
  • Another step would be to attach cartilage to this area to affect the shape of the nose.
  • At the end, the nose is sutured and bandaged to complete the healing process.

*According to most doctors, the best technique for performing rhinoplasty as well as measures to strengthen the nasal cartilage is the open technique. Because in this method, there is the highest level of access to the inner areas of the nose. It will be more successful when the doctor has complete knowledge of the work and the surgical site.

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